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  • 1 Nacht Weerwolven en Waaghalzen: Dageraad
    1 Nacht Weerwolven & Waaghalzen: Dageraad is een zelfstandig spel dat ook te combineren is met 1 Nacht Weerwolven & Waaghalzen **** Geen spelleider! Geen eliminaties! Geen dorpelingen! Een spel van 10 minuten dat telkens naar meer smaakt. 1 Nacht Weerwolven & Waaghalzen Dageraad is een snel spel voor 3-7 spelers (of tot 10 als het wordt gecombineerd met 1 Nacht Weerwolven & Waaghalzen) waarin iedereen een rol krijgt. De sluwe Alpha Wolf, de machtige Heks, de behulpzame Leerlingziener of een andere rol. Iedereen heeft een bijzonder talent (geen gewone ‘Dorpelingen’ hier!). Tijdens een enkele ochtend zal jouw dorp beslissen wie de wolf in schaapskleding is….Want je hoeft maar één Weerwolf te vinden om te winnen! Dageraad voegt 11 volledig nieuwe rollen toe..
  • 4 Gods
    Four Gods is a real-time tile-laying game in which players create a world — one tile at a time — before laying claim to one of the four gods of their world and attempting to win followers by sending prophets into that world. In more detail, players sit outside of a cardboard frame that represents the limits of the world. Each player starts with two randomly-drawn tiles in hand, with each double-sided tile depicting 1-3 types of landscape out of the four types present in the world. When play begins, each player simultaneously starts laying tiles into the frame; each tile must be adjacent to two sides to be placed, so initially tiles can be placed only in the corners of the frames, with players building inward from there. Players can place tiles anywhere that they can legally..
  • 7ATE9
    Chaotisch kaartspel, waarbij snel gerekend en gereageerd moet worden Je krijgt een gedekte stapel kaarten en probeert die zo snel mogelijk kwijt te raken. Er ligt 1 kaart open op tafel. Daar staat een groot getal en een klein getal met een plusminteken op. De volgende kaart die gespeeld moet worden is het grote getal plus of min het kleine getal. Daarbij wordt "om een hoekje" geteld. Zo is 9+2 bijvoorbeeld 1, en 3 - 4 = 9. Iedere speler mag nu één voor één en met maar 1 hand kaarten van zijn stapel trekken en eventueel spelen. Maar doe dat snel, want als een ander je voor is, ontstaat er weer een nieuwe som! Wie nog maar 1 kaart overheeft, mag deze gedekt op de stapel leggen en wint het spel! 7ATE9 is een gezellig en spectaculair kaartspel. Voor jonge kinderen heeft het rekene..
  • Age of Steam
    AGE OF STEAM *Het beste treinspel dat ooit gemaakt is!* Hier is het origineel – de klassieke versie – terug van weggeweest en sterker dan ooit! Stoomuitbrakende ijzeren rossen bulderen over berg en dal in deze nieuwste uitgave van de winnaar van de International Gamers Award 2003, AGE OF STEAM. Herbeleef het tijdperk van pionierende spoorwegmaatschappijen in de VS, het tijdperk dat verantwoordelijk was voor een volledige ommekeer in de Amerikaanse economie. De intense actie speelt zich af in het industriële zenuwcentrum van de snelgroeiende natie – Pittsburg, Detroit, Chicago en Wheeling. Sinds AGE OF STEAM werd uitgebracht in 2002 is het spel het hoogst gerangschikte treinspel in de BoardGameGeek lijst van bijna 5.000 spellen. AGE OF STEAM staat momenteel op nummer 11 in de..
  • Age of Thieves
    Age of Thieves is a fantasy board game of strategy and adventure set in Hadria, a port metropolis located on the northern fringes of a mighty Empire. Each player becomes a master thief about to commit the most daring burglary of his career. During the game players may use unique abilities of their thieves as well as various action cards, which represent maneuvers, alchemical potions or complicated devices inspired by visionary ideas of Renaissance inventors. The players choose cards to play and then use available Action Points to plan the order of their activities. This makes the game very dynamic, with each resolved action dramatically influencing the turn. The players’ order changes dynamically depending on the number of Action Points placed on each chosen card. The goal of t..
