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  • Rome and Roll: Gladiators
    While Rome is being rebuilt, the public demands entertainment! Emperor Nero wants you to sponsor games in the Colosseum, where gladiators will engage in thrilling battles for the enjoyment of the crowds. It's up to you to build ludi, where gladiators can be trained in one of the two competing schools, and arenas, where they can practice. You'll then assign the gladiators to the Colosseum to fight! All the excitement has also brought forth new advisors who offer enticing rewards for those who dare to bribe them...   The Rome & Roll: Gladiators expansion introduces a new Colosseum sideboard, gladiator dice, new shared advisors, a neutral foreman, and new blueprints, God's Favour, and Nero's Bonus cards. Gladiators also adds a fifth asymmetric character class — the Rudiari..
  • Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game (NL)
    Roll Camera is een bordspel over het maken van een film. De spelers zijn filmproducenten die samen een film met een beperkt budget op tijd moeten klaarkrijgen.   Iedere speler heeft een eigen rol: regisseur, producent, cameraman, redacteur, productieontwerper of The Star. Er is een gemeenschappelijk spelbord dat centraal op de tafel ligt. Verder beschikken de spelers ook elk over een eigen spelbordje met unieke actievelden (afhankelijk van hun rol).   Wie aan beurt is gaat de dobbelsteenworp omzetten naar acties. Hij kan de dobbelstenen plaatsen op zijn individuele bord of op het gemeenschappelijk spelbord.   Probeer de bemanning in de arrangementen te krijgen die overeenkomen met de Shot-kaarten. Los de constante problemen op en ho..
    37,60€ 47,00€
  • Detecteam Family: 3 in 1 (NL)
    23,20€ 34,50€
  • Momiji
    In Momiji, you attempt to fulfill objectives by collecting the most valuable autumn leaves from the Imperial Garden in ancient Japan.   You start with a hand of six leaf cards and a series of three landscape powers that combine to form a unique panorama. (For the first game, landscapes are assigned, but they can be drafted in subsequent games.) Leaf cards come in 4-6 types depending on the number of players, with values of 0-3 in each type. Start with four random cards in the central playing area, sorted by type. Place 4-6 randomly chosen objective tokens in the center of play; sample objectives are collecting the most 0s, having the most cards of a specific type, or having the highest sum of visible cards at game's end.   On your turn, choose one of these thre..
    26,40€ 33,00€
  • Logic Games: Milo's Waterpark (6+)
    Milo's Waterpark van het merk Haba is een vrolijk denkspel, waarbij je Milo in zijn subberband van de waterglijbaan moet zien te laten glijden. Een solo spel waarbij logisch denken tot de oplossing leidt.   In Milo's waterpark is het motto splash plezier en snelheid! De sensatievan het seizoen is een waterglijbaan die in een handomdraai naar wens kan worden veranderd. Het is belangrijk om de kleurrijke delen van de glijbaan z¢ te schuiven dat knikker Milo er elegant doorheen kan suizen. Een goed overzicht en een vaste hand zijn hierbij onmisbaar. De moeilijkheidsgraad van de 60 opdrachtkaarten stijgt per ronde. Wie lukt het ze allemaal op te lossen?   ..
  • Bequest
    I, Dr. Schism, being of sinister mind and not-bad body, leave one bequest to my underlings. The gift of petty conflict!   In Bequest, players will strategically split Dr. Schism’s fortune with their villainous neighbors! Each player draws five Asset cards, and splits them into two piles for the player on your right, who will choose one to keep, leaving you the other, while you do the same with the piles split by the player on your left. Once everyone has chosen, you’ll collect your spoils, and soon another round will begin, this time going in the other direction!   With a variety of different Asset types to collect, you’ll be keeping a close eye on your neighbors to figure out what they’re looking for, and how badly they need it. You’ll collect matching gadgets..
    38,80€ 48,50€
  • Rise
    In Rise, you assume responsibility for the economic and social development of a city. There are not many limits to your possibilities: On various tracks, you can influence how best to provide for your citizens' well-being, whether through culture, science, or political relations — but all of this can be achieved only in accordance with respect for conservation of the environment and the satisfaction of the population.   The game revolves around ten tracks on which you move your markers to gain further effects and gather influence. The unique and innovative card mechanism, which includes events and tough decisions, will change your decision making from round to round.   Once twelve rounds have been played, players count their points to see who was able to accumu..
    42,00€ 52,50€
  • Time of Empires
    In Time of Empires, take charge of a civilization and lead it through the ages from antiquity through the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution to modern times.   Each epoch spans a preparation phase, an action phase, and a scoring phase. Other players have accepted the same charge you have and will be grappling with life through the action phase simultaneously with you in real time. Your two 30-second sand timers will trigger your actions — expanding your territory, building wonders, and discovering new technologies — while a soundtrack keeps the tempo of history. You probably won't be able to look everywhere at the same time, so try to ensure that you don't overlook a potential attack because you're too busy helping to complete a wonder!   https://youtu.b..
    60,00€ 75,00€
  • Eternal Palace
    In Eternal Palace, you are a noble family who has pledged to help the Emperor rebuild his palace left derelict for centuries so that you may gain his favor. You must send your team to collect resources and rebuild monuments. You will also honor the Emperor by painting a beautiful picture of his beloved gardens and palace — but others are trying to impress him, too, and only one will have the honor of being chosen as the Emperor's favorite.   In this game, your team of workers is represented by dice, and by placing them on the game board you contribute towards rebuilding the different parts of the Eternal Palace. Each location is reached based on dice rolls, but if others have gone to an otherwise inaccessible location, you may visit it too by paying fish, one of the resourc..
    36,00€ 62,00€
  • Caverna: Frantic Fiends
    Orcs are ravaging the lands and threatening your caves and families! Can you defeat the ravaging orcs and bring back peace and prosperity to your people?   In Caverna: Frantic Fiends, the second large expansion for Uwe Rosenberg's Caverna: The Cave Farmers, you have to face these hostile plunderers. Luckily, you can either use your proven axes to teach them a lesson or build traps to keep them away from the cave entrances altogether. You can even push them into these traps with stone or bribe them with wood to weaken their strength. Defeating orcs will bring precious rewards, but if you fail to drive them off, all your plans might be in jeopardy. ..
    31,20€ 39,00€
  • Zombicide (2nd Edition): Fort Hendrix
    This military-themed expansion features not only the same Campaign Mode and Advanced Rules seen in Washington Z.C., but also a slew of new additions like a special Military Equipment deck, new regular Equipment and Pimpweapons to replace the core ones, military base tiles, veteran survivors, and, of course, zombie soldiers! All this comes to life in a brand new 10-mission campaign set in Fort Hendrix, a military base where mysterious experiments were being conducted in relation to the zombie infection. ..
    46,80€ 58,50€
  • Basilica
    Basilica is an area control tile-laying game for two players set in medieval Florence offering heavy player interaction and easy-to-learn rules.   In this game, players take on the roles of competing architects overseeing the construction of a magnificent cathedral. Each turn, they place tiles to enlarge the cathedral and create areas of a single color while placing builder pawns to gain advantages and control areas. In addition, players execute orders to move or remove builders, increase abilities, block spaces, or tear down previously built cathedral parts. There are four tile colors in the game. Players' goals are to create the largest possible areas representing a single color and to have more pawns in these areas than their opponent.   Basilica designed by..
    28,40€ 35,50€
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