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  • Tatsu
    Tatsu is a two-player game in which players control three different types of dragon pieces. By rolling two six-sided dice to decide movement and either combining or splitting the values, the pieces travel round the inside circle of the board, only swapping to the outer circle when landing on the same space as another piece, which will affect the piece in the following ways:   Vine dragons (green) entangle a player’s dragon. Water dragons (blue) expel a player’s dragon off the board, back to their holding tray. Fire dragons (red) destroy a player’s dragon, removing it entirely from play. Victory is gained when a player manages to destroy all of one type of the opposition's dragons or knocks all the opposition’s dragons off the board so that none remain ..
  • Mainports
    Welcome to Europe! Discover its mainports and all the opportunities this true EURO GAME offers.   Close profitable deals, stock up on fuel and embark on your first journey across the European continent. Ship grain from Lisbon to St. Petersburg and pick up some coal in Hamburg to deliver the cargo in Rotterdam. Will you choose to travel through the rivers or can you make a short cut across the seas? Smart planning of routes can be decisive as well as good timing on the rondel. Pock up some extra cash if you come across the flourishing mainport! Expand your enterprise with new ships and the latest technologies to get a head start to your opponents. ..
  • Zooroletto: Het dobbelspel
    In Zooloretto: Het Dobbelspel is het tijd om dobbelstenen in je dierentuin te rollen! Alle spelers zijn eigenaar van een kleine dierentuin. Ze proberen hun verblijven met dieren te vullen. Dat levert aan het einde van het spel pluspunten op. Maar als de verblijven eenmaal vol zijn, moeten extra dieren van die soort in de schuur geplaatst worden en dat levert minpunten op. De speler met de meeste punten wint het spel.   Zooloretto: Het Dobbelspel wordt gespeeld over meerdere rondes. Werp de dobbelstenen en plaats ze tactisch in de wagons. Is er voor je worp een wagon die interessant is voor jouw dierentuin? Dan mag je er ook voor kiezen om de wagons leeg te halen. Die ronde dobbel je dan niet meer.   De houten dobbelstenen zijn voorzien van de dieren en zijn wer..
  • e-Raptor Card Holder - 1L Solid
    Solid card holder, made of 5mm thick black plexiglass. Fits huge number of cards (about 195 cards without sleeves and about 208 sleeved). Save space on table and prevent piles of cards from collapsing. Perfect accessory to help players keep playing area in order and improve the game itself.   Designed to fit into standard 29 x 29 cm board game box.   Card size: 42x64 mm Space for cards: 45x68 mm   ..
  • Cat Lady: Box of Treats
    New challenges await you and your fellow cat lovers in Cat Lady: Box of Treats.   You need your base game to play, but now you get to manage new items, boxes, and cat treats! Plus there's even more cats to feed with the addition of new stray cats and gray cats! Box of Treats also expands the game to be played with up to six players, so now you'll have to outmaneuver more players to be crowned as the best cat lady in town. Compete for goals, try new strategies, and, as always, keep your cats fed! ..
  • Ultra Pro Card Sleeves 66x91mm (100 stuks)
    Transparante Deck Protectors voor standaard kaarten (66x91 mm). Een pakje bevat 100 deck protectors.   ..
  • Supercats
    Supercats – Het dreigende metalen silhouet van een reusachtige RoboDog zweeft boven de eetbakken van onze pluizenbollen. In de duisternis hebben de honden een groots plan bedacht: ze willen alle kattenvoerfabrieken van de planeet afsluiten. Een handvol heldhaftige katten ziet gelukkig een manier om deze bedreiging te stoppen. Het is tijd om je team te vormen! Wees dapper Supercats! Alle kattenbuikjes rekenen op jullie!   Iedere speler kiest zijn katten. Dit kunnen 5 dezelfde katten zijn, maar je kunt ook combineren met de katten. Het spel wordt gespeeld in 2 fases: Fase 1 Transformatie! Probeer als eerste je 5 katten te transformeren tot Supercats en word de held die in fase 2 tegen de Robodog vecht. Fase 2 Gevecht! Neem het als held op tegen de Robodog die wordt gespee..