  • Agra
    Agra, India: The year is 1572; this year marks the 30th birthday of Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad, popularly known as Akbar the Great. Akbar is the third ruler of India's Mughal dynasty, having succeeded his father, Humayun. With the guidance of his regent, Bairam Khan, Akbar has expanded and consolidated India's Mughal domains. Using his strong personality and skill as a general, Akbar has enlarged his Empire to include nearly all of the Indian subcontinent north of the Godavari River; his presence is felt across the entire country due to the Mughals' military, political, cultural, and economic dominance. To unify the vast Mughal state, Akbar has established a centralized system of administration; conquered rulers are conciliated through marriage and diplomacy. Akbar has preserv..
  • Agricola: De Lage Landen
    Speciale set met 168 nieuwe kaarten, die in combinatie met het basisspel kunnen worden gebruiken. De kaarten tonen specifieke ambachten en kleine investeringen uit Nederland en Vlaanderen. Het X-deck is een niet al te serieus deck met als thema de invasie van buitenaardse wezens. Verder bevat de doos goederenminiaturen ter vervanging van de goederenfiches uit het basisspel. Als klap op de vuurpijl zit de kleine uitbreiding Seizoenen in de doos. Deze simuleert de specifieke uitdagingen die bij de verschillende jaargetijden horen. ..
  • Agricola: Farmers of the Moor
    Agricola: Farmers of the Moor is the first big expansion for Agricola. This expansion adds to the base game with a large set of new improvements, and adds a number of new features. Horses are introduced as a new type of animal. In addition, you not only have to feed your family, but you must keep them from becoming "ill" by heating each room in your house. You can get fuel to heat your home by chopping down the forests on your farmyard, or by harvesting peat. Agricola: Farmers of the Moor was released at Essen 2009. Part I, Gameplay Runthrough (35 minutes); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZWU-bpk5wg Part II, Extended gameplay (47 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRcs9AExM1U Part III, Final Thoughts (8 minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvB0UGTSp..
  • Ali Baba
    Open sesame! Before Ali Baba's amazed eyes, the sealed mouth of the cave magically opens. The cave is filled with treasures: golden statues, chests with coins, shiny swords, and necklaces with precious marbles. An enormous pile of treasures almost reaches the roof of the cave. Ali Baba doesn't hesitate and starts gathering treasures... In Ali Baba, you want to collect treasures from the cave of the forty thieves. Each turn you take one of of the open tiles on the game board. After taking a tile, some new tiles can become available. The background color of each tile corresponds with a special effect, and you can use these effects to outsmart your opponents! The more treasures of the same kind you have at the end of the game, the more points you score. Become the most wealthy pla..
  • Altiplano (EN)
    Altiplano, a bag-building game along the lines of Orléans set in the South American highlands of the Andes — the Altiplano — is not a simple game, presenting players with new challenges time and again. There are various ways to reach the goal, so the game remains appealing to try out new options and strategies, but success or failure also depends on whether your opponents let you do as you like or thwart the strategy you are pursuing. The competition for the individual types of goods is considerable — as is the fun in snatching a coveted extension card from under another player's nose! Aside from building up an effective production, you must deliver the right goods at the right time, develop the road in good time, and store your goods cleverly enough to fill the most valua..
  • Android: Netrunner - Creation and Control (Deluxe Expansion)
    Who will write the future? Creation and Control pits a new wave of enigmatic Shapers against the latest and greatest of Haas-Bioroid's developments in artificial intelligence, efficiency, and security. The first deluxe expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game, Creation and Control introduces 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards) that will instigate dramatic new strategies and high-stakes battles for the control of valuable files and the futures outlined within them. Creation and Control focuses on the struggles between the executives at Haas-Bioroid and those Shapers who are driven to tinker with their programs and hardware by an almost-religious compulsion, but fans of every Android: Netrunner faction will find plenty of great uses for their influen..
  • Android: Netrunner - Opening Moves (Spin Cycle)
    "Corporate executives have launched an internal investigation of the alleged use of illicit security software, known as ice, by several reckless and disgruntled former employees…" –NBN Live at 5 Just how dark can a corporation become before it suffers the backlash? Opening Moves kicks off "Spin Cycle", the second cycle of Data Packs for Android: Netrunner - The Card Game, with a focus on bad publicity, good PR, and daring new gambits for players to undertake in their continued cyberstruggles. Its sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) allow Corps and Runners to explore a wide range of innovative, new (and sometimes dirty) tactics as they battle for the control of highly valuable data! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rgmjuiw8KM     ..