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  • Fireworks
    A group of seven cats have been training very hard to master their profession – shooting the best fireworks in the world. Although rookies, they hope to one day become as expert as their master. After so many years, the day is coming... Every turn, players use the Fireworks Barrel to launch the Fireworks Die into the Starry Sky Box. If the knocked Fireworks Tiles land face up, the player takes a number of them according to the die, placing them on their Player Board to score points. Whoever scores the most points wins. ..
  • Preorder - De Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg (NL) (19 oktober 2018)
    Eenmaal per jaar komen in Kakelenburg de beste wonderdoktoren en beunhazen samen om drankjes tegen zweetvoeten, heimwee, de hik en liefdesverdriet te brouwen. Iedere kwakzalver kookt hier echter zijn eigen soep. Iedere speler trekt zolang ingrediënten uit zijn eigen, in de loop van het spel zelf samengestelde, voorraadbuidel totdat hij denkt dat zijn drank perfect is. Maar pas op: een paar knalerwten en de hele drank ontploft. Het is dus beter om op tijd te stoppen en een kleinere portie te koken om zo met de opbrengst ervan kostbare ingrediënten aan te schaffen. Zo vult de voorraadbuidel zich met steeds meer nuttige ingrediënten, waardoor de volgende drank wellicht nog beter wordt en meer punten oplevert. In dit spel met meer dan 2000 combinatiemogelijkheden wordt het beproefde deckbui..
  • Spring Meadow (NL)
    The first delicate flowers herald the end of a harsh winter. The sun shines longer day by day and pushes the snow back. Lush meadows bloom, and curious marmots slowly awaken from hibernation. Finally, spring is coming into the mountains — the perfect time for a hike. Choose your route carefully, watch out for the burrows of the marmots, and pack enough snacks. Your chances to earn an edelweiss hiking pin are rather low if you sit hungry in the snow.   Spring Meadow is the grand finale of Uwe Rosenberg's puzzle trilogy following 2016's Cottage Garden and 2017's Indian Summer. The complexity of this game — the most interactive of the trilogy — is set in between those two games, and fans of the trilogy will find familiar elements combined in an innovative way.   P..
  • Megaland
    Are you ready to run? Push your luck in the video game world of Megaland to fight monsters (and bunnies) and collect coins! At the start of each round, each player places their character on the level tile, then draws one treasure and places it above their character board. Once everyone does this, draw the topmost level card to see whether players suffer damage from the monster on it. Players can then decide whether to leave the round and bank their treasures, or whether to press on; if they go on, they draw another treasure card, then reveal the next level card. If you take total damage equal to your number of hearts, you fail and are out of the round, losing any treasure that you had. Once everyone has left the round, whether by being knocked out or by passing and ban..
  • Muse (NL)
    Het meest creatieve partyspel ooit!   In dit toegankelijke partyspel probeer je als team op basis van de aanwijzing van je "muze" de juiste kaart te kiezen. Omdat de muze de te kiezen kaart en een inspiratiekaart van een ander team krijgt, is dat nooit eenvoudig. De inspiratiekaart geeft aan hoe de muze zijn aanwijzing mag geven. Lukt het jouw team om de juiste kaart aan te wijzen? Dan krijgen jullie de kaart. Zo niet, dan wint het andere team de kaart. Welk team wint er als eerste 5?   Muse is een indrukwekkend partyspel. De kaarten zijn prachtig en met veel oog voor detail geïllustreerd. Ideaal als je met veel mensen bent!   Inhoud: 84 grote meesterwerkkaarten 32 inspiratiekaarten 1 extra spelregelskaart De spelregels   ..
  • The Climbers (NL)
    Tactisch driedimensionaal spel. In dit eenvoudig te leren tactische spel probeer je als eerste het hoogste punt te bereiken. De 35 gekleurde houten blokken van verschillend formaat worden willekeurig neergezet, waardoor elk spel anders is. Je mag echter uitsluitend op blokken van je eigen kleur en neutrale blokken klimmen.  Ladders en blokkeerstenen kunnen gebruikt worden om moeilijke situaties te overwinnen, maar kunnen per spel slechts één keer worden ingezet. Klim jij het hoogst? De klimmers is geschikt voor zowel beginnende als gevorderde spelers. De handleiding bevat verschillende variaties voor nog meer uitdaging! ..
  • My Little Scythe
    My Little Scythe is a competitive, family-friendly game in which each player controls 2 animal miniatures embarking upon an adventure in the Kingdom of Pomme. In an effort to be the first to earn 4 trophies from 8 possible categories, players take turns choosing to Move, Seek, or Make. These actions will allow players to increase their friendship and pies, power up their actions, complete quests, learn magic spells, deliver gems and apples to Castle Everfree, and perhaps even engage in a pie fight. Some of My Little Scythe’s mechanisms are inspired by the bestselling game, Scythe. It caught the eye of Stonemaier Games as a fan-created print-and-play game in 2017 (it went on to win the BoardGameGeek 2017 award for best print-and-play game).
    41,00€ 43,50€
  • High Society
    In Reiner Knizia's High Society, players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth (positive-number and multiplier cards) while avoiding its pitfalls (negative number and divisor cards). While bidding, though, keep an eye on your remaining cash - at the end of the game, even though all those positive-number cards might add up to a win, the player with the least money isn't even considered for victory.   ..
  • Azul (EN)
    Introduced by the Moors, azulejos (originally white and blue ceramic tiles) were fully embraced by the Portuguese when their king Manuel I, on a visit to the Alhambra palace in Southern Spain, was mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the Moorish decorative tiles. The king, awestruck by the interior beauty of the Alhambra, immediately ordered that his own palace in Portugal be decorated with similar wall tiles. As a tile-laying artist, you have been challenged to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora. In the game Azul, players take turns drafting colored tiles from suppliers to their player board. Later in the round, players score points based on how they've placed their tiles to decorate the palace. Extra points are scored for specific patterns and completi..
  • Spy Club
    "We could start a Spy Club," suggested Beatrice. "You know — search for clues and try to find mysteries to solve!"   In Spy Club, players work together as young detectives to solve neighborhood mysteries. It includes a replayable campaign format, with variable unlocking content, for playing a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story. Throughout the campaign, you'll unlock new modules with additional rules and story elements. With 40 new modules and 174 cards in the campaign deck, you can reset everything and play multiple campaigns — with a different story and gameplay experience emerging each time.   In the standard game, each player has double-sided clue cards in front of them. On your turn, you use actions to flip, draw, and trade clue car..
  • Fruit Ninja: Combo Party
    Fruit Ninja: Combo Party is a 3 to 6 player game mixing drafting, push your luck and dexterity!   Each turn is composed of two phases:   Fruit Phase: All players chose a single fruit from their deck. All cards are revealed at the same time. If at least two players have the same fruit, the first one to grab the central totem get a reward card! Scoring Phase: Player have to decide if they want to keep growing their current combo, pushing their luck to score more, or if they want to score immediately and start a new combo. The bigger the combo, the more rewards! At the end of the turn, people pass their decks to the person on their left!   ..
  • Startups
    There are six companies that will change the world as we know it! You can be part of their success and be a investor. Try to become rich by making the right decisions!   Only the one biggest investor can get money out of each company. You must try to read the next steps of your rivals and use your capital and your three hidden cards to win against them and become the biggest shareholder!   You have to be lucky in this game but you must also think about your moves and analyze your rivals! You can play this card game with only a few players but also with many! ..
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