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  • Oros - Neoprene Playmat
    Neoprene mat upgrade for Oros ..
  • Lands of Galzyr - Playmat and Bag
    High-quality double-sided playmat with premium stitching around the edges.   Comes with a storage bag made from sturdy canvas fabric which has a custom Lands of Galzyr print. The bag has a string to hold the bag close and a carabiner clip for hanging. ..
  • Raiders of the North Sea: Playmat
    This play mat features the original board elements of the base game, plus all additional elements from both Hall of Heroes and Fields of Fame. We have moved a few items around to make better use of the space, especially below the village area. This now allows space to house all cards and tiles, rather than having them off the board. As seen in the photo below, the mat will come with a premium grey stitching around the edges to insure the top layer doesn't peel off over time. ..
  • Playmat - Rusty Gears (60cmx100cm)
    Kwalitatieve speelmat  Achterzijde: antislip Voorzijde: Ultrasmooth ® polyester Afgeronde hoeken Wasbaar met de hand Afmetingen: 60cm x 100cm           ..
  • Playmat - Rock of the Moon (93cmx93cm)
    Kwalitatieve speelmat Dikte: 2.5 cm Achterzijde: antislip Voorzijde: Ultrasmooth ® polyester Afgeronde hoeken Wasbaar met de hand           ..
  • Cloudspire: Skymat
    The Cloudspire Skymat is made of edge-stitched, 3mm thick neoprene, and is 40"x 35.5". ..
  • Sleeping Gods: Playmat
    Deze dubbelzijdige speelmat van neopreen kan worden gebruikt voor de gevechten tijdens een spel Sleeping Gods.   ..
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Playmat
    Organize everything you need on the journey to vanquish Lord Voldemort with the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Playmat!    This flexible, reusable mat replaces the game board from the cooperative deck-building core game for a sturdier setup, playthrough, and clean-up experience, box after box! Begin every game and expansion with your cards right where they belong to go into battle with the preparedness of the best Hogwarts Heroes! ..
  • Call to Adventure: Playmat
      Calling all adventurers! This deluxe neoprene playmat is the ultimate accessory for Call To Adventure. It guides gameplay with slots for the Hero deck, Antihero deck, Story decks, and revealed Story cards.    The playmat’s soft surface is also perfect for casting runes, and it features custom art that perfectly matches the base game’s player tableau cards. The mat measures 25” x 18” but can be rolled for storage, and stitched edges reduce wear and curled edges.   ..
  • Dungeon Drop: Dungeon Mat
    Drop your dungeon in style on this gorgeous neoprene mat! While any surface type is viable for Dungeon Drop (tabletop, floor, or otherwise), this neoprene mat helps prevent excessive bounce when dropping onto a glass table or other hard surface. Each high-quality neoprene mat measures 24x14 inches, and they work perfectly with our Dungeon Walls.   Designed to pair: We designed this mat to nicely couple with a second mat, creating a huge 24x28 inch playing surface, as shown in some of the action shots below. One mat is sufficient to play the game on a smaller table, but two brings the full experience to life.   Multi-use: We also designed these mats to be useful for other purposes. Each floor tile..
  • Radlands Hazmats
      The Radlands Hazmats are a 2-pack of playmats to enhance your Radlands experience! The Super Deluxe version of Radlands comes with these right in the box, but if you have the Deluxe or Retail versions the Hazmats can make an already-rad game even better. Thick neoprene playmats with rounded corners and fine edge-stitching make the Hazmats some of the finest playmats you'll encounter.   Each mat features unique art and coloring, and each is asymmetric so that each player's camps and event queues line up across the table from each other.   ..
  • Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition - Promo Pack (NL)
    Promopack van 17 kaarten voor Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition NL ..
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