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  • Codenames: Marvel
    Codenames: Marvel combines the hit social word game Codenames, while featuring characters and locations from the Marvel Universe including, Spider Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and Doctor Strange.   In Codenames, two teams — S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra in this case — compete to see who can guess all of their field agents (identified by either a word or picture) correctly first — but those field agents are hiding in plain sight in a 5x5 grid that includes the agents of the other team, neutral words, and an assassin that will cause you to lose the game immediately if you guess it. One person on each team is a spymaster and only these two know which agents belong to each team. Spymasters take turns giving one-word clues that can help their teammates identify mu..
  • Zombie Tsunami
      ​Zombie Tsunami is a party game for 3 to 6 players that plays in under 30 minutes.   In the game, every player leads a horde of zombies storming the city. The winner is the one with the most zombies at the end of a 3 round game. But beware, humans are everywhere and they won’t let you win without a fight.   Players will have to collaborate, bluff, and sometimes betray one another in order to win the game! ..
  • Letter Jam
    Letter Jam is a 2-6 player cooperative word game where players assist each other in composing meaningful words from letters around the table. The trick is holding the letter card so that it’s only visible to other players and not to you.   At the start of the game, each player receives a set of face-down letter cards that can be arranged to form an existing word. The setup can be prepared by using a special card scanning app, or by players selecting words for each other. Each player then puts their first card in their stand facing the other players without looking at it, and the game begins.   The game is played in turns. Each turn, players simultaneously search other players’ letters to see what words they can spell out (telling the others the length of the wo..
  • Good Cop Bad Cop (3rd Edition)
    Good Cop Bad Cop is a 52 card hidden identity, deduction game where each player takes on the role of a law enforcement officer in a corrupt district. Players must investigate others to figure out who is on their side, grab one of the 2-3 guns on the table, and shoot the opposing leader to win the game. ..
  • Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor
    As the city of Euphoria was being established, the struggle for political dominance raged on between the Euphorians and Subterrans. The Icarites had not yet descended upon the city and the Wastelanders were still deciding whether they wanted any part of it.   Since it has become clear that the two factions cannot share control, it is time for you to pick a side. Choose your faction, find your allies, banish those who oppose you, and ensure your place at the top of the dystopian society to follow. Now it's your chance to Choose a Better Oppressor!   Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor is a social deduction game in the style of Good Cop Bad Cop, but set in the world of Euphoria. It takes place earlier in the timeline than Euphoria, when the city was yo..
  • Pitchcar - uitbreiding 6 - No Limit
    Pitchcar Extension 6 : No Limit is a new expansion for Pitchcar allowing 20 new combinations. ..
  • Pitchcar - uitbreiding 3 - Rechte Lijnen (2 stuks)
    These PitchCar pieces are two quadruple-length straight pieces that should allow for very fast straightaways. This expansion is a set of two long straight lines. Each long line is equivalent to 4 normal straight lines. Be careful, it's a very limited edition!         ..
  • Pitchcar - uitbreiding 1
    Pitchcar is zowel een behendigheidsspel als een autorace. Kies één van de 8 autootjes, zet een circuit op en pas de vingerknipmethode toe om ze vooruit te duwen. Kies de beste baan, wees slim en je wordt een echte kampioen. Pitchcar is een gezellig en familiaal spel, en opwindend voor spelers van elke leeftijd.   ..
  • Kerplunk
    "Ker Plunk is the game where you take your pick and pull a stick. If all the marbles fall, you lose it all! You're only sunk if they go...Ker Plunk!"   This classic game of skill can be learned in seconds, but it offers a fun test of hand-eye coordination that is challenging to people of all ages and skill levels. As a result, Ker Plunk was a popular favorite among skill-game enthusiasts throughout the 1960s and '70s.   The game consists of a clear plastic tube, 30 thin sticks, and 32 marbles. Play begins with the players inserting the sticks through the tube and then pouring the marbles into the top of the tube. The sticks act as a web that block the marbles at the top of the tube. At this point, the players begin to carefully remove the sticks one by one. The..
  • 30 Seconds (Vlaamse editie)
    Maak je feestjes nog spectaculairder met dit pijlsnel partyspel 30 Seconds! Deze editie bevat speciaal op Vlaanderen toegespitste begrippen.   Vorm de teams. Eén speler heeft 30 seconden om zoveel mogelijk van de 5 begrippen op het kaartje te omschrijven. Hoe meer begrippen je teamgenoten raden hoe meer vakjes je team vooruit mag op het speelbord. Een worp met de dobbelsteen kan hier alsnog verandering in brengen. Bereikt je team als eerste de finish dan kan voor jullie het feestje pas echt beginnen!   Dit spel kan gespeeld worden met een groep van 3 tot maar liefst 24 spelers. ..
  • Hands
    Handen omhoog! Handen omlaag! Geen handen! Duimen omhoog! Wijs naar de lucht! Let op twee handen zeggen meer dan één!   Praat met je handen in plaats van met woorden en probeer er achter te komen wiens hand hetzelfde zegt als jouw hand. Maar pas op voor de speler die met beide handen praat… Je kunt maar beter doen wat hij zegt! ..
  • Trapwords [NL]
    Jij weet het geheime woord dat je team moet raden. Je moet ze aanwijzingen geven, maar het andere team heeft een lijst met ‘valstrikwoorden’ gemaakt, die jij niet mag zeggen. Je weet echter niet welke woorden op die lijst staan. O ja, en het woord moet binnen de tijd worden geraden. Succes!   Elk monster biedt een andere uitdaging. Versla het spel en win het spel! De moeilijkheidsgraad neemt verder toe naarmate je verder de kerker in gaat. Vloekkaarten zorgen voor verrassingen in het spelverloop. Speel met fantasy- of reguliere woorden.   Van de makers van CODENAMES. ..
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