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  • Preorder - Woodcraft (NL) (verwacht februari 2023)
    In Woodcraft kiezen spelers om beurt één van de zeven acties op een actiewiel. Hoe langer het duurt vooraleer een actie gekozen wordt, hoe waardevoller de actie wordt. Je gebruikt acties om je dobbelstenen te manipuleren. Deze dobbelstenen vertegenwoordigen je hout dat kan gesneden, gelijmd, gekocht of zelfs gekweekt worden.   Beheer je werkplaats, draag zorg voor je gereedschap en werk met je hulpjes om je bestellingen, bij voorkeur tijdig, te voltooien waardoor je aanzien zal stijgen en het hele bos over jou zal praten.   Ben jij uit het goede hout gesneden? ..
  • Tiletum
    In Tiletum, you and fellow players take on the roles of rich merchants traveling throughout Europe, from Flanders to Venice, during the Golden Age of the Renaissance.   You will travel to various cities to acquire trade contracts for wool and iron, as well as a collection of their coats of arms. You must collect the required resources to fulfill contracts, invest in the construction of monumental cathedrals, gain the favor of noble families, and participate in important fairs where your main business occurs. You will also use the services of notable people who will be welcomed into your houses. You will thus gain prestige that will make you the most famous merchant of the Renaissance.   Tiletum is a dice management game in which dice have a dual function: gaini..
  • Astra
    You and your fellow players are eager and curious astronomers, determined to explore and understand the constellations of the mysterious night sky. You are willing to assist each other and share your discoveries, but in the end, only one of you will become famous enough to be remembered throughout history.   Astra is a clever mix of tactics and strategy, with a streamlined and intuitive rule set that makes it easy to pick up and quick to play. A game of Astra consists of continuous player turns until a certain number of Constellation cards are taken, when, after an endgame scoring, the player with the most Fame points wins.   On your player turn, you may choose to either Observe or Rest.   The Observe action allows you to spend Stardust to discover..
  • Terracotta Army
    Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army.   In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues. During the game, you collect resources, upgrade your workers, and seek favor with the Emperor's advisors. Your goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and your success is measured in victory points (VPs). During the game, you and your fellow players build the army together, but after the fifth round of the game is over, only one of you — the one with the most points — wi..
  • A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians
    The first large expansion for A Feast for Odin, The Norwegians includes four new islands (Isle of Man, Isle of Skye, Islay, Outer Hebrides) with Irish coastal viking-settlements on the backside (Waterford, Wexford, Cork, Limerick), where people from Norway came to stay through the winter (longphort), to trade at, and to settle nearby. This offers new strategies and new puzzle-tiles like horse (6VP, 2x5 spaces)/pregnant horse/leather(green)/vadmal(blue) and pigs (1 VP, breed every round; 2x3 - 1 = 5 spaces)/herbal (orange)/ antler (green)/tools (blue). The game has a third box for the tiles and offers the four old islands too (renewed little different VPs and new graphic-aspects of mini-expansion islands Lofoten/Orkneys/Tierra del Fuego).   The expansion includes another mou..
  • Preorder - Mindbug: First Contact (verwacht januari 2023)
    In Mindbug, you summon hybrid creatures and send them to battle against your opponent — but when you summon a creature, the opponent may use one of their Mindbugs to take control of it. Outwit your opponent in a fascinating tactical duel in which having the best cards and playing them at the wrong time can be deadly for yourself.   Cards in Mindbug represent weird creatures that all come with unique and powerful abilities such as a Compost Dragon, a Snail Hydra, or a Kangasaurus Rex. Each player starts the game with ten creature cards (five in hand and five in a draw pile) and tries to use them to reduce the opponent's life total to zero. In addition, every player receives two Mindbug cards that can be used to mind control an opposing creature when it is played. Thi..
  • Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game.”
    Working from the shadows, Mind MGMT once used its psychically-powered agents to put a stop to global crises. However, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Mind MGMT is now rotting from the inside. To tighten its iron grip on the world stage, Mind MGMT deploys covert operatives around the world to recruit other psychically-attuned individuals to their side. How can this enigmatic organization, hell bent on global domination, be defeated?   Thankfully, a few renegade agents have figured out that Mind MGMT has been compromised and have defected, turning their backs on the syndicate. They now use their own psychic abilities to prevent Mind MGMT from achieving its nefarious goals.   In Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage "Game.", one player controls Mind MGMT and mu..
  • Everdell: Trailblazers
    Upgrade de standaardeditie van Everdell: Spirecrest met de Collector’s Edition-inhoud.    Dit pakket omvat:  9 ontdekkingskaarten, 3 Big Critter meeples (pauw, zwijn, gier), 4 kunststof zadels, 6 meeples van de uil met Kikkerambassadeur en Konijnenreiziger, 6 Mol-meeples met Kikkerambassadeur en Konijnenreiziger en 6 Hagedismeeples met Kikkerambassadeur en Konijnenreiziger. ..
  • Everdell: Freshwater
    Upgrade de Standard Edition van Pearlbrook met de Collector’s Edition-inhoud.    Dit pakket bevat:  6 axolotl meeples van de Frog Ambassador, 6 vogelbekdier meeples van de Frog Ambassador, 6 spreeuwmeeples van de Frog Ambassador, 25 glasparels, punchboard inclusief open & gesloten borden en 3D Wonders, scoreblok, 4 versieringskaarten, 6 speciale gebeurteniskaarten en 4 Boskaarten ..
  • Cloudspire
    Cloudspire is 1-4 player strategy game heavily influenced by both tower defense and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. Solo and Cooperative play are driven by a scenario book that chronicles the story of the game from the perspective of each individual faction. Players control one of four unique factions in a battle to destroy and steal source energy from their opponents. Send and defend against armies and minions, build towers to protect your base, and explore with your heroes in search of resources and powerful Relics to turn the tide of battle.   Taking place in the floating realm of Ankar, Cloudspire tells the story of a war to acquire a powerful and rare energy known only as "the source." Every race has their own unique units and heroes as well as the abilit..
  • Cloudspire: Ankar's Plunder - Bonus Scenarios and Skirmishes (softcover)
    Can’t get enough of Cloudspire play modes? Pick up the Cloudspire: Ankar’s Plunder Scenarios and Skirmishes softcover book. The softcover features all four of the bonus solo scenarios, both bonus co-op scenarios, and all of the new 1v1 skirmish mode scenarios that are also included in the Cloudspire: Ankar’s Plunder hardcover. For those who want the gameplay of the hardcover without the lore and art, the softcover booklet is the way to go.   Note: While all solo and co-op scenarios included with faction expansions are playable with only the faction and the base game, the skirmishes and bonus scenarios contained in this book require multiple Cloudspire expansions to enjoy in their entirety, including Portal Seekers, the Griege, Horizon’s Wrath and The Uprising. ..
  • Cloudspire: Ankar's Plunder - Hardcover Lore and Scenario Book
    Ankar's Plunder hardcover lore and art book complete the first (The Joining War) by telling more about the arrival of the two new factions in the game (The Uprising and Horizon's Wrath).   Features new extended novella, new high-res art from the Ankar's Plunder campaign, and new solo/co-op scenarios and skirmish battles. ..
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