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  • Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Metal Coins
    Set of 40 metal coins with historical design and cloth storage bag exclusively made for Pax Pamir: Second Edition. ..
  • Pax Pamir (Second Edition)
    In Pax Pamir, players assume the role of nineteenth century Afghan leaders attempting to forge a new state after the collapse of the Durrani Empire. Western histories often call this period "The Great Game" because of the role played by the Europeans who attempted to use central Asia as a theater for their own rivalries. In this game, those empires are viewed strictly from the perspective of the Afghans who sought to manipulate the interloping ferengi (foreigners) for their own purposes.   In terms of game play, Pax Pamir is a pretty straightforward tableau builder. Players spend most of their turns purchasing cards from a central market, then playing those cards in front of them in a single row called a court. Playing cards adds units to the game's map and grants access to..
  • John Company: Second Edition
    In John Company, players assume the roles of ambitious families attempting to use the British East India Company for personal gain. The game begins in the early eighteenth-century, when the Company has a weak foothold on the subcontinent. Over the course of the game, the Company might grow into the most powerful and insidious corporation in the world or collapse under the weight of its own ambition.   John Company is a game about state-sponsored trade monopoly. Unlike most economic games players often do not control their own firms. Instead, they will collectively guide the Company by securing positions of power, attempting to steer the Company’s fate in ways that benefit their own interests. However, the Company is an unwieldy thing. It is difficult to do anything alone, a..
  • John Company: Second Edition Metal Coins
    80 Metal coins for the game John Company (four custom designs and colors). ..
  • Oros - Neoprene Playmat
    Neoprene mat upgrade for Oros ..
  • Oros (Collector's Edition)
    The Wise One, immortal keeper of wisdom and knowledge, has sent Demigods endowed with earth-moving power to the far reaches of humanity. In Oros each player acts as one of these Demigods. They must instruct their Followers in the wisdom of the mountains through study, worship, and experience. And only in the heights of the mountains can the greatest mysteries be known.   Oros is a tile-colliding, volcano erupting, mountain-making, wisdom-gathering, action-economy strategy game. On individual player mats, players move their Followers between action spaces, allowing them to manipulate a shared environment like a giant puzzle of plate tectonics. Action spaces allow players to shift rows of land, move and collide land tiles, form and erupt volcanoes, worship to gain wisdom, jou..
  • Preorder - Pampero: Nature (verwacht november 2023)
    The installation of wind farms can have an impact on the natural habitat of the surrounding fauna and flora. The government has programs that reward the protection of this habitat.     A new action lets players score points for nature reserves near their transformers.   To play the new Nature Action Card, you must: • have a wind farm of your color in the sector you'll take the action • have a transformer in a remote location in that sector • play a card with the Nature icon matching the wind farm and transformer • pay the cost of the space on the Action Board, as normal   You then take a Nature Token from the supply and place it on the game board by the transformer mentioned above.    If this is the first..
  • Creature Comforts (Kickstarter Edition)
    Creature Comforts: Kickstarter Edition includes the following items not included in retail version of this game: - Talents mini expansion - Dreams Come True mini expansion - Game Trayz storage solution   The following items are deluxe wooden components instead of standard components (mostly punchboard tokens) included in retail version: - 154 resources - 20 cottages - the worm - 2 almanacs - 2 wheelbarrows - 20 lessons learned - pawprint dice   Game description: Life in the forest is a lot of fun, at least while the sun is shining and the leaves are on the trees. Those days don’t last forever though, and long before the weather starts to change, the wise animals start to harvest for the long cold winter ahead. You wil..
  • Preorder - Hollywood 1947 (Kickstarter Deluxe Editie) (verwacht december 2023)
    The year is 1947 and you are a member of the thriving movie-making industry of Hollywood. However, it is suspected that there are communists hiding among your small production studio slipping “un-Patriotic” messages, themes, props, and lines into your movies! Will you be able to find all the communists before your studio is shut down? Or will you be suspected yourself and banned from the industry?   In the game each player will secretly be a Patriot, Communist, or Rising Star. Each round every player will have a unique Job to perform (such as the Screenwriter, Gaffer, Director, Actor, Editor, etc). These jobs will affect what kind of movie is getting made that round, what cards are in players’ hands, and who will receive special information. Players can choose to skip their..
  • Weather Machine: Upgrade Pack + Metal Noble Prize
    This is an upgrade pack for Weather Machine which includes the following;   The Saboteurs: A Solitaire Variant 10 Supply Cards 6 Private Objective cards 3 In-Game Goal tiles 6 Funding Goal Cards + The Metal Noble Prize (Upgrade to the wooden Nobel Prize token included in Weather Machine)   It's sold separately or included in the pledge for the Weather Machine Deluxe Kickstarter Edition. ..
  • Weather Machine: Upgraded Metal Machine Parts
    Metal upgrade set voor Weather Machine. ..
  • MIND MGMT The Psychic Espionage Game DELUXE Edition
    MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game is a one-versus-many, hidden-movement game about a top-secret organization that uses psychic spies to alter world events.   One player is the Recruiter for MIND MGMT who must race around Zanzibar in an attempt to collect enough new recruits to win.   All the other players are Rogue Agents who used to work for MIND MGMT, but now are trying to take it down from the outside. If they can deduce and pinpoint the exact location of the Recruiter they win!   This is the deluxe version of the game which includes the Game Trayz wallet that contains the 14 sealed packages, Game Trayz bottom organizer, thicker screen and secret map, wooden tokens for agents, Immortals, step tokens, Mind Sli..
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