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  • My Father's Work (Kickstarter)
    Bekijk het project hier op Kickstarter:     The walls were lined with iron shelves, each metal slat overfilled with glass jars containing formaldehyde and grotesque curiosities within. Pristine brass tools and refined metals of a quality I had never before laid eyes upon were strewn across sturdy slabs of rock and wood, their edges sharp with use. However, my eyes were soon drawn to a sturdy writing desk, its mahogany eaves inlaid with thin strips of copper, the center of which contained a well-worn leather-bound book. My father's journal — passed down to me and representing years of knowledge and countless experiments. And inside that weathered tome, atop the pearly parchment oxidized yel..
  • Preorder -  Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Collector's Box (verwacht december 2022)
    This Collector's Box is designed to fit Viscounts, Gates of Gold, Keeper of Keys, and all additional content, such as promos and metal coins. It fits sleeved cards. The box is the same size as the Collector's Boxes for Raiders of the North Sea and Paladins of the West Kingdom (295x295x69mm). Requires Viscounts of the West Kingdom.   Includes 12 New Promo Items (4 Outsider Cards, 4 Hero Townsfolk Cards, 4 Chest Tiles).   ..
  • Preorder -  Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys (verwacht december 2022)
    In Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys, tensions continue to rise in the King’s court. Some choose to plot in secret, forging alliances with like-minded officials. Others seek out treasures and secrets hidden deep within the castle walls. Will you remain loyal to the very end, or take your future into your own hands?   This expansion introduces 3 public Buildings for players to compete over, thick Player Boards, and the new Chest Tiles. Along with more Townsfolk, Heroes and Manuscripts Tiles, there are also 3 replacement starting Townsfolk for each player. These grant ways to gain the new Chest Tiles or to recruit more Heroes.   ..
  • Preorder - Yucatan (Kickstarter All-in Pledge) (verwacht december 2022)
    Dit is de kickstarter All-in pledge en bevat: Yucatan: Base Game,Yucatan: Stretch Goals,Yucatan: 5/6 Player Expansion,Yucatan: Solo Expansion,Yucatan: Playmat,Yucatan: Sleeves   In Yucatan, you are the leader of a Mayan city. You have promised your people to win the favors of the Gods, and their fate is in your hands. Send your warlords to capture enemies, increase your might with every season of the sacred calendar, and sacrifice your prisoners to the Mayan gods to ensure your dominance.   Your warlords will become more and more formidable, your city more and more glorious, but your opponents do the same, so enlisting the help of the mythological creatures and heroes will be necessary to try to restore with blood, the energy of your gods.   In thi..
  • Preorder - Bot Factory (verwacht mei 2023)
    Your goal in Bot Factory is to gather projects and parts, then assemble bots, thereby fulfilling demand goals and improving the value of the bot you are making. Sandra, the factory manager from Kanban, is present here, moving to different departments and using the players' spaces. The game uses the same worker-placement mechanism from Kanban in which turn order is established by the workers' positions on the board. ..
  • On Mars: Alien Invasion
    On Mars: Alien Invasion is the much-anticipated Somewhat Cooperative Expansion to Vital Lacerda’s best-selling and highly-rated On Mars base game. Though this expansion was originally going to be named Surviving Mars, Eagle-Gryphon Games made the decision to change the name to On Mars: Alien Invasion to better reflect the theme and content of this expansion. The game narrative is contained in four chapters of a story written by Nathan Morse. Gameplay contains four new and different ways to expand upon and play the base game. You will play one versus many; completely cooperatively; and even solo if you wish, depending on the chapter. Included are four fresh and completely replayable ways to establish colonies On Mars!   For instance, here is the narrative that opens the firs..
  • Fjords [Retail Versie]
    Explore a landscape so stunning that even a Viking would hold their breath in awe...   Fjords is a tile-laying game that takes place in two phases. The first one invites the players to explore the fjords around them by laying hexagonal landscape tiles, creating a map that serves as the gameboard. In the second phase, players begin from the longhouses they placed during phase one and will walk the landscape, claiming as much of the plains and cliffs as possible.   The winner of the game will be the player who has claimed the most land. Savvy placements and the ability to plan ahead yet act tactically will be your most important tools.   This new edition of Fjords differs from the original release in the following ways:   The game now pl..
  • Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden (Kickstarter Deluxe Versie)
    Dit is de Kickstarter Deluxe versie en bevat: The New Neighbours expansion,The Grasshoppers expansion,Romancing Eudora expansion,promo neighbours Karl & Maisie,6 custom-cut wooden Bee tokens,Custom printed burlap-sack-style seed bag,promo neighbours Leticia & Donty.   Each year Vernon Cabbagehead, (Mr. Cabbagehead to his friends), wants to be left in peace to grow his award winning vegetable garden for the annual Garden Club contest. However, his tedious neighbours tend to interfere when he is away, and frequently drop by to help themselves to the garden produce. Can Mr. Cabbagehead create a beautiful garden and finally win the blue ribbon?   In Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, vegetable cards are drafted and placed in the garden plot, a grid of six cards by t..
  • So, You've Been Eaten (Kickstarter Collector Edition)
    Dit is de Kickstarter Collector Edition en bevat: Custom-shaped printed plexiglass Crystals,Custom-shaped wooden Bacteria,The Dyspepto-Beastmol mini-expansion Limited edition custom-shaped printed wooden Robot Miner,Triple-layered boards,A custom-embossed 18mm Digestion die,3 custom-shaped clear plexiglass Upgrade tokens,3 illustrated tuckboxes for cards & other components,A cardboard dice tower,A deeper box to keep all of the above,UV printing on the box   So, you've been eaten. Don't worry, this is simply an occupational hazard. In fact, it is fairly common among Deep Space Miners (5th class), and some say that it is almost unavoidable. And, well, it is. Especially since the crystals that you seek happen to be inside giant space beasts. To mine them, you need to, ..
  • Preorder - Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition (verwacht april 2023)
    Castles of Burgundy is a legendary Board Game design created by Stefan Feld. In this 1-4 players tabletop experience, you will take on the role of an aristocrat controlling a small princedom. Trying to build a settlement with powerful castles, practice trades, exploit silver mines, and use the knowledge of travelers. Now, this timeless game is coming back with an extremely polished, high-end special edition resulting from a collaboration between Ravensburger and Awaken Realms.   In this special edition, you can expect a complete re-design of art and layout to ensure that every piece will have great art and enhance in-game usability. Only the best materials (cardboard, cart paper, box, insert, etc.) will be used to provide endurance, and a premium feel. Many extra compon..
  • Preorder - Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread – Epic Hunt (Kickstarter) (verwacht december 2022)
    Epic Hunt will offer to players an exciting new challenge to overcome by adding to the game a new boss enemy.   The expansion box contains 1 pre-painted miniature, 20 cards and alternate set of skills contained within the base game.   Kickstarter exclusive mini-expansion. ..
  • Preorder - Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread (Kickstarter) (verwacht december 2022)
    Dit is de kickstarterversie, met alle stretchgoals.   Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread is an open world, campaign-based, co-operative, fantasy-based, "green legacy" role-playing board game. The game of Arydia is built on four design pillars: Exploration, Progression, Combat, and Role-playing.   • Exploration — Arydia is an open world to explore as you wish. Make your way across the world map, discovering new locations, interacting with memorable characters, fighting vicious monsters, and scavenging long-lost treasures. The world pulls you in through detailed descriptions and vivid artwork for each place you visit. Every location is unique, not randomized, and is built piece by piece as you explore.   • Progression — Arydia is played as a campaign ov..
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