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  • Great Western Trail: Rails to the North (Second Edition)
    The rails have progressed further to the north, which opens new opportunities for you to deliver your cattle farther than before, even to cities outside American borders. Those locations can be highly advantageous, but they require more work and effort, such as constructing branchlets to give you more opportunities to deliver and gain different rewards.   Much of the content in Great Western Trail: Rails to the North (Second Edition) was included in the original Rails to the North expansion, but it has been reworked and upgraded, with the player boards being dual-layered, a game board extension that features different rail paths, and the medium town tiles being modified. Other elements included in this expansion are new objective cards, a revised building 13a-13b, n..
  • Terra Nova
    Terra Nova is a simplified version of the strategy game Terra Mystica. In the game, up to four players each control one of ten factions, each with different abilities. Compete against one another to explore new territories in peaceful competition, erect buildings, and achieve certain goals from round to round. Use your faction's special abilities in a clever way to control the largest territory at game's end and finish with the most points.   ..
  • Wingspan Asia (EN)
    De derde uitbreiding voor Wingspan met Aziatische vogels! ..
  • Endless Winter: grote playmat
    Large Playmat for Endless Winter: Paleoamericans   Dimensions: 104x60cm ..
  • Endless Winter: kleine playmat
    Small Playmat for Endless Winter: Paleoamericans   Dimensions: 29x37cm (Covers the cards section) ..
  • Endless Winter: Mammoth Module
    Individually packaged module for Endless Winter. Place the Mammoth miniature near the Terrain board. During the game, whenever you gain the ability to move Camps, you may forgo 2 Camp movements to move the Mammoth to any empty juncture of the Terrain board (a place where 3 hexes touch). Unlike Villages, this ca include a juncture touching the Base Terrain tile. During the Eclipse phase, the Mammoth competes for Influence over the hexes it touches as if it is another player. Its Influence is equal to the current Round number. During the Eclipse phase, if you have less influence on a hex than the Mammoth, you do not receive the benefit(s) of that hex. However, if you have equal or greater Influence than the Mammoth (and any other players), gain the depicted benefit(s) of the hex twice. Al..
  • Garden Nation (Petits Peuples) [FR]
    Opgelet: dit is de Franse versie Garden Nation. Dit spel is op het regelboek na taalonafhankelijk. U ontvangt van ons bij aankoop via e-mail een digitale versie van het Engelsetalige regelboek.  In Garden Nation, the four clans wish to build a city on the seven territories of the garden, but each is trying to gain the upper hand.   In the game, you construct buildings by rearranging coffee pots or bird feeders to complete official projects and secret missions. Each new floor costs more and more inhabitants. However, once the goal is reached, the colors of these people float there, thus validating these common projects. The other leaders might not let this stand, however, and will invade the buildings of opponents to try to take them back. To impose your choices o..
  • Endless Winter: Luxe Spelonderdelen (NL)
    Luxe spelonderdelen voor Endless Winter: 40 Luxe megalieten, 8 luxe totemstenen en 4 luxe scorestenen ..
  • Lofoten
    Now considered to be one the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, Lofoten was an important Viking territory. Knowing how to adapt to various situations, Vikings were not only peaceful settlers and builders, but invaders and skilled merchants, as well. With your fleet of longships, you are determined to make the most of the 4 essential goods. Also try to become the most powerful Jarl of the archipelago!   Goal of the Game In Lofoten, you must load merchandise from the market into your longships, and bring them back to your clan. For each type of merchandise, a particular scoring will grant you an advantage over the opposing Jarl. No matter what the situation is, your goal is to earn more PP (Power Points) than the opposing Jarl in the final scoring, to become th..
  • Sync or Swim
    Inspired by real life synchronized swimming, Sync or Swim focuses on teamwork, collaboration, and communication.   Each round, teammates plan the perfect routine while taking direction from the team captain. The clock starts and players start trading, placing, and diving for cards to get their performance just right. As your team progresses through each round, the routines become more challenging and throw all sorts of twists your way!   At the end of each round, the free app judges your performance based on your timing and accuracy—You and your friends will discover creative tactics for better strategies and scores each time you play. ..
  • Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls
    Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls is an all-against-one cooperative family game for 2-4 players. One player is the Criminal, hatching a sinister plan to abduct their victim, leaving puzzling clues in their wake. The other players are the Detectives, working together to solves these puzzles and reveal clues. If they solves enough puzzles and use careful deduction, they can deduce the crime and stop the criminal.   Detectives have 4 turns to gather these clues, make their deductions and declare the crime. If they do so within these 4 turns, the criminal is caught, and the detectives win   The combination of clues, and crime will change with each game. ..
  • Rome and Roll: Characters Expansion 2
    Two additional characters (Praetorian and Seneca the Elder) that were created during the Kickstarter-campaign of the Rome & Roll: Gladiators expansion and are sold separately afterwards.   The difference between each character is their starting advantage and the set of 3 advisors every character has.   This expansion also contains 4 alternative Resource trackers. ..
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