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  • Birdwatcher
    Birdwatcher is a fast, competitive game in which players are rival wildlife photographers on a hunt to snap photos of the elusive and illustrious birds of paradise.   Each player has three actions on their turn, with which they can call birds to their tree from the central clearing and jungle, snap photos of birds in their tree, or run into the jungle to flush new birds to the clearing. Players can also use their actions to set up a zoom lens to capture a bird from another player's tree, or to publish a paper. Photos and publications are assembled from left to right in a player's photo journal where they will score points at game's end. ..
  • Preorder - Challengers! (verwacht november 2022)
    Challengers! is an interactive deck-management game for 1-8 players that plays in about 45 minutes independent of player count. With the tournament gameplay style, you meet another opponent every round.   In the Deck Phase, you choose new members and add them to your deck, which might consist of a wizard, alien, cat, gangster and kraken. 75 distinct characters with more than 40 exciting effects create a unique experience every game. Choose from six different sets and discover new strategies and synergies every game.   In the Match Phase, stay in flag possession to win the trophy of that round. Try to get the most fans and trophies over the course of seven rounds to be able to qualify for the final. If you can best your opponent in the final, you win Challengers..
  • Preorder - Swindler (verwacht Q4 2022)
    Life in London isn't easy. The city is run by moneybags, though, and now it's time to seize opportunities as swindlers and cutpurses to claim your share of their wealth.   Swindler combines press-your-luck with take-that mechanisms for a fun and thematic game set in Victorian London. Each round, players must steal from one of the five moneybags, drawing tokens from the chosen bag. Each bag is filled with coins, jewelry, and other loot — but each bag also contains at least one skull! If you draw a skull, you've pressed your luck too far and got caught in the act. Not only will you lose the loot you stole that round, you also lose everything you stole from the same bag in previous rounds. The moneybag not only found your hand in their pocket, but they also recognized the smal..
  • Cartographers Map Pack 6: Hornhelm – Wasteland Market
    Deep in the barren wastes lies the famed Saurian market at Hornhelm, where merchants from across Ulos gather to hawk their wares. On display are fine fabrics, aromatic spices, and a variety of impressively crafted goods. Of particular interest to you are the merchants selling specialized gear that can increase the speed of your labour and the accuracy of your maps. Improve your tradecraft by equipping yourself with items from the wasteland market.   Cartographers: Map Pack 6, Hornhelm can be played with either Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or Cartographers Heroes.   It includes 150 double-sided new map sheets featuring a market to purchase items and 6 merchant cards, a new card type specifically for use with this map pack. Players receive two sheets - one o..
  • Preorder - That Old Wallpaper (verwacht november 2022)
    In That Old Wallpaper, you attempt to recover the wall of a house with wallpaper, matching as many patterns as you can.   In the game, a number of locations are available where wallpaper cards will come up for grabs. Each turn, players simultaneously choose a location, and if they're the only one to pick a location, they get the card or cards in that location. If you choose the same location as someone else, each of you receives a "hazy memory" card that features a wallpaper pattern along only one edge instead of along all four edges.   When you receive regular wallpaper cards, you must add them to your other played cards immediately, ideally matching the pattern halves to create a complete pattern. Patterns come in four colors, with each color having two sizes..
  • Preorder -  Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (verwacht november 2022)
    Step off the stagecoach and into the cursed mining town of Tumbleweed in Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Will you find fortune mining the mysterious mountain — or awaken its many dangers? Each turn, resources spill down the mountain, with you trying to collect those resources to upgrade your mining operation to score more points. Each round features twist-of-fate cards that mess with the environment through dangers like landslides and dynamite. ..
