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  • Alhambra: Roll and Write
    Alhambra: Roll & Write is a dice version of Alhambra where players select sets of dice to try to build the most of each type of building.   Players start the game by rolling a blue and yellow die three times and crossing out the building at the intersection rolled numbers. Each time a player "builds" (crosses off) a building, it is marked on the separate scoring sheet so that all players can see how many of each building have been built. Then, each player rolls the dice one more time and places their blue and yellow dice on their player sheet on the appropriate numbers.   Then, the start player rolls another set of dice. They may either choose one building which has not been built already and cross it out (and indicate it on the scoring sheet), or they may ..
  • Fresco (revised 2021 edition)
    Beleef een tijdperk vol pracht en praal en ervaar de extra spelmogelijkheden met de 3 uitbreidingsmodulen, die in de doos zijn toegevoegd. Deze kunnen naar believen aan het basisspel worden toegevoegd en verhogen stap voor stap voor de moeilijkheidsgraad en vergroten de speelduur. Voor langer en nog meer spelplezier! Doel van het spel: De spelers kruipen in de rol van frescoschilders, die in opdracht van de bisschop het grote fresco op het plafond van de dom moeten restaureren. Werkdagen moeten goed worden gepland en men moet op tijd op staan om de dag vroeg te beginnen. Spelers moeten verf kopen voor de opdracht in de dom, het fresco restaureren en nieuwe kleuren mengen. Als het inkomen niet toereikend is, moet men opdrachten in het eigen atelier uitvoeren. De stemming onder de ..
  • Verdwenen Ruïnes van Arnak (NL)
    Op een onbewoond eiland in onbekende zeeën hebben ontdekkingsreizigers sporen gevonden van een nieuwe beschaving. In de verdwenen ruïnes van Arnak leid je een expeditie om het nieuwe eiland te verkennen en verloren artefacten te vinden. In je reis zul je angstaanjagende bewakers tegenkomen waar je het tegen op moet nemen. Dit doe je allemaal om de geheimen van het eiland te ontdekken. De verdwenen ruïnes van Arnak combineert deck-building en worker-placement in een spel met verkenning en voorraadbeheer. Ontdek jij al haar geheimen?   ..
  • Ruination: The World That Was
  • Gorinto
    Elements gather energy in unique patterns, challenging you with finding the ideal route to balance and harmony. Earth digs deep, Water flows wide, Fire rises high, Wind blows freely, and Void slips between the rest. Can you gain the understanding you need to uncover true elemental wisdom?   A Gorinto is a type of Japanese pagoda of the five elements: earth (cube), water (sphere), fire (pyramid), air (crescent), and void (lotus). It often housed the relic of a Buddha or saint, and together represent the realm of perfect understanding.   In Gorinto, players take turns selecting element tiles from the Path (perimeter) and moving them onto the Mountain (game board). Each element collects in a unique pattern. The elements collected each turn will allow you to collec..
  • Polis
    Polis is a two-player civ-lite game set in the beginning of the conflict between the two major poleis of the 5th century B.C: Athens and the Delian League against Sparta and the Peloponnesian League. The winner will be the Empire with more population and prestige at the end of the game.   Both players must secure their supplies and the routes to five markets to trade with them. Every turn you get goods from a territory where you have population supporting your Empire, but you should feed them.   You can fight to control the territories and siege other polis or you might use your diplomacy to convince a polis to join your league. But polis are proud of their independence so you will have to create some projects to gain prestige needed for your military manoeuvre..
  • The LOOP [Franse Versie]
    Dit is de Franstalige versie, het spel is licht taalonafhankelijk.   The LOOP is a quirky co-operative game in which you battle the evil Dr. Faux. Play a Temporal Agent in four different game modes, full of new challenges and replay value. Gather powerful artifacts, defy the Doctor's duplicates, and sabotage his maniacal machine. Make the most of your cards and master the LOOP to use them multiple times in impressive chains — but the Doctor isn't going to make this easy on you!   The evil Dr. Faux has built a terrrrible time machine! With the help of the duplicates of himself that he is creating through the ages, he aims to carry out his Omniscience 2000 project to become master of the universe. But the rifts that he is opening in spacetime will probably destro..
  • Catapult Kingdoms [KS Deluxe Edition]
    Deze versie is de Deluxe Editie en bevat: Catapult Kingdoms, Siege Expansion, Artificers Tower & Kickstarter Stretch goals   Maximum 1 per klant   Build your castles, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to win the day!   The War for the Floor has begun once more!   Catapult Kingdoms, a.k.a. Catapult Feud, is a game of last person standing. Your objective is to knock down all your opponent's troops!   Starting with the youngest player, choose your family: Chaufort or Cunningfields. Then, use your bricks to build a castle to fortify your troops. Using your catapult, launch boulders in an attempt to destroy your opponent's castle and knock over their troops. When all troops of one family a..
  • Biblios: Quill and Parchment
    A "roll and write" version of the popular Biblios.   The life of a monastic scribe is not easy. Every day you spend long hours in the monastery copying books, praying, and performing tasks. Through hard work and prayer, earn the abbot’s trust and display your dedication to the pious life.   The object of the game is to score the most piety points. The game consists of 8 days (i.e., rounds). In the first 4 days, players simultaneously roll their own dice (that show various book types, abbot influence and travel points) and may do so up to 3 times. After each roll, the players have 3 options: (1) to keep the dice as shown, (2) to reroll exactly one die or (3) to roll all the dice.   Most of the dice are resource dice showing books monks are copying, ..
  • Nanga Parbat
    The Sherpa people are known for their exquisite mountaineering skills and often used that knowledge to be effective guides to explorers on mountaineering expeditions. In this game, you are a member of the Sherpa community that is establishing base camps on Nanga Parbat for foreign explorers. While there, you will also trap animals for food and clothing.   In this 2-player game, players take turns placing hikers on the mountain where they can capture animals and build base camps. Five times during the game, a player may either trade in their animals or build a base camp for victory points.   On a turn, a player must place their hiker in the region containing the guide, who then moves based on the placement of the hiker, thereby forcing the opponent to place thei..
  • Mining Colony
    Your home world is running low on resources. To survive, you send teams of workers to a nearby resource-rich planet, but one with a harsh and inhospitable environment. Will your teams outperform the others to build the best mining colony?   Mining Colony is a tile laying game for 1-4 players in which you use excavation cards to compete for resources. With these resources, you develop your colonies and attempt to build science stations and outposts.   The game is played over ten rounds, each of which consists of three phases: discover, excavate, develop.   In the discover phase, a resource card is flipped and resources are placed in excavation zones.   In the excavation phase, players use their excavation cards to compete for those reso..
  • Imperial Settlers: Tot hier en niet verder
      Zij zijn als eerste over de grens gegaan! Deze uitbreiding introduceert een nieuw spelelement in de wereld van Imperial Settlers: veroveren! Als je verovert, verleg je de grens tussen jullie rijken. Dat betekent dat je de meest linkse volk locatie van een tegenstander kunt overnemen en in jouw rijk kunt bouwen. Het is tijd voor landjepik! Bescherm je grenzen en maak je tegenstanders duidelijk: tot hier en niet verder!   In dit kaartspel vol strategie waarin je een volk leidt om nieuwe gebieden te ontdekken, grondstoffen te verzamelen, locaties te bouwen en tegenstanders verslaan om overwinningspunten te verdienen. ..
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