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  • Preorder - Terraforming Mars: Het Dobbelspel (NL) (verwacht oktober 2023)
    We zijn er eindelijk in geslaagd om kolonies op Mars te bouwen, maar nu staan we voor een nog veel grotere uitdaging: de planeet tot leven brengen en er een nieuw thuis voor de mensheid creëren! Zal jouw corporatie vooroplopen? TM: Het dobbelspel is gebaseerd op het bestverkochte strategiespel Terraforming Mars en combineert 60 speciale dobbelstenen met 159 unieke kaarten om zowel families als gevorderde spelers een snelle en eenvoudig te leren spelervaring te bieden... ..
  • Regicide
    Regicide is a cooperative, fantasy card game for 1 to 4 players, played using a standard deck of cards.   Players work together to defeat 12 powerful enemies. On their turn a player plays a card to the table to attack the enemy and once enough damage is dealt, the enemy is defeated. The players win when the last King is defeated. But beware! Each turn the enemy strikes back. Players will discard cards to satisfy the damage and if they can't discard enough, everyone loses.   Rich with tactical decisions and a deep heuristic tree, Regicide is a huge challenge for anyone who is brave enough to take it on. ..
  • The Hunt
    September 1939: The commander of the Admiral Graf Spee receives the order to sink as many British freight ships as possible in the South Atlantic. The objective is to intercept the ships crossing the Atlantic and prevent supplies from reaching the UK and other destinations.   The plan seems to work in the first months. Within a few weeks, the Admiral Graf Spee sinks nine freight ships and sends almost 50,000 gross register tons to the seabed. The gigantic loss puts the army command in London Whitehall under pressure. In order to protect their freighters in the best possible way, the Admiralty had no choice but to reinforce the English fleet in the South Atlantic by sending three cruisers in what is known as "The Battle of River Plate".   The Hunt is an asymmetr..
  • Fliptown (Kickstarter)
    Fliptown is a flip-and-write game in which you are trying to earn stars by exploring a wild west town. The game uses a standard poker deck to drive an open world-style of game play, along with dry erase boards or print-and-play sheets that serves as each player's map.   Each turn, flip over three cards, assigning one card to represent your suit, one card to represent your value, and one card to represent your poker card. The suit dictates which of four regions you activate, the value dictates which site within that region you get to circle, and the poker card goes toward a five-card poker hand that is resolved at the end of each round. Each of the four regions — Trail, Badlands, Mine, and Town — offers a different puzzle to master, while each site within a region provides a..
  • Mosaic: A Story of Civilization (Kickstarter Pledge The Colossus) (schade)
    Omschrijving van de schade: scheur aan de zijkant aan de voorzijde van de doos. Zie foto hierboven voor meer detail.      Door de beperkte oplage is deze titel beperkt tot 1 per klant!   Mosaic: A Story of Civilization is a Civilization-Building game from Glenn Drover, designer of Age of Empires III, Railways of the World, Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Boardgame, and Raccoon Tycoon.   Mosaic is an action selection game. On your turn, you will perform one of seven actions: Learn a New Technology (select a card from the Technology Offer) Found a New City or Town, or Build a Project (select a card from the Build Offer and pay the cost in stone, ideas, and population) Build a Wonde..
    205,00€ 215,00€
  • Lisboa (Deluxe Edition) (schade)
    Omschrijving van de schade: deuk in de linkeronderhoek aan de voorzijde van de doos. Zie foto hierboven voor meer detail.    Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake of 1755. On November 1st of 1755, Lisboa suffered an earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 8.5–9.0, followed by a tsunami, and 3 days of fires. The city was almost totally destroyed. The Marquis of Pombal, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, was then the minister of foreign affairs and the king put him in charge of the reconstruction of Lisbon. Marquis of Pombal gathered a team of engineers and architects. We, the players, are nobility members that will use his influence in the reconstruction, and in the business development of the ne..
