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  • Barrage: Executive Officers Pack B
    2 new Executive Officers distributed exclusively to Kickstarter backers, as part of the 5th player Expansion campaign.   ..
  • Barrage: Executive Officers Pack A
    Expand your Barrage with these two Executive Officers, originally featured in the Barrage KS Exclusive pack.   ..
  • Golem: Promo Cards
    This small promo expansion adds 3 new Characters cards to play with the base game.   B1: Carry out the action of 1 available Rabbi tile.   B2: Move your Golems a total of 2 steps & move your marker up the Study track I step & activate 1 Golem (lay it down).   B3: Activate all your Golems (either standing or laying) without laying them down OR carn 5 VP.   ..
  • Caesar!: Verover Rome in 20 Minuten!
    De Romeinse Republiek loopt ten einde, maar niet voordat er een machtsstrijd tussen Caesar en Pompeius heeft plaatsgevonden. Spelers voeren het bevel over hun legioenen en zetten ze strategisch in op belangrijke slagvelden om te proberen de controle over de provincies te grijpen en heerser van de republiek te worden.   Spelers trekken fiches uit een zak om hun startkrachten te bepalen en hun verliezen aan te vullen. De spelers verdelen hun middelen over de provincies om zo tactische voordelen te behalen en te strijden om de controle over de republiek.   Drie modules om het spel uit te breiden zijn inbegrepen, vergiftig je tegenstander, zet krachtige Centurions in en gebruik achterbakse tactieken om voordelen te behalen in de Uitbreidingen van Rome. ..
  • Barrage: The Nile Affair Expansion
    The Nile Affair is a new thematic map for 2-4 players with new mechanics (Irrigation).   The box includes 1 map board, 2 punchboards and the rules.   ..
  • Preorder - Wingspan: Azië (NL) (verwacht april 2023)
    De derde uitbreiding voor Wingspan met Aziatische vogels! We zijn helemaal uitverkocht en 999 Games ook, daarom openen we opnieuw de preorders voor de volgende print. ..
  • Picture Perfect: The Sherlock Expansion
    A murder has happened! It could have been anyone - even the dog! But Sherlock Holmes is already investigating. Will you provide the master detective with the crucial clues? Or will you side with the murderer?   The murderer has mingled with the mourners. Talk to those present to find out who has an alibi. But be careful not to reveal too much of what you've found out to the other photographers!   Add an all-new game mode to your perfect moment! Find out who the culprit is and set Sherlock and Watson up to either catch him or let him escape!   The stakes have never been so high. Can you take the best photo under such conditions?   To play with 5-6 people, you will need the 5..
  • Rise
    In Rise, you assume responsibility for the economic and social development of a city. There are not many limits to your possibilities: On various tracks, you can influence how best to provide for your citizens' well-being, whether through culture, science, or political relations — but all of this can be achieved only in accordance with respect for conservation of the environment and the satisfaction of the population.   The game revolves around ten tracks on which you move your markers to gain further effects and gather influence. The unique and innovative card mechanism, which includes events and tough decisions, will change your decision making from round to round.   Once twelve rounds have been played, players count their points to see who was able to accumu..
  • Findorff
    Findorff is one of the 23 districts of Bremen, the hometown of Friedemann Friese. Findorff has three “F”s and is named after Jürgen Christian Findorff (1720-1792), who was responsible for draining and surveying the bog in the north of Bremen, for extracting the peat, and for populating the bog with residents.   In Findorff, the game, you build up the district of Findorff in the period from 1803 to 1916. Historically, six major railway stations stood in Findorff during this period to connect to Hannover, Hamburg, Oldenburg, and Bremerhaven. While they were all later replaced by a single big main train station, you raise another three new rail stations at one of the two main roadbeds. Besides using boats on the peat canal, this small railway helped to transport even more peat..
  • Planet Steam
    Welcome, dear Imperialists. It's the year 2415. The interplanetary federation (IPF) has done a great job in the last centuries. All necessary precautions have been taken to conquer this planet named "Steam". The core of the planet consists of a 6,500º Celsius hot source containing different resources, including water. It has taken over one hundred years to complete the first block of 42 shafts from the surface to the core.   But now the time has come. From every shaft surges the hot steam that is the basis of the production of raw materials. To be able to use and process this steam, platforms have to be placed over the shafts. Later, we can use the platforms to connect the water purification tanks. By using several tank extractors, we can harvest other resources like energy..
    42,00€ 63,00€
  • Nightmare Productions
    Reiner Knizia's auction game about producing movies. In four rounds, players bid on chips representing genuine directors, actors, camera, effects, music, guest stars and agents. These all get placed on players' film-strips, to complete the movie production. So one movie might need 2 actors, but no music or effects and so on. As films are completed, the points value is marked and another film-strip taken. There are two parties each round where players get to pick from offers without paying anything. There are bonus points for first films completed and best films, best directors, even worst film.   The auction is a basic rising offer with passing until one winning bid remains. Players pay into the pot with contracts as money, and the rest of the players share the pot each tur..
  • Letters from Whitechapel (Revised Edition)
    Superspannend detectivespel voor families en gevorderde spelers. Het spel speelt zich af in het district Whitechapel in Londen. Jack the Ripper pleegt 5 moorden in 4 nachten en keert na elke misdaad terug naar zijn vaste schuilplaats. Een van de spelers neemt de rol van Jack op zich. De andere spelers vormen een team van politieagenten, die naar hem op zoek zijn. Zij moeten samenwerken en overleggen om Jack uiteindelijk in de val te lokken. Jack verplaatst zich in het geheim, waarbij hij gebruik mag maken van postkoetsen en steegjes binnendoor. Weet Jack ook na de vierde nacht terug te keren naar zijn schuilplaats, dan heeft hij gewonnen. Lukt dat niet, dan wint het detectiveteam. Elke nacht bestaat uit 2 delen met een aantal fases. In elke fase is óf Jack óf het detectiveteam..
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