  • Preorder -  Meadow: Downstream (EN) (verwacht november 2022)
    Meadow: Downstream is an expansion for Meadow inspired by the fascinating nature of aquatic environments. Start a new journey to observe flora, fauna and landscapes connected with rivers, streams and lakes. Go kayaking down the river and compete with others on the new fields of exploration.   Meadow: Downstream includes over 80 new cards depicting wildlife living in an aquatic environment and a new thematic envelope to discover. Kayaking mechanism allows players to score extra points for progressing down the river. Adjust the level of competition with two-sided river board. Choose between a fast stream and calm river to explore two faces of nature. ..
  • Boonanza: het Dobbelspel
    Deze dobbelsteenversie van Boonanza maakt naast de dobbelstenen gebruik van oogstkaarten. Elke oogstkaart heeft 5 verschillende opdrachten, die uit bonencombinaties bestaan. Zodra je de onderste combinatie van de oogstkaart met de dobbelstenen hebt gevormd, heb je ook een opdracht voltooid en stijgt je oogstkaart in waarde. Bij drie combinaties geeft de oogstkaart je één dukaat. Bij alle combinaties krijg je drie dukaten.   Na elke dobbelsteenworp leg je één of meer dobbelstenen apart. Als de vijfde dobbelsteen apart is gelegd, wordt de beurt doorgegeven. Maar pas op: alle andere spelers mogen van jouw dobbelstenen meeprofiteren. Zodra iemand direct na een worp met de dobbelstenen een eigen combinatie kan vormen, mag deze tegenspeler dit op de eigen oogstkaart aangeven...
  • De Zoektocht naar El Dorado: Gevaren en Muisca
      Nieuwe avonturen in de Zoektocht naar El Dorado! Deze uitbreiding introduceert de nieuwe modules “Gevaren” en “Muisca”. De Muisca is een mysterieuze stam, die jou wil helpen de stad van goud te vinden. “Gevaren” brengt nieuwe uitdagingen met zich mee, zoals krokodillen, stroomversnellingen en tempels met sleutels tot de Stad van Goud. Combineer met nieuwe grotfiches voor nog meer variatie!     De Zoektocht naar El Dorado: Gevaren en Muisca is een nieuwe uitbreiding die uit twee modules bestaat. De module “Gevaren” introduceert nieuwe terreintegels. Deze tegels zijn bezaaid met gevarenzones, waarop het niet is toegestaan om je beurt te beëindigen. Ook bevat deze module de nieuwe terreinsoort moerassen, waar je wegens krokodillen alleen voorzichtig en kaar..
  • Tiny Turbo Cars
    Tiny Turbo Cars is a frantic race game for 2 to 4 players in which you program the movements of your tiny toy car in advance, with a sliding puzzle acting as your remote controller.   Choose your car, grab your remote controller, create the track, and get ready to race! At the beginning of each round, players have to work their way through their sliding puzzle controllers simultaneously, trying to create the sequence of actions they want their car to perform during the round.   Each symbol on the puzzle corresponds to one of the possible actions — but only the two middle rows of commands on your controllers will be applied, so there's room for maneuvers, but be quick! The first player to put down their controller will be the first to move their car during the r..
  • A Walk in the Park
    Come take a walk through Sydney’s famous Royal Botanic Garden, in this little sister game to "The Gardens"! Follow the paths through the gardens and see how many statues, ponds and ibises you can see – possibly scoring points for each! Catch a glimpse of a famous Sydney landmark for extra ways to score and to gain special abilities. Once a player has seen 6 landmarks, or 6 ibises have landed on the grass, the game will end.   A Walk in the Park is a stroll-and-write game. Each turn, a die will be rolled to show players what feature they must draw in their park. Players will race to different sightseeing spots while trying to find the best way to explore the parklands. The player with the most points (depending on which scoring methods they have unlocked) will win! ..
  • For Sale Autorama
    For Sale Autorama is a quick, fun game about buying and selling vehicles: cars, motorcycles, RVs, semi-trucks, etc. During the game's three distinct phases, players first bid to hire advisors, with those advisors then assisting them in the other two phases of the game, when the players purchase several vehicles, then attempt to sell them for the greatest profit possible. ..
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