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  • Cloud Control
    Cloud Control is a fun and fast paced game of creative imagination where you try to score the most points by shaping clouds into recognizable objects before time runs out.   Let your imagination run free as you turn, twist, overlap and animate cloud cards in unlimited creative ways of communication.   The sky is your canvas!   The game is simple to play and fun for all ages. On your turn: 1) Draw a word card and flip the timer 2) Use cloud cards to craft shapes for the words on your card 3) Other players try to guess the word and if they do, both of you earn points!   Components: 300 Shape Cards 64 Cloud Cards 50 Point Tokens 1 90 Second Timer 1 Card Holder Rulebook
    18,00€ 23,00€
  • Seastead
    On an ocean world, even enemies must play fair. You and your rival compete for control of the four flotillas, the last remnant of old Earth. Strike cunning deals, build stable ground, and clean the ocean. Then, you will truly lead Seastead!   With the survival of humanity in the balance, sabotaging your rival outright would put too much at risk! So in Seastead, many of your actions will also help your opponent; you just have to make sure you don't help them too much.   Each turn, you either dive to gain resources or build a building from your player mat with your resources. Whenever you dive, you draw a card with two different resource collections from which to choose, with the resources you don't pick going to your opponent! When you construct a building, add ..
    20,00€ 31,50€
  • Assembly: Re-Sequence and Override
    Re-Sequence & Override brings 2 fresh new challenges which will test even the most experienced of Assembly players. The computer is now trying to take over the assembly line. Will you still escape? ..
    15,00€ 18,50€
  • Claim Reinforcements: Frost
    In Claim Reinforcements Fire kon op het moment van de ontdekking van de ijslanden niemand zich voorstellen welk kwaad uit dit ijzige land is ontstaan. De ijspoorten zijn geopend en de krijgers van de sneeuw zwerven door het koninkrijk. De ontdekkers van de ijslanden hebben meer gezien dan dat hun lief is. Er zal geen schuilplaats, geen vreugde en geen genade zijn. De Vorstmonsters, Yeti’s, Ijskoningen en Ijskoninginnen zijn op weg. Lukt het jou om de ijzige nacht door te komen?   De kaarten zijn voorzien van een FOIL afwerking.   Dit is een uitbreiding. Je hebt Claim 1 of 2 nodig om de uitbreiding te spelen.   ..
    8,00€ 10,50€
  • Tiny Epic Tactics: Maps Expansion
    An add-on during the Tiny Epic Tactics Kickstarter campaign.   The Maps Expansion is a set of box covers and scrolls. It includes everything needed to convert the 6 Evergreen Woodlands boxes into 2 different settings: the Winter Highlands and the Savage Wastelands.   The Maps Expansion is usable with ALL play modes. These are NOT just aesthetic changes! These change the gameplay drastically. Each map takes a different approach to where control areas are placed, how much space is between the control areas and what terrain surrounds them. This requires a different strategy on how to approach and defend the control areas resulting in a very different experience!   Maps Expansion Includes:   1 Winter Highlands Map Scrol..
    14,00€ 17,50€
  • Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road Novel
    Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is een science fiction roman die zich afspeelt in het universum van Galaxy Trucker   Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is the story of a woman and an alien trying to deliver a load of sewer pipes. It's the sort of science fiction novel in which a trucker driving faster than light can check her rearview mirror. So, yes, it is a little silly. And sometimes it's also sweet. It's set in Vlaada Chvátil's goofy Galaxy Trucker universe, so you know you can expect lots of laughs and probably a few explosions.   "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking. We seem to have encountered a stretch of rocky road. By company policy, I am encouraged to remind you that your safety is not guaranteed. Please utilize the nearest escape pod if you wish t..
    7,00€ 9,00€
  • Spyfest
    Welcome one and all to Spyfest, the largest super spy convention in the world! You are here to get a precious piece of secret information, but there is a complication: Everyone is wearing a costume, and you don't know who your source is. Find your spy by listening and talking to the visitors, but you have to remember that the interceptors are on site, too, and they might get ahead of you and unveil your spy before you do!   Spyfest — released in Russia under the name Spycon — is a storytelling detective party game in which players split into two teams and take turns being the spy. The goal of the spy is to make their own team guess which costume they are wearing in such a way that the opposing team wouldn't get it. In order to do this, the spy and their team use a special k..
    20,00€ 25,00€
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Devil Reef: Mythos Pack
    Devil Reef is the second Mythos Pack in The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle.   The fishing hamlet of Innsmouth may soon be overwhelmed by rising tides and swarming deep ones - but in your fractured memory, you're still putting together the pieces of your time in this mist-shrouded village. As you stare out at the ill-omened shoals and scattered islands of Devil Reef, you can feel a new piece of the puzzle falling into place. You were out there, among the islands, searching for evidence of the Esoteric Order of Dagon...   Within this Mythos Pack, you'll find the next scenario of the tangled campaign unfolding around the events of The Innsmouth Conspiracy. You'll flashback to your voyage out to Devil Reef three weeks prior—exploring the islands rumored to be haunted b..
    13,00€ 16,50€
  • Tiny Tins: Vlotte Geesten
    Hoe handig zou het zijn als je je favoriete spelletje in je broek- of jaszak zou kunnen meenemen? Daarom brengen we Vlotte Geesten nu ook in miniformaat uit. De tin is zo groot als een pepermuntdoosje, waardoor je het spel overal kunt spelen. En natuurlijk ook heel leuk om ze te verzamelen! ..
    5,00€ 6,00€
  • Twilight Struggle Mounted Map
    Mounted Mapboard for 2009 Deluxe Edition of Twilight Struggle ..
    15,00€ 19,00€
  • MegaCity: Oceania
    WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF CITY BUILDING!   GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, 2100. Construction of the first oceanic MegaCity begins. Tackling overpopulation and rising sea levels has become the planet’s number one priority.   Advances in technology enable us to build towering superstructures on immense floating platforms. You are the next generation of architects called upon to design and build these marvels of structural engineering.   Race to collect contracts, construct beautiful buildings and vie for awards as a unique MegaCity emerges each time you play. It’s a competitive business where prestige points are everything!   A combination of dexterity and light strategy, MegaCity: Oceania is the city building game in which you actually build a u..
    32,00€ 48,50€
  • Captain Silver
    AHOY piraten ! Kapitein Silver heeft een uitdaging voor jou. Tast in de buidel naar het juiste piraten voorwerp. Alleen als je de juiste voorwerpen weet te pakken kom je dichter bij het eiland met de verborgen schatten. Doe dit zo snel mogelijk, want anders gaan de andere spelers er met de schat vandoor. Ga de uitdaging aan! Grijp die gouden munten en zeil naar het eiland met de schat van Kapitein Silver.   Alle spelers spelen gelijktijdig Dubbelzijdig bord voor wisselende speelvelden.   Genomineerd voor KINDERSPIEL DES JAHRES 2017 ..
    23,00€ 28,50€
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