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  • KMC Small Sleeves - Mini Perfect Size (60x87mm)
    Bevat 100 sleeves per pakje KMC Mini Perfect Size Sleeves Ideal for double sleeving with KMC Hyper Matt Sleeves 100 Clear sleeves per packet Size 60 x 87mm   ..
  • KMC Standard Sleeves - Perfect Size (64x89mm)
    Bevat 100 sleeves per pakje Clear Sleeves to fit full sized cards and still fit into full sized colored sleeves. These sleeves give you the opportunity to protect your cards in a perfect way. Simply put your cards into the Perfect Size Sleeves and put these protected cards then into normal colored KMC Sleeves. Keep in mind to have one opening to the upper side, one opening to the lower side and you will keep dirt, fluids and anything else away from your precious cards.     Size : 64 x 89 mm     ..
  • KMC Standard Sleeves - Perfect Hard (64x89mm)
    Bevat 50 sleeves per pakje Perfect Hard is made from the present type of Perfect Size by thickening and increasing the strength. This product is most suitable for protecting cards and even more effective with KMC Hyper Mat series & Silky Series.     Size : 89 x 64mm     ..
  • KMC Standard Sleeves - Hyper Mat Clear (66x91mm)
    Bevat 80 sleeves per pakje Het Japanse merk KMC biedt zowat de best mogelijke bescherming aan je kaarten. De KMC Standard Sleeves zijn 66x91mm. Ze zijn volledig maatvast.   Hyper Mat series are produced from the highest quality. By reducing the gloss and texture of the material, additional strenght has been added making it the most superior product.   KMC sleeves are very suitable for tournament play. Not shining, not shimmer, are almost not there, but still provide the protection that need the cards. The sleeves are a little harder, but can be mixed very well.       ..
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