  • Quarriors! Qultimate Quedition
    In Quarriors!, each player plays as a Quarrior competing for glory in the eyes of Quiana, the Empress of Quaridia. Each player starts with an identical set of twelve dice in their dice bag. At the start of the game, creature and spell dice (dubbed "quarry") are dealt at random to form "the Wilds" in the center of the table. As play progresses, players roll their dice to attempt to summon creatures, cast spells, and harness the magical power of Quiddity (the in-game resource) to capture quarry from the Wilds to add to their repertoire and into their dice bag. Players draw and roll six dice a turn from their bag, meaning that controlling bag composition is key to victory.   Quarriors! is a fast-paced game in which players must strategically balance their choices each turn. Do..
  • Undaunted: North Africa
    The Undaunted series continues with this two-player deck-building game of tactical combat, pitting the raiders of Britain's Long Range Desert Group against Italian forces in the North African Theater of World War II.   The North African campaign has begun. Take control of the British Army's Long Range Desert Group and operate behind enemy lines or command the formidable Italian forces opposing them. In Undaunted: North Africa, a sequel to Undaunted: Normandy, players once again lead their sides through a varied series of missions. As casualties mount, wounded soldiers leave the players' decks, forcing them to adapt in the face of changing tactical circumstances. Use your cards to strengthen your forces, deploy vehicles to advance rapidly across the battlefield, and seize th..
  • Queen's Kitchen
    The queen has dismissed her court cook and is searching for a new one. Travel through a beautiful fantasy world and gather the right ingredients to serve the Queen the best dishes of the entire country.   Players each choose a fantasy cook pawn to play with. They all have 6 actions to play during each round in which they have to travel, harvest ingredients and prepare meals.   Each player receives recipe cards, which show the ingredients he has to collect in order to cook the recipe. Depending on the amount and level of difficulty of the ingredients, some cards will be worth more than others.   Block entrances and exits, make the glutton eat the collected ingredients of other players, let it rain to make the crops grow faster, go to the market to e..
  • Kwis 't (Vlaamse Editie)
    Kwis 't! is een vragenspel met een twist. Je kan namelijk winnen zonder dat je de meeste vragen goed hebt beantwoord. Kwis 't! win je met mensenkennis, feitenkennis en een klein beetje geluk. Iedereen beantwoord per ronde dezelfde vijf vragen. Nadat je de antwoorden gekregen hebt, zet je in op het aantal antwoorden dat je goed hebt. Daar mag je bij bluffen! Betrap vervolgens je tegenstanders, of leid ze om de tuin en verdien bonuspunten. Maak daarbij gebruik van je reputatie als koning van de kennis of beruchte bluffer. Ben jij je medespelers te slim af, dan win je Kwis 't!   Kwis 't! is een vragenspel voor 2 tot 6 spelers vanaf 14 jaar. Een potje Kwis 't! duurt 30-60 minuten. Het spel is eenvoudig te leren, is spannend van begin tot eind en zit boordenvol verbale en non-ve..
  • Decrypto (EN)
    Players compete in two teams in Decrypto, with each trying to correctly interpret the coded messages presented to them by their teammates while cracking the codes they intercept from the opposing team.   In more detail, each team has their own screen, and in this screen they tuck four cards in pockets numbered 1-4, letting everyone on the same team see the words on these cards while hiding the words from the opposing team. In the first round, each team does the following: One team member takes a code card that shows three of the digits 1-4 in some order, e.g., 4-2-1. They then give a coded message that their teammates must use to guess this code. For example, if the team's four words are "pig", "candy", "tent", and "son", then I might say "Sam-striped-pink" and hope that my..
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