Preorder - The Dead Keep (verwacht februari 2025)

Uitgever: CMON Limited
Boardgamegeek Score: 6.83 (15 votes)
Boardgamegeek Rank: Not Ranked
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Prijs: 170,00€
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Aantal Spelers Aantal Spelers 1:2:3:4:5:6
Leeftijd Leeftijd 14
Speelduur Speelduur 135
Jaar van eerste uitgave Jaar van eerste uitgave 2025
Type Type Basisspel
Taal Taal Engels
Geavanceerd zoeken
Auteur Auteur Raphael Guiton:Jean-Baptiste Lullien:David Preti:Nicolas Raoult
Legends speak of the Dead Keep. Travelers and locals alike spin tales of this accursed locale 'round hearths every evenings. Public houses are always filled with whispers and rumours about what lies within. And yet, you'll probably never meet a single soul who has seen the Keep and returned. The many faded names carved into the table you are at is the only reminder of those who dared venture into the Keep. But you? You might be different.
Embark on an adventure with The Dead Keep, a cooperative dungeon diving campaign game designed for 1-6 players. Immerse yourself in the fantastical artwork, crafted from the original designs of renowned artist Paul Bonner. As fearless adventurers, you'll plunge into the depths of The Dead Keep, driven by the promise of untold riches from the enigmatic Patron. Will you unravel the secrets lurking within, or will the mist claim you?
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