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  • Mainports
    Welcome to Europe! Discover its mainports and all the opportunities this true EURO GAME offers.   Close profitable deals, stock up on fuel and embark on your first journey across the European continent. Ship grain from Lisbon to St. Petersburg and pick up some coal in Hamburg to deliver the cargo in Rotterdam. Will you choose to travel through the rivers or can you make a short cut across the seas? Smart planning of routes can be decisive as well as good timing on the rondel. Pock up some extra cash if you come across the flourishing mainport! Expand your enterprise with new ships and the latest technologies to get a head start to your opponents. ..
  • Quarriors! Qultimate Quedition
    In Quarriors!, each player plays as a Quarrior competing for glory in the eyes of Quiana, the Empress of Quaridia. Each player starts with an identical set of twelve dice in their dice bag. At the start of the game, creature and spell dice (dubbed "quarry") are dealt at random to form "the Wilds" in the center of the table. As play progresses, players roll their dice to attempt to summon creatures, cast spells, and harness the magical power of Quiddity (the in-game resource) to capture quarry from the Wilds to add to their repertoire and into their dice bag. Players draw and roll six dice a turn from their bag, meaning that controlling bag composition is key to victory.   Quarriors! is a fast-paced game in which players must strategically balance their choices each turn. Do..
  • Catan: 25 jaar wereldwijd jubileum
    Hiep hiep, hoera! Catan bestaat 25 jaar. Deze speciale wereldwijde jubileumeditie bevat het basisspel én de uitbreiding Zeevaarders. Ook vind je de scenario’s Hawaii en het Iberisch schiereiland in deze doos. Deze jubileumeditie is de perfecte gelegenheid om Catan te (her)ontdekken.     We hebben wat te vieren. Het is 25 jaar geleden dat Catan voor het eerst in de officiële Duitse taal werd uitgegeven. Sinds 1995 heeft dit spel miljoenen spelers wereldwijd vermaakt.   In deze speciale jubileumuitgave vind je het basisspel Catan en de eerste grote uitbreiding “De Zeevaarders”. Nooit eerder verschenen deze twee spellen samen in 1 doos. Ook vind je er twee extra regionale scenario’s: Hawaii en Het Iberisch schiereiland.   De Zeevaarders 9..
  • The Castles of Burgundy (with expansions)
    The Castles of Burgundy is set in the Burgundy region of High Medieval France. Each player takes on the role of an aristocrat, originally controlling a small princedom. While playing, they aim to build settlements and powerful castles, practice trade along the river, exploit silver mines, and use the knowledge of travelers.   The game is about players taking settlement tiles from the game board and placing them into their princedom, which is represented by the player board. Every tile has a function that starts when the tile is placed in the princedom. The princedom itself consists of several regions, each of which demands its own type of settlement tile.   The game is played in five phases, each consisting of five rounds. Each phase begins with the game board ..
  • Awkward Guests
    Awkward Guests / Incómodos Invitados is a one of a kind deduction game with infinite re-playability. Based on the innovative Brilliant Deck System!   It can recreate Mr. Walton’s murder in so many different ways that you won’t ever play two similar games!   Its engaging Brilliant Deck System will actively involve you in the investigations, allowing you to use genuine detective abilities to solve each case.   To solve a mystery, you will have to interrogate the suspects, question the household staff, examine the crime scene, search for clues around the Walton Mansion, consult the police reports… You will do all of this while exchanging information with your opponents or hiding it from them.   Get ready to use all your gumshoe skills! ..
  • Demeter
    Demeter is a standalone flip-and-write game that features the same graphic style and is set in the same universe as the publisher's earlier game Ganymede.   You are a scientist and you just boarded a ship departing from Ganymede to Demeter 1. Demeter, a red dwarf planet, has two twin moons: Demeter 1 and Demeter 2. Each of them has an ESI (Earth Similarity Index) of 0,98 and the first reconnaissance flight revealed the presence of dinosaurs on Demeter 1. Chahrazad will lead this new expedition as it is now your turn to explore and discover the secrets of the first moon of Demeter!   The goal of the game is to score the most MP (Mission Points). These points represent your ability to discover and to study the dinosaurs in their environment.   https:..
  • Gloom of Kilforth : Pimp My Shadows Expansion
    The "Pimp My Shadows" upgrade expansion pack: as requested by the Kilforthian community this set of pimped out components will include:   1 bigger velvet bag 4 Shadows of Kilforth Ancients standees 4 Rules Reference Player Aid Sheets 12 More Marble Effect Dice - 6 white, 6 black 16 Race Art Standees of each gender for all Races from Shadows Of Kilforth 20 Extra plastic stands 26 Replacement Larger (tarot-sized 120mm x 70mm) Shadows of Kilforth Location cards ..
  • Everdell: Spirecrest
    Far beyond the comfortable borders of the Everdell Valley, deep in the mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered. Spirecrest adds several exciting and challenging new mechanics and features to the Everdell base game, including:   Weather cards that impose challenging limitations to overcome. Discovery cards let players encounter intrepid new critters and locations on their journey, providing unique new strategies and abilities. Big Critters are unique workers with interesting and helpful abilities, who also serve as trusty mounts. ..
  • Everdell: Bellfaire
    The king is throwing an unprecedented year-long event to commemorate the 100th year since Everdell's founding. Come one, come all, to the Bellfaire!   Bellfaire is a new expansion for Everdell that offers several different gameplay modules, including:   Components and rules for 5-6 players Player powers and resource boards A Bellfaire board with a new Market location Garland Awards, which are shared endgame goals New Special Event cards ..
  • Dune: Ixians and Tleilaxu
    This expansion adds two new houses, the Ixians and the Tleilaxu, to the Dune boardgame.   Theilaxu: Led by a small council of Tleilaxu Masters - the fanatic, xenophobic Tleilaxu were tolerated because of their useful genetic engineering superiority. Although underestimated and loathed by others, they hoped to someday dominate all.   Ixian: The cyborg, Prince Rhombur of House Vernius, leads the Ixians, masters of manufacturing and technologies only they know how to deploy.   Both the Ixians and the Tleilaxu are integral to the economy of CHOAM and the Imperium. The royal family of Ix had once been one of the wealthiest in the Imperium. Because of a successful invasion of Ix by the Tleilaxu and the Emperor’s Sardaukar, and then, after many years, the..
  • Parijs
    Parijs, 1889. De Wereldtentoonstelling was de perfecte kans om de wereld te verbazen met de kracht van elektriciteit. Als één van de belangrijkste persoonlijkheden van de stad probeer jij ervoor te zorgen dan jouw gebouwen zoveel mogelijk van dat licht vangen. Verras de wereld en inspireer artiesten in dit vlotte spel voor 2 personen.   Na de wereldtentoonstelling van 1889 heeft iedereen het er over: elektrische straatverlichting! Als lichtstad loopt Parijs ook hierin voorop. In dit vlotte 2-spelersspel neem je de rol aan van stadsplanner met de taak de stad zo mooi mogelijk te verlichten om bezoekers te lokken en kunstenaars te inspireren.   Om de beurt plaatsen jij en je tegenspeler eerst een stadstegel waarmee je het plan voor de stad neerlegt of kies je een..
  • Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice – District 6
    The city is bigger than ever!   Aftershock: District 6 allows a sixth player to join games of Aftershock and introduces a new board mechanism. Area tokens are randomly placed in different areas, and bring new challenges and rewards to the meeples placed there. ..
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