    140,00€ 154,00€
  • Villagers (NL)
    Er is een nieuw dorp gesticht en aan jou de taak het dorp te laten groeien tot een welvarend dorp. De wegen stromen vol met dorpelingen op zoek naar een nieuw bestaan. Veel van deze dorpelingen willen in jouw dorp wonen, maar jij neemt alleen genoegen met de beste vaklui. Trek dorpelingen van de straat aan om in jouw dorp te komen wonen en creëer waardevolle productieketens. Als jij de beste ambachtslieden in jouw dorp hebt, zul jij de meeste munten verzamelen en de oprichter zijn van het meest welvarende dorp. Inhoud doos: 130 dorpelingkaarten  2 marktfasekaarten 1 startspelerkaart 2 einde van de kaartfasekaarten  5 oprichterkaarten 5 dorpspleinkaarten 5 overzichtskaarten 140 munten 26 solok..
  • 300: Earth and Water (EN) (schade)
    Omschrijving van de schade: het spel is onbeschadigd, maar de plastic shrink werd verwijderd. Het spel is ongespeeld.   In 500 BC, Ionia rebelled against Persia's rule and Greece supported it. With this "foreign interference" as an excuse, the Persian empire decided to invade Greece. In 492 BC the Persian forces attacked Macedonia from land and sea. The Persians and the Greeks fought fiercely at Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis. Against the overwhelming forces of the Persian empire, the Greeks used superior tactics and "weapons" such as hoplites (heavy infantry) and triremes. The Greeks had also excellent leaders in times of crises and eventually prevailed over the Persians.   300: Greco-Persian Wars is a wargame for two players. One player control..
    20,00€ 29,00€
  • Planet Unknown (schade)
    Omschrijving van de schade: deuk in de rechteronderhoek aan de achterzijde van de doos. Zie foto hierboven voor meer detail.    Deze versie bevat de meeste deluxe componenten(Hobby Edition): plastieken Lazy Susan, tripple layer player boards,wooden tokens, resources trackers, ....   Our planet has run out of resources, and we are forced to move. We have discovered a series of planets and sent our rovers to test their environment with the hope of colonization. Our rovers have confirmed 1-6 viable colonization options. Planet Unknown is a competitive game for 1-6 players where players build and develop the best planet to win!   Each player has a goal of developing the best planet in Planet Unknown. Each round, each player will..
    68,00€ 75,00€
  • Rauha (schade)
    Omschrijving van de schade: scheur in de linkeronderhoek aan de achterzijde van de doos. Zie foto hierboven voor meer detail.    After millennia of sterility, life has sprung again on Rauha. As a venerable Shaman, one of its five worlds has been entrusted to you. Your powers are divine and allow you to shape the environment in order to turn this world into a cradle of life energy, keeper of serenity and harmony for the centuries to come.   Obtain the most victory points, represented as Life Energy, to win the game. You have 2 Ages to turn your world into an energetic core of Rauha. In Age 1, vegetation, terrain, and wildlife will appear. In Age 2, civilizations will thrive.   The game takes place over 4 rounds, each divided ..
    46,00€ 53,50€
  • Preorder - Jekyll and Hyde vs Scotland Yard (verwacht november 2023)
    Jekyll & Hyde vs Scotland Yard is a co-operative trick-taking game for two players that's a standalone spin-off of Jekyll vs. Hyde.   You're Dr. Jekyll, the kind doctor and valuable friend — but you're also the infamous Mr. Hyde, who is hunted by Scotland Yard for the many misdeeds committed in the City of London. Your objective is to maintain the balance in the duality of your personality, while staying ahead of Scotland Yard's investigation.   This is a story-based game in which you have to achieve the objectives of every chapter of the story to complete the game. ..
  • Preorder - Vale of Eternity (verwacht november 2023)
    In The Vale of Eternity, players are tamers who hunt various monsters and spirits to tame them as minions. In this fantasy world, numerous creatures are living in harmony. Among them, dragons are the most valuable and noble ones, and all tamers dream of taming dragons. The player who manages to tame the most outstanding minions wins.   In each round, a player has three phases:   Hunting phase: Draft two cards from the game board. Action phase: Take various actions, including selling cards, taming, or summoning cards. Resolution phase: Use the active effects of cards they have summoned. Successive rounds are performed until the end of the game is triggered. The game includes cards of seventy creatures from myths all around the world.   h..
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