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  • Palm Island (FR)
      Opgelet: dit is de Franse versie van Palm Island. Het spel is licht taalafhankelijk: de kaarten hebben een benaming die in deze versie in het Frans is vertaald. De taal speelt echter geen rol in de gameplay zelf.      Palm Island is a portable game that you can take with you anywhere. Sitting, standing, waiting, riding, flying, relaxing, alone, or together you can play Palm Island no table required.   Using a deck transforming mechanic a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. Store resources to pay for upgrades and upgrade buildings to access new abilities. Each decision you make will alter your village from round to round. At the end of 8 rounds calculate your victory points. ..
  • Magic Maze: Hidden Roles
    Magic Maze: Hidden Roles presents a new challenge when your group of adventurers is trying to grab the right items and exit the maze. Turns out that one or more of you might not actually be interested in leaving. Yes, you have a traitor in your midst, someone who is trying to thwart the team from exiting — but if they get called out during the game, then someone else gets to claim their action and take charge of it, so they'll need to be sneaky in order to keep the clock running and let the team fail.   Hidden Roles also includes challenge cards that players might acquire before or during play: visit this location, claim that object. Can you make others help you achieve your hidden goal?   Note from publisher: These expansions don't work with fewer than 3 playe..
  • Chakra
    Breathe deeply… Let the whisper of thought come to your ear… Harmonize your chakras and let go so that the negative energies will disappear. Meditate on your strategy and let your feelings guide you towards victory!   In Chakra, each player has a board that shows the seven chakras they must fill with gems that represent the energy flowing in their body. To score points, a player must harmonize each of their chakras in the best possible way. To do so, they must take the gems and place three of them of the corresponding color in each of the chakras. During a turn, each player (who starts the game with several inspiration tokens) chooses one of the three following actions:   Take up to three gems from one column and place them on top of their individual board — or..
  • Noctiluca
    On the warmest nights of the year, the otherwise quiet waters are filled with shimmering lights as the dormant noctiluca awaken. Renowned for their restorative properties, the noctiluca are desired by many dealers. Only the most skilled divers can navigate the waters to collect these mysterious glowing creatures and deliver them to healers across the land. Can you catch the embers of the sea?   In Noctiluca, 104 colorful translucent dice fill the pool on the game board to represent the different glowing noctiluca. Players take turns diving into the water from the edges of the shore to collect the noctiluca dice from the board and keep them safely in jars until they can deliver them to healers. After two rounds, players compare points from their successful deliveries and the..
  • Little Town
    In Little Town Builders, you lead a team of architects and must dispatch workers to the town, collect resources and money, build buildings, and develop this little town.   In the game, which lasts four rounds, you can acquire resources such as wood, stones, fish, and wheat from the surrounding squares by putting workers on the board, with three workers being placed each round. When you place a worker, you acquire the resources available in all eight surrounding spaces. You can build buildings by using these resources, and you — or any other player — can gain the effect of the building when place a worker next to it; if you place next to a building owned by another, however, you must pay them a coin before you can collect those resources.   Players collect victo..
  • Berenpark: De Grizzly's zijn los!
    Spectaculaire uitbreiding op Berenpark. Bevat 2 met elkaar te combineren modulen: met “De grizzly’s” komen extra grote gebieden in het spel, terwijl “De monorail” je de mogelijkheid geeft om je bezoekers met een monorail door het park te leiden. Extra opdrachten maken het feest compleet!   ..
  • LAMA
    Vlot kaartspel. Het motto van L.A.M.A.: Leg Alle Minpunten Af. Leg steeds een kaart af, anders krijg je er minpuntenfiches voor. Lukt het je om al je kaarten kwijt te raken, dan mag je een fiche teruggeven. En dat mag er één van waarde 1 of van waarde 10 zijn. Wie heeft aan het einde de minste minpunten?   ..
  • Ticket to Ride: London
    Welkom in het Londen uit de jaren 70 met Ticket to Ride London! Ontdek de mode- en muziekhoofdstad van de wereld door aan boord te springen van de beroemde dubbeldekker bus en bezoek historische locaties zoals Buckingham Palace, het British Museum en de Big Ben…   Ticket to Ride London is een snelle, stand-alone variant van de populaire bordspellenserie Ticket to Ride. Spelers racen tegen elkaar om de belangrijkste buslijnen in de stad te claimen en hun bestemmingskaarten te behalen. Daarnaast kun je bij Ticket to Ride London extra punten verdienen door districten te voltooien: hiervoor dien je alle locaties van een district aan elkaar te verbinden.   Ticket to Ride London is snel te leren en daarmee zowel leuk voor beginnende als gevorderde spelers.  ..
  • Pandemic: Rapid Response (NL)
    Disaster has struck! Cities around the world are in desperate need of food, water, vaccines, and other supplies. You and your team belong to the Crisis Response Unit (CRU), an elite team of doctors and specialists. With a specially equipped plane, you are uniquely capable of providing life-saving aid — anytime, anywhere.   Pandemic: Rapid Response is a race against time. Roll dice to create supplies, fly the plane, and make deliveries to cities in need. As the timer counts down, you must quickly coordinate and work together to react to new disasters. Will you and your team be able to respond in time?   The nations of the world have pooled their resources and assembled a diverse crew. Each of the seven unique role cards features its own ability. The Analyst, Adj..
  • Realm of Sand
    The Realm of Sand, the mirror of the material world and the source of magic in Ragusa, has started dying. After thousands of years of overuse, the magic has begun to dissipate. With the realm in peril, time bends and reality shifts uncontrollably in the physical world.   The Queen of Ragusa has embarked on a journey to the Realm of Sand to save her home. While she travels the plane awaking the power of the glyphs, you as a royal magician must act quickly to assemble those glyphs and stabilize the magic to reconstruct the realm of sands. Who will help the queen save Ragusa and become hero of the Realm of Sand? ..
  • Imperial Settlers - Roll and Write
    Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is a standalone game set in the universe of Imperial Settlers and Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. The game is heavily focused on engine building! Constructing buildings grants you a special bonus, and with each passing turn the game offers you more choices as your empire gains momentum.   Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write has two game modes. The standard mode is a 2-4 player competitive challenge in which you try to gain more points than your opponents. The adventure mode for a single player offers 48 unique game sheets. Each sheet presents unique challenges and gameplay as players have different buildings at the start. Tweak your engine and get as many points as you can! Grab your pencil, roll your dice, and create the most pr..
  • Gingerbread House (NL)
    Bouw in dit tactische legspel je huis uit, maar bescherm het tegen hongerige sprookjesfiguren. Leg elke beurt een tegel, waarmee je acties activeert, zoals peperkoeken bakken en sprookjesfiguren lokken. Bouwlagen afmaken en sprookjesfiguren vangen, leveren punten op. Ben jij de handigste heks van het sprookjesbos? ..
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