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  • Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove
    A deplorable tabletop game devoid of joy, hope, or humor; which, regrettably, is also far more awesome than it has any right to be.   In Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove, players take turns choosing to move around the board, playing options to either help their orphan survive, or make their opponent's orphan suffer.   When an orphan either runs out of options, or in an act of desperation, reveals the boogeyman, the boogeyman takes the orphan.   When all but one orphan are taken by the boogeyman, the game ends, and the last orphan to survive is the winner.   The Endangered Orphans set includes:   Condyle Cove Core Game Boogeyman Solo Play Figure Fourth Player Expansion Last Winter Expansion The..
    8,00€ 28,00€
  • Remnants
    Remnants takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Each player builds a compound and fights to survive raiders and mutant creatures. The game is played in five phases: Scavenge, Build, Fight, Heal, and Clean-up. In the Scavenge phase, you send survivors into the Badlands to roll dice in a real-time race for resources. In the Build phase, you take turns spending those resources to buy weapon, defense, and special development cards that enhance your compound. When threats attack, you roll dice and use abilities from cards you purchased to survive. You'll fight a Level 1 threat, followed by a Level 2 threat, then finally face down the Raider Boss.   After the final attack, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins. Victory points can be scored from developm..
    6,00€ 36,00€
  • SeaFall
    SeaFall is a 4X-inspired game (without player elimination/extermination) set in an "age of sail" world reminiscent of our world.   In SeaFall, the world is starting to claw its way out of a dark age and has begun to rediscover seafaring technology. Players take on the role of a mainland empire that consults with a consortium of advisors to discover new islands, explore those islands, develop trade, send out raiding parties, take part in ship-to-ship combat, and more. As in Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, co-designed by Rob Daviau, SeaFall evolves as the game is played, setting their grudges into the history of the game and building a different narrative at every table as players open up the world. ..
    12,00€ 75,00€
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – A Shadow in the East
    The power of Mordor stretches across Middle-earth, darkening the hearts of all who fall under its shadow and threatening the peaceful lands beyond its borders. Only the bravest warriors can stand against the spread of evil when a band of desperate Dorwinions come to ask for aid. Your team of heroes will embark on a dangerous journey into darkness that takes you down the River Running to the capital city of Dorwinion, and further into the Hills of Rhûn. There is no telling what horrors await you just beyond the borders of Mordor.   Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce A Shadow in the East, the eighth deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game   ..
  • Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles Removable Sticker Set
    A replacement sticker set for the Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles board game expansion. Featuring pre-cut removable vinyl stickers with non-transferring adhesive that can be used to reset, replay, and resell the game. Includes stickers for all locations, achievements, and enhancements, plus a replacement seal for the character box.   Contents   2 pre-cut vinyl sticker sheets (46 stickers). 1 cardboard folder featuring campaign trackers. ..
  • Catacombs Conquest
    Catacombs Conquest is a standalone, introductory title to get players acquainted with the Catacombs world and its dexterity game system. Gameplay is driven by an innovative combination of cards and dexterity action.   ..
  • First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
    Built on the core of the award-winning Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet pits players against the hostile Martian environment and a whole host of new adventures and challenges. The immersion experience is further enhanced with an integrated app that maintains the balance and challenge throughout. Players have the option of taking on the design as a series of separate games, in a custom campaign mode in which each successive game builds on the last. ..
    29,00€ 70,00€
  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Spider-Man Homecoming
    Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game takes its first steps into the MCU with Legendary: Spider-Man Homecoming. Play through the movie story line using Peter Parker and friends, including Tony Stark, in their cinematic setting as they battle the scavenger Vulture and his crew.   The 14th expansion to the popular Legendary game brings 100 cards with images straight from the movie!   5 new Heroes 2 new Double Sided Masterminds 2 new Villain Groups 4 new Schemes   Returning and all new game mechanics, PLUS the fan-favorite Coordinate migrating over from Legendary Encounters.   ..
    6,50€ 20,50€
  • Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition): Expansion Pack 1 – Stepping Forward
    The first Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features ​4 new characters (3 heroes and 1 heroic civilians), who ​are stepping forward, ready to ​confront the Zeds.     ..
  • Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition): Expansion Pack 2 – New Player Blues Expansion
    The second Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features ​​13 new Outbreak! (blue) Level Event and Fate cards, ​broadening the narrative and gameplay excitement. Zeds are learning to move in new and unexpected ways, catching the citizens of Farmingdale unaware and, at times, unprepared.  In addition, a new hero has arrived. No one knows what “Bouncing” Betty Bolivar is fighting for, but what they do know is the single-minded ​destruction she is capable of.   ..
  • Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition): Expansion Pack 3 – Rumors and Rails
    The third Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features two new game systems. In the first, Refugees are more helpful than ever ​as they bring ​with them Rumors about incredibl​y useful​ items ​for​ the ongoing battle​.​ ​All 16 ​Rumor chits provide heroes with special goodies or abilities ​when discovered. ​ The second game system features two trains operating ​from​ ​the town's rail junction, providing​ heroes with new modes of transportation​ and unique strategic pieces on the chessboard at the Battle for Farmingdale​. ..
  • Knights
    In the year of grace 1012 in the lands of the good King Louilepou, three brothers dream of belonging to the order of the knights of the monarchy, knights without fear and without reproach who are capable of traveling crazy distances, of killing the most dangerous of thieves, and of defending brave peasants. One of these three brothers is you, but the road to becoming a knight is extremely long!   In Knights, you have to travel the vast royal lands — crossing snowy mountains, haunted lakes, and dark forests — in search of bracelets of bravery. You might find yourself face to face with a troll, an old wizard, or a warrior, and you must solve riddles to discover hidden compartments, to learn fighting techniques, and to collect magic items. Your success depends on your choices ..
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