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  • Preorder - Pampero: Nature (verwacht november 2023)
    The installation of wind farms can have an impact on the natural habitat of the surrounding fauna and flora. The government has programs that reward the protection of this habitat.     A new action lets players score points for nature reserves near their transformers.   To play the new Nature Action Card, you must: • have a wind farm of your color in the sector you'll take the action • have a transformer in a remote location in that sector • play a card with the Nature icon matching the wind farm and transformer • pay the cost of the space on the Action Board, as normal   You then take a Nature Token from the supply and place it on the game board by the transformer mentioned above.    If this is the first..
  • Preorder - Stampfarm (verwacht maart 2023)
    Sally the farmer has asked you to help her build fences for the animals to keep her farm in order. Sally wants to gather the animals so that each type has enough space. Can you help her arrange the animals so they are all happy?   This is a "roll and stamp" game including six colored stamps showing cow, goose, hen, pig, sheep and hay bale.   On your turn, throw all three dice in the center of the table, then choose one die and take it. Take the corresponding animal stamp and use it to stamp an empty square of your choice on your farm sheet. Now the next player going clockwise chooses one of the two dice left in the center of the table, without taking it, then uses the corresponding stamp, and so on, until everyone has stamped an animal onto their farm. The face..
  • Preorder -  Rolling Heights (verwacht april 2023)
    Roll Your Meeples, Build the City.   It's the 1920's and your career as a general contractor is about to take off. You have just started your business in a rapidly expanding city.   In Rolling Heights, players roll workers in the form of meeples. Standing meeples work hard that day and provide special actions and building materials, while face-down meeples provide nothing. You can always push your luck for better rolls, but you might lose valuable materials you need to construct new buildings. Completing buildings gains you prestige, as well as new workers to help you construct even larger buildings, including skyscrapers.   Will you construct the next famous landmark? ..
  • Preorder - Bonsai (verwacht maart 2023)
    The Japanese term "bonsai" means "planted in a pot". A bonsai is a living work of art, a perfect miniature plant, identical in all respects to its full-size simile, but several times smaller.   In Bonsai, players take on the role of expert bonsai masters intent on growing their own bonsai. Whoever grows the best plant will be appointed to show their Bonsai at the Imperial gardens.   On your turn, choose and perform one of these two actions: meditate or cultivate. If you meditate, choose one of the face up cards on the board and take it, along with any Bonsai tiles represented below the card you draw. If you cultivate, you can place in your Bonsai the tiles which are in your personal supply. You can place as many tiles as the total symbols depict..
  • Preorder - Ecosfera: Rewilding the World (verwacht juli 2023)
    Ecosfera is a co-operative deck-building game for 1 to 4 players in which you use combinations of elements to get cards from the plant and fungi kingdom, which allows you to get cards from the animal kingdom to create different biomes and hopefully rewild the World. You need to achieve this before you get all 7 extinction tiles, avoiding as much disaster cards as possible. Luckily you will also have extra abilities such as refreshing cards from the plant or animal kingdom, getting extra cards into your line of cards and recycling or passing cards to other players.   Restoring the natural balance necessary for the conservation of life on our planet as we have known it, is a challenge of colossal dimensions that will require a lot of communication and cooperation in each of o..
  • Preorder - Azul Mini (NL) (verwacht juni 2023)
    Welkom terug in het Koninklijk Paleis van Evora! Na meer dan 2 miljoen verkochte exemplaren is Azul terug in miniformaat. Met deze nieuwe editie kun je deze klassieker nu overal spelen! Kies tegels van dezelfde kleur uit een willekeurig fabrieksdisplay of uit het algemene aanbod, en lijn alle tegels uit op één van je patroonlijnen. Betegel een muur in het prachtige paleis van Evora en scoor punten!  ..
  • Preorder - Arborea (Kickstarter Exclusive Edition) (verwacht oktober 2023)
    Dit is de Kickstarter-versie en bevat: Arborea: Deluxe Edition,Midnight River Expansion,Upgraded Wooden Score and Time Markers,All Stretch Goals.   Welcome to the world of Arborea. You are a Patron Spirit, guiding your villagers to heal and grow the landscape around them by sending them on pilgrimages and building your personal Ecosystem.   Arborea is a worker placement euro game where time, and planning ahead, is key.   During the game, players will place workers on Action Tracks ("Pilgrimage"). These tracks will then advance, moving all workers with them. The farther the Action Tracks move, the better the Rewards gained when workers are activated.   These rewards may help Players to contribute to the Shared Resource Track, make offer..
  • Preorder - Hollywood 1947 (Kickstarter Deluxe Editie) (verwacht december 2023)
    The year is 1947 and you are a member of the thriving movie-making industry of Hollywood. However, it is suspected that there are communists hiding among your small production studio slipping “un-Patriotic” messages, themes, props, and lines into your movies! Will you be able to find all the communists before your studio is shut down? Or will you be suspected yourself and banned from the industry?   In the game each player will secretly be a Patriot, Communist, or Rising Star. Each round every player will have a unique Job to perform (such as the Screenwriter, Gaffer, Director, Actor, Editor, etc). These jobs will affect what kind of movie is getting made that round, what cards are in players’ hands, and who will receive special information. Players can choose to skip their..
  • Preorder - De Legenden van Andor: De Eeuwige Kou (NL) (verwacht augustus 2023)
    The whole country of Andor is suffering from an unnatural cold.   In four epic legends in Die Legenden von Andor: Die Ewige Kälte, a team of 2-4 heroes embarks on an exciting journey to a strange land beyond the mountains. On a new, double-sided game board, you'll find loyal allies and face unexpected dangers. Together you will find out who is behind the magical threat of the eternal cold! ..
  • Preorder - Evergreen (NL) (verwacht mei 2023)
    Bouw op een nieuwe planeet je eigen ecosysteem met bomen, struiken en meren. Kies elke beurt een kaart en voer de acties erop uit. Die variëren van bomen planten en laten groeien tot het aanleggen van meren. Elke keer dat je een actie uitvoert, wordt die sterker, zodat je deze een volgende keer vaker mag uitvoeren. De driedimensionale speelstukken geven niet alleen een prachtig beeld van je planeet, maar bepalen ook welke bomen zon vangen en zo punten scoren!   ·       Tactisch spel met veel keuzemogelijkheden ·       Ziet er prachtig uit door driedimensionale speelstukken ·       Ook solitair te spelen ..
  • Preorder - The Great Split (NL) (verwacht maart 2023)
    In dit fascinerende spel verzamel je onder meer goud, edelstenen en schilderijen. Elke beurt verdeel je je kaarten in 2 groepen en geef je die aan je buurman. Die kiest welke helft hij wil houden en welke hij aan je teruggeeft. Jij doet ondertussen hetzelfde met de kaarten die jij van je buurman ontvangt. Wat je houdt en terugkrijgt, stop je in je verzameling. Die leveren op verschillende momenten tijdens het spel punten op. Creëer jij de meest waardevolle verzameling?   ·       Fascinerend ruilspel voor 2 tot 7 spelers ·       Geschikt voor zowel gevorderde als beginnende spelers ·       Verschillende manieren om punten te scoren ..
  • Preorder - De Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg Junior (NL) (verwacht maart 2023)
    Grabbel naar het juiste voer om je rijdier zo snel mogelijk naar de finish te leiden! Juniorvariant van het populaire bordspel De Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg.    ·       Juniorvariant van het populaire Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg ·       Uniek bagbuilding-mechanisme voor het hele gezin ·       Verschillende varianten voor beginners en gevorderden ..
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