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  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Into the Maelstrom: Mythos Pack
    Into the Maelstrom is the sixth Mythos Pack in The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle.   Throughout your Innsmouth investigations, you have ventured into tide-hollowed caves and dripping tunnels - but these watery caverns are only the antechamber of the Deep Ones' domain. A hidden city rests beneath the choppy waves of the North Atlantic, slumbering at the bottom of the ocean. If you're going to protect the world from suffering the same fate as Innsmouth, you'll need to venture into the heart of the storm.   Within this Mythos Pack, you'll find the final scenario of The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle, inviting you and your fellow investigators to dive into the darkness beneath the waves and confront the Deep Ones in their own city - putting an end to this threat forever. C..
    10,00€ 17,00€
  • Spy Connection
    In the world of international espionage effective ways of completing missions are just as important as improvisation and secured travel routes.   In Spy Connection, which was originally announced as Web of Spies, players travel Europe to fulfil their missions as quickly as possible. To fulfil mission cards, players have to build a route between all shown locations. While they are allowed to use their established network to fulfil future missions, their network is of limited size: eventually, to expand in one direction they will have to remove markers elsewhere, thus changing their network throughout the game to meet the current requirements. Whoever manages to fulfil seven missions first wins.   There has never been an easier way of becoming an international sp..
    15,00€ 26,50€
  • Playmat - Hout (40cmx60cm)
    The mats in the immersion range provide you with incomparable playing comfort. The top coating in premium quality polyester gives it an exceptional glide for your cards, tiles, figurines and all the elements that make up your favourite games. The lower part of the mat is made of high quality Neoprene and is non-slip, whatever the surface of use. With a minimum thickness of 3 mm, all imperfections of the surface where the mat is laid are absorbed. The contours of the mats all have double seams for a long-lasting finish. The care taken in the printing of Immersion carpets gives them deep and bright colours. Play with a rug from the Immersion range and it will quickly become indispensable. Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm   ..
  • Medici: The Dice Game
    Medici: The Dice Game is a new design by Reiner Knizia that shares the setting and feel of his classic Medici board game, but using dice!   Fast to learn and simple to play, Medici: The Dice Game is a dice-selecting, roll-and-write game. Over the course of three rounds, 2-4 players will fill their ships with the goods presented at the wharf. They will earn money for having the most valued loads, as well as for collecting majorities of the different goods. ..
    27,00€ 34,00€
  • e-Raptor Insert Eclipse - Second Dawn for the Galaxy
    e-Raptor Insert compatible with Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy is your must-have accessory designed to organize and improve the experience of the gameplay.   Thanks to our insert you can arrange all game components and sleeved cards to keep them in order – no more mess on the table while playing. No more looking for necessary elements during the game.   Moreover, when the box is closed, the components are still kept in order, ready for setting another game faster than ever!    The insert is durable and made of high-quality HDF. To assemble it, there is no glue required. It allows you t..
    45,00€ 75,50€
  • Bugz
    In Bugz, players try to collect as many bugz as possible by using the right lure at the right time. However, the action cards can change the outcome of your attempts drastically.   Assessing precisely what your opponents are going to do and anticipating their actions will be important. The player with the most bugz at the end of the game is the winner.   The game consists of 9 rounds. Each round, players compete over the bug tokens in the middle of the table. They can be won from either of the 2 types of bugz shown on current bug card. To gather these tokens, players first play one of their lure cards, followed by one of their action cards.   The tokens of each kind of bug are divided between the players who played lure cards that match their prefe..
    9,00€ 14,50€
  • The Specialists
    Recruit skilled specialists and be ready to perform seven heists around the world. Seven Heists to become a legendary gang… The challenge of a lifetime! Prepare your plan and your equipment, watch the location that you want to rob, recruit skilled specialists and be ready for anything! Use your specialists to make a fortune while staying one step ahead of the rival gangs, perform Heists all around the world, but don’t forget the golden rule: never rob twice in the same city! Now, it’s time to roll the dice… Recruit the best specialists and assemble your dream team. Rob casinos, Banks and jewelries from the biggest cities in the world. Gain millions and become a legend.   The richest player (in millions) wins.   ..
    32,00€ 39,50€
  • Quetzal (DE)
    Quetzal, the city of sacred birds, has just been discovered. You have five days to explore the site and collect the most beautiful objects that are buried there. Will you be able to manage the team entrusted to you on a daily basis to optimize your excavations?   Be smarter than the competition to emerge from Quetzal unscathed.   At the beginning of each turn, roll your meeple dice and discover your team. Send your groups to different places in the city to collect the artifacts you are most interested in. Be careful, even if you arrive first your opponents can still steal your place! Build the best collection of artifacts and deliver them at the right time to earn improvements and victory points. Do you have the spirit of an expedition leader?   ht..
    21,00€ 36,50€
  • Die Seher von Santiiba
    In the far reaches of Santiiba, the Valley of the Hopeful, seers ply their occult trades.   Each turn in Die Seher von Santiiba, one player rolls the five dice, which correspond with five kinds of cards. The dice have 1-3 stars on three of the sides and the numbers 4-6 on the other three sides. Each other player then secretly selects a color, whether the color they think you'll choose or the color they themselves are interested in. You then name one of the colors, and if anyone else has selected that color, they reveal this information. If the matching die shows stars, they move their seer figure on the scoring track this many spaces, and if it shows a number, they take a card of this color. You either take the die (if it shows stars) or the card, placing this object in you..
    13,00€ 22,50€
  • The Batman Who Laughs Rising
    From the Dark Night Metal comic series, the evil hybrid of Batman and Joker — The Batman Who Laughs — is determined to unleash the Dark Knights and Barbatos on Prime.   In The Batman Who Laughs Rising, a passage from the Dark Multiverse has allowed the most dangerous evildoers to infiltrate Gotham City, and these Dark Knights alongside their menacing leader are eager to do their worst to the city.   Players roll dice and work together to save the multiverse, starting with one of four starting heroes — Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, or Batman — and recruiting allies such as Harley Quinn, The Flash, and Cyborg, whose skills can complete objectives or help recover what is lost to darkness. Take out villainous versions of Batman such as The Merciless, The D..
  • Rome and Roll: Characters Expansion
    3 extra characters (Pontifex, Nobilis and Artifitrix) that were created during the Kickstarter-campaign and are sold seperately afterwards.   The difference between each character is their starting advantage and the set of 3 advisors every character has. ..
  • Hoppers
    Observeer de vijver en spring met de kikkers tot er maar één overblijft. Begin al maar te springen! 40 Uitdagingen. Inhoud: 40 Opdrachtkaarten met oplossingen (4 niveaus, van gemakkelijk tot super moeilijk), spelregels, 12 groene kikkers en 1 spelrooster. ..
    10,00€ 17,00€
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