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  • Imperium: Legends
    Formidable adversaries are arrayed against you. Your people stand ready. History beckons.   In your hands lies the destiny of one of history's great civilizations. Under constant threat of attack, you must conquer new lands, oversee dramatic scientific and cultural advances, and lead your people into the era of empire. Expand too rapidly, and unrest will bring your civilization to its knees; build up too slowly, however, and you might find yourself a mere footnote of history. As one of eight radically asymmetric civilizations, you will compete to become the most dominant empire the world has ever seen.   Imperium: Legends is a standalone game that contains the Arthurian, Atlantian, Egyptian, Mauryan, Minoan, Olmec, Qin, and Utopian civilizations and an individu..
  • Sunflower Valley: A Tile-Laying Game
    Sunflower Valley: A Tile-Laying Game is a fast-paced game about settling your own perfect mountain valley. During the game, you will be choosing whether you want to fill your land with high pastures - and the choice wont be easy! The railroad will connect your towns and will turn life in the valley into a never-ending holiday. Are you ready for this journey? The train is leaving the station!   SETUP 1. Each player gets a Valley Express token, a Starting Town tile, and 20 Valley tiles with the same color as the roofs of their Starting town. 2. Each player places their Starting Town tile in front of them with their Valley Express token on top of it. This token will track the progress of their Valley Express, making sure to have space around their Starting Town for the..
    17,00€ 21,00€
  • Verdwenen Ruïnes van Arnak (NL)
    Op een onbewoond eiland in onbekende zeeën hebben ontdekkingsreizigers sporen gevonden van een nieuwe beschaving. In de verdwenen ruïnes van Arnak leid je een expeditie om het nieuwe eiland te verkennen en verloren artefacten te vinden. In je reis zul je angstaanjagende bewakers tegenkomen waar je het tegen op moet nemen. Dit doe je allemaal om de geheimen van het eiland te ontdekken. De verdwenen ruïnes van Arnak combineert deck-building en worker-placement in een spel met verkenning en voorraadbeheer. Ontdek jij al haar geheimen?   ..
  • Winter Queen
    In one faraway land, there is always winter. Once a year Winter Queen announces a special competition for her court sorcerers. Using enchanted crystals they create magical ornaments and the Queen pays for them with golden coins. The one to collect the most coins till the end of the competition is to become the next Queen&rsquo;s advisor.<br/><br/>In the abstract family game Winter Queen, you take on the roles of Winter Queen's sorcerers, creating magical ornaments out of enchanted crystals. Each turn, you either place a new crystal onto the board or use already placed crystals to score victory points depending on the spell books you and your opponents have. ..
    21,00€ 36,50€
  • Profiteers
    14,00€ 23,50€
  • Trek 12
    Trek 12 is a roll-and-write alpinism game, with progressive difficulty levels and more. To score points, you have to create chains of consecutive numbers from 0 to 12 and areas of a same number.   A game is composed of 19 rolls of two six-sided dice, with one die having values from 1 to 6, and the other from 0 to 5. After each roll, the player must combine both die values to obtain the number to place. You can:   Add the values of the two dice Subtract the value of one die from the other Multiply the value of the two dice Keep the higher value of the two dice Keep the lower value of the two dice Be careful as you may choose each of these options at most four times during a game. After placing your first number on the game sheet, you must pla..
    19,00€ 24,00€
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game – A Light in the Fog: Mythos Pack
    Since you first awoke in a dank and gloomy tidal cavern, you’ve attempted to pull together the disparate pieces of your shipwrecked memories. You’ve learned some of why you came to Innsmouth, and you’ve battled the evils rising from the ocean deeps… but as you escape from the Deep Ones overrunning Innsmouth and race toward the Falcon Point lighthouse, you find yourself at the threshold of the next mystery. Who was it that first captured you and left you for dead? The keeper of the lighthouse may hide the answers you seek.   As the next chapter of your evolving story, A Light in the Fog expands your adventures in Innsmouth with Arkham Horror: The Card Game, picking up right where your frantic car chase left off at the end of Horror in High Gear, and promising new revelations..
    9,00€ 16,50€
  • The Rival Networks
    The Rival Networks is a standalone two-player version of The Networks. Much of the original's gameplay is preserved, but streamlined so that it plays in 30-45 minutes. You and your opponent each have a display of 3 Timeslots, and at the start of the game, they show your starting 3 (terrible) Shows. There is also a Goal Card showing for the current Season, with 3 Goals available to hit (like winning a particular Timeslot, or having more Stars on your Shows than your opponent).   On your turn, you will pick one new Show from a display of 3, and use it to replace one of your existing Shows, which moves to your Reruns. You'll score Ratings Points for the new Show, scoring higher ratings if you put the show in its correct timeslot.   Next, you select one Star and on..
    15,00€ 28,00€
  • MyRummy - Travel
    Rummikub voor op reis in een handige ronde koker. ..
    8,00€ 14,00€
  • Pick Up Pete
    Pete de wagen gaat rond en rond. Probeer bij dit leuke Pick Up Pete spel als eerste je stoelen op de achterbak van de truck te stapelen.   Ga secuur te werk of je wordt stapelgek! Probeer bij dit leuke spel je stoelen op de achterbak van Pete te stapelen en zorg ervoor dat ze niet vallen - want als ze vallen… ben je AF! De eerste die de stoelen opstapelt is de winnaar. Elke speler pakt 6 stoelen van één kleur. Zet de schakelaar op 'aan' en het spel begint. Zie hoe Pete rondjes begint te rijden. Weet jij je stoelen tactisch en effectief te stapelen?   Laat zien dat je vliegensvlugge vingers hebt met dit hilarische Pick Up Pete spel. Elke speler moet zijn of haar 6 stoelen zo snel mogelijk op de truck stapelen. Inhoud: 1 Pete de vrachtwagen en 24 stoe..
    12,00€ 20,50€
  • Waddle
    Penguins are curious creatures. Flighty though flightless, they move about quickly towards things that appeal to them.   In Waddle, ever-curious penguins visit different places, sometimes in different neighborhoods. Each turn, you move the penguins around the city or bring some new ones in from out of town. Get the penguins to move into the patterns matching your cards to score points. The player with the most points at the end of a set number of rounds wins! ..
    15,00€ 26,50€
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game – The Lair of Dagon: Mythos Pack
    The separate timelines of your Innsmouth investigations are quickly converging, as the pieces of your memory begin to click into place. You’ve seen uncanny happenings and sinister meetings, and it’s clear that the Esoteric Order of Dagon lies at the heart of the conspiracy. It’s time for you to step across the nightmare frontier and venture into the Order’s decrepit and crumbling halls… and the tidal caves that lie beneath.   As The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle approaches its climactic conclusion, you’ll find the next chapter of the unfolding story within The Lair of Dagon, the fifth Mythos Pack in The Innsmouth Conspiracy, beckoning the investigators deeper into danger and closer to the heart of the sea. You’ll need new tools and skills if you plan to take the Order of Dagon..
    10,00€ 17,00€
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