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  • Poule Poule
    Outburst of laughter guaranteed with Poule Poule, a fast, original and clever card game that will make you love - or hate - omelets!   The principle of Poule Poule is very simple: egg cards, hen cards, fox cards are stacked randomly, the last card hiding the others. As soon as you count 5 eggs in the pile, be the first to hit the pile to win one point! You must win 3 points to win the game. But, be careful not forget that, when a hen passes by and there is an egg in the pile, the hen can not help sitting on an egg! Which means the egg disappears! And if a fox passes by and a hen is sitting, the fox hunts the hen and the egg comes back! Otherwise it would be too simple! Not to mention the intervention of the other characters in the story…
    10,00€ 12,00€
  • Tacocat Spelled Backwards
    Win duels by playing cards of matching or higher value to defend your hand or sacrifice your lowest card. When you're on your final card, lowest card wins the round bringing Tacocat closer to their side.   Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a fun balance of strategy, luck and instinct! With its portable open-and-play design, it's a perfect two player anytime, anywhere game; the box is the board, just open and play!   What's Included 7 colorful palindrome tiles. 38 delightful and hilariously illustrated palindrome cards with values from 1 to 12 for strategic card match ups. 1 adorable token of Tacocat, the ICONIC character from the Exploding Kittens game. ..
    15,00€ 19,00€
  • Premium Euro Token set
    Premium Euro Token + Farmer + Animeeple 279 Piece (plus box) Wooden Box Set!   What is this? We have heard everyone's cry for a comprehensive set for all of your tokens, all in one simple solution. We are proud to offer this 24 X 15 CM wooden box PREMIUM TOKEN SET! In the box you will get a full set of 25 Farmer Tokens in 5 colors, each color will have a Farmer, Wife and 3 kids. In addition you will get a 60 piece Animal Token Set (Animeeples) that contains 25 Sheep, 20 Pigs and 15 Cattle. You will also get our custom 194 piece Euro Token Set included as well.  The total number of pieces then is 33 wood, 27 bricks, 15 white tokens, 18 stone, 27 wheat, 20 gold, 18 carrots and 36 additional food (12 each of bread, fish and drum-sticks/chicken leg). Total of 194 pieces al..
    37,00€ 46,00€
  • Aliens: Sulaco Survivors
    High-quality hard plastic 30mm scale miniatures, representing iconic elements from the 1986 film ALIENS™. Perfect for painters and collectors, or to enhance your table-top roleplaying experience. Includes one plastic sprue and instruction sheet to build: P-5000 Power Loader piloted by Ripley, Ripley & Newt, Bishop and Broken Bishop.Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Some assembly may be required. ..
    12,00€ 15,00€
  • Playmat Legendary : Spider-Man
    Upgrade your next Legendary® game with this official game mat. The rubber support is non-slip and allows the play mat to be stored quickly and transported easily.   Dimensions: 61 x 34 cm ..
    19,00€ 24,00€
  • Tonari
    The small island of Kuchinoshima has been hit by a terrible storm, leaving the village with only a single fishing boat. Each hoping to prove themselves the village’s best fisherman, 2-4 players take turns moving the boat marker around the island, collecting any fish tiles they land upon. At the end of the day, the player with the best haul wins, but there’s a twist – with 3 or 4 players, each player’s score is added to the player to their right’s score before determining the winner!   ..
    23,00€ 28,50€
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel
    BACKGROUND The year is 1793. France cowers under the Reign of Terror, and not even the innocent are safe from the Committee of Public Safety and their precious guillotine. In the midst of this turmoil, one man uses courage and cunning to fight the brutality: The Scarlet Pimpernel.   Along with his League of followers, The Scarlet Pimpernel rescues the innocent from under the very noses of the Committee, leaving behind only a card showing a small pimpernel flower. The man behind the rescues, Englishman Sir Percy Blakeney, must keep his identity a secret from all but his closest associates.   In The Scarlet Pimpernel, you play as members of the league helping the Scarlet Pimpernel accomplish seven missions, rescuing the innocent from the guillotine. No missio..
    50,00€ 62,00€
  • The North Sea Epilogues Role Playing Game
    After raiding and exploring the North Sea with the acclaimed board game series, the time has come to journey deeper into the world as a Viking warrior in The North Sea Epilogues roleplaying game.    Create heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover mysteries and gain reputation. The possibilities are endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the longboats and prepare to forge an exciting and epic saga!    FEATURES Narrative focus with less dice rolling and more story building  Simple, easily to follow rule set and intuitive hero sheets  The GM never has to roll any dice  Games have a natural flow with no need to constantly reference rulebooks  Players are encouraged to inject their own elements into the ..
    25,00€ 30,00€
  • X-Men: Mutant Insurrection
    Though the world may despise them, the team of heroic mutants known as X-Men fight tirelessly to protect humanity from the sinister machinations of evildoers. Leap into the action with X-Men: Mutant Insurrection, a fast-paced, co-operative, dice-driven card game for one to six players! You'll build a team of iconic heroes such as Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, and Jubilee from the sixteen heroes included, embark on dangerous missions around the world, and accelerate toward a thrilling showdown with a villain such as Dark Phoenix, Magneto, or the Hellfire Club.   X-Men: Mutant Insurrection invites you to travel the globe on death-defying missions to recruit new mutants, capture criminals, protect innocent lives, and battle some of the most memorable X-Men supervillains. Eight dist..
    41,50€ 53,50€
  • Rolling Dice
    In Rolling Dice, the game box becomes a dice arena. The players try to place their dice as skillfully as possible on the ice floe. True to the motto "higher or further", only a dice that is far in front or shows a high number of dice scores points. But watch out, a cube quickly slips off the ice surface and lands in the water.   ..
    20,00€ 25,50€
  • Dragon Boats of the Four Seas (Deluxe Edition)
    In Dragon Boats of the Four Seas, Zhong-Guo, the Middle Kingdom, is an island surrounded by the four Dragon Seas. After a long period of strife, Zhong-Guo has once again been unified and the noble houses rise from the ashes, hoping to cross the Dragon Seas and reach the wealthy vassal states of the former Empire. In Zhong-Guo, Dragons are believed to be good luck and sources of celestial power, so the people make offerings to Dragons at temples and cast coins with the images of Dragons on them to bring fortune at the marketplace. Farmers invoke Dragons over their fields for a bountiful harvest and boats are made in the likeness of Dragons for protection on the dangerous waters. As the leader of one of the noble houses of Zhong-Guo, you must build farms, trade, and make offerings for the..
    65,00€ 81,00€
  • Alice in Woordland (NL)
    In het gezelschapsspel Alice in Wordland nemen de spelers de rollen aan van de personages uit Alice in Wonderland, elk met hun eigen unieke capaciteiten en allemaal uitgenodigd voor het theekransje van de Queen of Hearts. Ze moeten zich houden aan haar gekke discussieregels, waarbij ze onder de druk van de tijd woorden zeggen in bepaalde thema's.   Het spel bevat een plastic muziek-spelende theepotklok. Elke ronde, nadat het discussieonderwerp en de verboden letters zijn gekozen, start de timer en moet elke speler binnen zijn tijdslimiet een passend woord zeggen. Hoe langer elke speler in een ronde blijft, hoe meer punten hij krijgt. ..
    18,00€ 22,00€
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