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  • AlderQuest
    High councils of Aleron have initiated a four-seasons tournament with an urgent summons to the many houses of the realm. Guilds local to the Great Tree Aiyana have convened at her watershed to take part in the first contest, as autumn slowly expires.   Rival guilds of animal heroes and minions will square off in a competition that blends area control, tile placement, hidden information, bluffing, and traditional match-3. The team that gathers the most acorns before the start of winter is the contest's victor. ..
    31,00€ 38,50€
  • Stampede
    Stamp collectors: The most dangerous game. They're polite on the surface, but truly cunning strategists underneath.   Featuring colorful art and simple symbology, Stampede plays quickly and elegantly as players plan efficient moves to complete their stamp collection. You must fill your album with new stamps, search for the best trades at the exchange, and swap stamps with your opponents at just the right moment to complete your collection. Your goal is to collect five of the same animal or nine distinct animals to stamp out the competition! ..
    18,00€ 22,00€
  • Ligretto Rood
    Probeer zo snel mogelijk van je kaarten af te komen. Iedereen speelt tegelijk, waardoor hilarische situaties ontstaan. Ligretto is ook in 2 andere kleuren verkrijgbaar, die met elkaar te combineren zijn.   In het superpopulaire kaartspel Ligretto proberen de spelers zo snel mogelijk van hun kaarten af te komen. Iedereen speelt tegelijk, waardoor hilarische situaties ontstaan. Ligretto is verkrijgbaar in 3 verschillende kleuren. Deze zijn met elkaar te combineren, waardoor er liefst 12 mensen mee kunnen doen. Het basisspel is echter geschikt voor 2 tot 4 spelers.   Wat is het verschil tussen Ligretto Rood Blauw of Groen?   De achterkanten van de kaarten zijn verschillend per kleur doos om de sets uit elkaar te kunnen houden, je kunt dan makkelijk me..
    10,00€ 12,50€
  • Café (EN)
    During King's D. João V kingdom, Portugal was a major European power. From Brazil, the king ordered Sargent Melo Palheta to travel to the French Guyana to formally establish the Utrecht Treaty of 1713 and to secretly bring coffee seeds to Brazil. The Sargent was successful and by 1800 Brazil was already one of the largest and biggest coffee producers in the world.   In the early XX century, coffee from Brazil, São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola and Timor is largely appreciated in Portugal and inspires the appearance of prestige coffee shops in emblematic locations that attract the elite. Through dedication, hard work and competence, the Portuguese XX century witnesses the birth of one of the biggest coffee industries in the world.   In Café, 1 to 4 players repre..
    15,00€ 21,00€
  • Philosophia: Dare to be Wise
    “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” Pericles (circa 495-429 BCE)   Live an Epic, Odyssey adventure; as one of Ancient Greece’s greatest thinkers in this new Sandbox, Tabletop experience. Forge your destiny in an age of city states and ancient wisdom. In Philosophia, you will build schools, battle it out in public debates, learn profound wisdom and make deals with the Olympic Gods. All in an attempt to prove yourself the greatest mind of the era.   The goal in Philosophia is to gain three Labyrinth Tokens before the ancient Greek World is superseded by the Romans. There are many different paths you can take to do this; from building schools dedicated to your teachings, ..
    52,00€ 65,00€
  • The Sound Maker
    Natuurlijk ken je dit geluid! Maar waar komt het vandaan? Vind zo snel mogelijk de oorsprong van de verschillende geluidseffecten die door de spelers worden gemaakt en behaal zoveel mogelijk punten! ..
    10,00€ 12,00€
  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf is een coöperatief spel waarbij spelers samenwerken om alle juiste dieren in de juiste huisjes te verbergen voor Mr. Wolf het laatste veld op het stenen pad bereikt. ..
    16,00€ 20,50€
  • Paladins of the West Kingdom: Collectors Box
    This deluxe Collector's Box is designed to fit Paladins, City of Crowns, and all additional content, such as promos, metal coins, and sleeved cards. All boards sit together over the wooden components and smaller cards, keeping everything in its place. The box is the same size as the Collector's Box for Raiders of the North Sea.   Requires Paladins of the West Kingdom and the expansion: City of Crowns.   Included inside every copy of the Collector's Box is The Vassals Mini Expansion, which adds new yellow workers to the game. These new Yellow Workers can be placed onto any Worker spot, regardless of its required color. In addition to this, they also discount actions where they’re placed by either 1 Silver or 1 Provision.   Features:   ..
  • Loot of Lima
    In 1820, there were uprisings in Peru, so the Spanish government decided to move its treasure from Lima to Mexico for safekeeping. The crew of the ship transporting the loot turned pirate and hid the treasure on the Island of Cocos. Now YOU are trying to find it, but you'll need to share some information with your fellow pirates to make sure you find it before the Spanish catch you!   In the challenging deduction board game Loot of Lima, the Island of Cocos has 24 locations: 8 on the shore, 8 in the forest, and 8 in the mountains; the treasure is hidden in two of these locations. The game has a token for each of these locations, and at the start of the game, two tokens as placed back in the box (with these tokens indicating where the treasure is hidden). The rest of the tok..
    29,00€ 36,50€
  • Chai Metal Coins
    Grab an extra pack of coins to bling out your copy or add to another game! Stacking perfectly, these coins are included in Chai Deluxe and come in three denominations with differing designs: 15 X Copper ($1) 10 X Silver ($2) 5 X Gold ($3)   ..
    14,00€ 17,50€
  • Fun Farm
    Fun Farm is een leuk reactiespel met zes grappige boerderijfiguren.   In het spel Fun Farm wordt elke ronde een extra kaart open op tafel gelegd. Daarna wordt er gedobbeld met twee dobbelstenen (een zwarte en een witte). Op deze kaarten staat telkens een dier afgebeeld en een zwarte en een witte dobbelsteen. Als de kleur op 1 van de dobbelstenen na een worp overeenkomt met de afgebeelde dobbelsteen op de kaart, dan moeten de spelers het dier op de kaart zo snel mogelijk grijpen. Wie eerst is, wint de kaart. Op het einde van het spel wint de speler met de meeste kaarten. ..
    15,00€ 22,00€
  • P'achakuna [Kickstarter Versie]
    Dit is de kickstarter-versie, inclusief alle stretchgoals!   P'achakuna takes you on a journey in the heart of the Andes together with your most loyal friend — your llama. The game includes both black and white llamas, with you controlling one color and your opponent the other. White llamas move only through the green valleys, while black llamas scale the barren mountains. Whatever the color, however, you want to visit mountain villages to deliver the dye that they desire, ideally collecting dye for yourself along the way.   In P'achakuna, each player starts with one llama of their color in the center of the board in the white village, with a white dye loaded on its back. The board is composed of hexagonal tiles that are either half valley/half mountain, two-th..
    31,00€ 42,00€
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