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  • Skyrise (Kickstarter Collection Edition)
    Dit is de kickstarter Collector's Edition en bevat o.a. 3D tegels, minitiaturen, insert, gold foil card backs, gold foil game box, ....   The Mayor has enlisted some of humanity's greatest visionaries to help build Skyrise: a magnificent city in the sky, dedicated to art, science, and beauty. But only one artisan can be remembered as the greatest!   Prove your genius by using a brilliant spatial auction system to win sites to build in, earning favor across Islands and factions, scoring secret and public objectives, courting mysterious Patrons, and building your own unique Wonder.   Skyrise tells an interactive story of a growing cityscape, hard decisions, scarce resources, and ever-rising stakes that will keep you enthralled until the final scores ..
  • Skyrise: Wooden Token Pack
    60 custom colored wooden tokens, with screen printed imagery on both sides. ..
  • Set a Watch: Doomed Run (Kickstarter versie)
    Dit is de kickstartversie en bevat Doomed Run met de stretchgoals.   Set a Watch: Doomed Run is the culmination of the entire Set a Watch series into a campaign and big box storage solution.   Showcasing content from the entire Set a Watch series (along with plenty of new content), you will play through 7 realms attempting to stop the mysterious cult behind resurrecting the Unhallowed. As you play through each realm, you will take on side quests to unlock new adventurers and their mythic items, while other adventurers will permanently perish along the way.   Each Doomed Run is completely replayable and takes you across the 7 realms of the kingdom as you attempt side quests to unlock new adventurers and their powerfu..
  • Set A Watch: Forsaken Isles (Kickstarter versie)
    Dit is de kickstartversie en bevat Forsaken Isles met de stretchgoals.   A continuation of the Set A Watch series, Forsaken Isles features a new band of adventurers sailing to islands and other tropical locations to face new monsters and challenges.   Defend your campfire from a horde of creatures and unhallowed bosses using each hero's unique abilities to survive the night. One hero stays in camp to rest and maintain the fire while the others battle. Each round, you draw a new location to setup camp in. Survive all 8 nights (rounds) to win the game.   New adventurers include: Corsair who earns coin by defeating enemies and mitigates bad dice rolls by taking gambles. Druid who has their own unique nature deck full of ani..
  • Merchants Cove: The Entertainer Crossover Pack
    Assume the role of a fantastical Bard on a journey for fame and glory. Enjoy a unique tempo-dial mechanism in your quest to be the best. ..
  • Eila and Something Shiny (Kickstarter)
    Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit - Eila is attracted by something shiny on the hill. With courage and passion, she sets out on a journey to find the mysterious light and you will be in her role to experience this wonderful adventure story. Make good choices for Eila as every step you take will make a huge change. Now, join this magical odyssey through a series of unexpected events.   Eila and Something Shiny is a unique solo-game set in a mystical world, with a strong and interactive story-arc played through 5 chapters. During a player's turn, they make choices for the main character - Eila, and try to fulfill objectives for each chapter. In this immersive adventure, players may need to manage resources, solve puzzles, and make tough decisions. Player's decisions will..
  • Gloomhaven: Buttons and Bugs
    Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is a solo play game, with an original campaign story written by Isaac Childres, that features a playstyle similar to Gloomhaven in a fraction of the size.   Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs is set after the events of Gloomhaven and Forgotten Circles. The Aesther recluse Hail has earned a reputation for being highly instrumental in saving the city from recurring disasters, and she absolutely hates it. Wannabe heroes are constantly barging in on her studies at the Crooked Bone, looking for help in becoming famous themselves — not to mention all the demons that come by looking for vengeance. She briefly considered moving, but as that would require effort, she instead just placed an enchantment on her front door: Anyone who attempts to open it becom..
  • Botany: Regal Roses
    A mini-expansion available from the original KS.   1 Character card: Miss Elizabeth Price   7 Specimen cards: Rose of Philippe Noiselle (2 pts) Red Cabbage Rose (3 pts) Cabbage Rose (4 pts) Rosa Persica (3 pts) Austrian Copoer Rose (2 pts) Cuspidate Rose (3 pts) Roses (England) (1 pt) 1 Title/ Rules card   ..
  • Botany: Tantalizing Trees
    Trees, Trees, and more Trees! Create your dream arboretum with this expansion for Botany. Arm yourself with information to gain an edge over your fellow Botanists.   ..
  • Botany: Perilous Perfumes
    Poisonous, Carnivorous, Parasitic, and Bizarre Plants! Even more opportunities for sabotage and new plants to collect that have developed unique survival abilities.     ..
  • Botany
    Adventure, intrigue, and flowers! Botany is a strategy board game where you take on the role of a Victorian Era flower hunter as you explore the world to gather fortune and fame and be named the Royal Botanist. In Botany, each player takes on the role of a character whose abilities will shape the way they play the game. Will you focus on exploring the globe in search of the most valuable specimens? Will you make quick and efficient trips to gather reputation quickly and build your estate?   Each player begins the game with a set of randomized goals that they then use to plot their path to victory. When players set out from their estate, they have access only to the coins they can carry with them. They can use these coins to traverse the globe and gain crew members and items..
  • Inventions: Evolution of Ideas (Kickstarter versie)
    Dit is de kickstartversie, inclusief the Upgrade Pack en Promo Cards.   Since the dawn of time, humanity has sought new ideas, forever developing them into still newer concepts. Their genius made them stand out from the other animals. Each invention is a veritable evolutionary step. Humans' use of tools surpasses the efforts of all others, making Homo sapiens technologists since before historical records were invented.   Inventions: Evolution of Ideas follows humanity's most noteworthy innovations and places the power of these technological developments in your hands to evolve your societies over the ages.   In Inventions, cards simulate these new concepts. Cards are the ideas that eventually become inventions. Once they are invented, these technol..
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