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  • Preorder - Bus: Complete Edition (verwacht oktober 2024)
    Beep! Beep!   Bus: Complete Edition is a game about developing a public transport network in a rapidly expanding city. The citizens commute between home, the office, and, most importantly, the pub. Your task as a player is to develop a busline which takes as many passengers as possible to the place they want to be. You do this by expanding your busline, developing new suburbs, luring new potential passengers to the city, and investing in more and more buses! But you can also try to ride just a bit earlier than other companies and steal their passengers away.   Sometimes, something unexpected happens: time comes to a standstill and, all of a sudden, the demand for transportation is completely different. But you cannot let this happen too often, as the space-time..
  • Preorder - Aeterna (verwacht november 2024)
    In Æterna, you take the role of a Roman Gens (family) that will try to increase its prestige through three eras: the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire.   Your goal is to increase your influence over the city by supporting the conquest of the provinces, ruling over "the seven hills of Rome", and contributing to the construction of monuments and buildings. While doing this, you must not demotivate the people in the hills under your direct control as unrest could put you in a bad light. If you manage majorities, cards, and resources better than your opponents, your Gens will be remembered in the history books as one of the most important in Rome.     ..
  • Preorder - Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Magneto Hero Pack (verwacht november 2024)
    Formerly the X-Men’s greatest foe, Erik Lehnsherr—better known as Magneto—renounced his villainous ways and took up his friend Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. Now, he fights alongside the X-Men as a hero in his own right, and he’s commanding his way into your games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game! With his iconic power over magnetism allowing him to pull his signature cards from his deck every turn, Magneto is a versatile and powerful hero that can sway the battle in your favor. Within this Hero Pack, you will find Magneto, his fifteen signature cards, and a full assortment of Leadership cards inviting you to command your allies in battle. This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the notorious Hellfire Club!   Tho..
  • Preorder - The Battle of Versailles (verwacht augustus 2024)
    "The Battle of Versailles" was a fashion show held in 1973 in Versailles, France that pitted five American designers against five French designers. The American designers, including Anne Klein, Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, and Bill Blass, were considered to be more innovative and less traditional than the French designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Emanuel Ungaro, Pierre Cardin, and Christian Dior. The American designers ended up winning the competition and solidifying their place in the fashion world. The event was widely covered in the media, and is considered a turning point in the history of fashion.   In the game The Battle of Versailles, players take the role of either the France or U.S. team, facing one another by playing action cards to..
  • Preorder - Vegetable Stock (verwacht november 2024)
    Grow the vegetables, raise the sale price, and make a fortune!   Vegetable Stock, which debuted as Small Farmer, is a simple card game about vegetable economics. Each round, reveal one more card than the number of players on the table. Each card has three vegetable icons on it, with vegetables coming in five types. Players take turns choosing one of the cards and placing it in their harvest pile face down. The price of the vegetable(s) on the card not chosen goes up — but if the price goes too high, it crashes, although it can rise again next round.   After six rounds, determine your score by multiplying the number of each vegetable you have harvested by the final price of that vegetable. The player with the highest score wins!       ..
  • Preorder - Intarsia (verwacht oktober 2024)
    For countless years, the Café de Paris has offered moments of carefree relaxation and a wonderful opportunity to pause and breathe amid a bustling city. Unfortunately, the café must close for emergency renovation to ensure that it continues to attract numerous guests.   In Intarsia, players compete for the contract for the coveted redesign work on the parquet, embellishing it with stylish intarsias. To win the contract, players have to prove their skills by refining the floor with stylish inlays and outdoing their competitors with new tools.   Each floor ornament can consist of one to four filigree wooden elements that are puzzled together from the outside inwards. The more pieces the ornament consists of, the more victory points it scores! During the building ..
  • Preorder - Wandering Galaxy: A Crossroads Game (verwacht december 2024)
    Explore space like never before in Wandering Galaxy, the newest addition to Plaid Hat's "Crossroads Game" universe.   In the game, players are members of a ragtag starship crew traversing the edge of charted space in search of fame and riches. Together the players command and control a ship as they set off on a world-jumping campaign, taking on jobs too dangerous (or too insane) for the average space traveler ..
  • Preorder - Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game (verwacht december 2024)
    When a terrorist organization holds the world for ransom, it’s up to the legendary Solid Snake and team to infiltrate enemy base and sabotage the prototype weapons systems before it’s too late.   Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game brings the stealth and drama of the beloved video game series to your tabletop. Solid Snake, Meryl, Otacon, and Gray Fox make their way through interconnected missions, sneaking past patrols, and defeating unique bosses with the ultimate goal of preventing world-ending threats.   Contents: 186 tokens 1 campaign book 176 cards 1 VR missions book 14 dice 14 game tiles 13 dashboards 24 miniatures 1 rulebook &..
  • Preorder - Defenders of the Wild (verwacht september 2024)
    Tactical area control meets fantasy adventure in this card-driven cooperative game of animals against machines from the designer of PARKS and the creator of Bloc by Bloc. Play as one of four unique factions and assemble your crew of defenders from a wide range of animal characters to resist the machines across a modular map that changes with each game.   War has come to the Wild. For millennia, animals have weathered shifting alliances and the cycle of hundred-year seasons—but they’ve never faced an enemy like this. An army of machines powered by corrupted magic is rampaging across the woodlands, enclosing everything in its path and exploiting the warmth of the world. Across the marshes, plains, mountains, and forests, scrappy crews of defenders rise up to resist the machin..
  • Preorder - Deep Regrets + Lamentable Tentacles Expansion (Kickstarter) (verwacht maart 2025)
    Deep Regrets is a game for 1-5 players that runs about 30 minutes per player.   An unfortunate fishing game about pulling progressively more horrifying things out of the ocean.   Decide what to eat, what to sell, what to mount, and how many regrets you're willing to carry, as you push yourself too far and spiral towards a thrilling conclusion in this strategic horror fishing game.   You'll roll bespoke tackle dice at the start of each turn to determine your strength for that round and then decide whether you'll stay at sea or return to port to sell fish, buy provisions, and recharge your energy.   Survey the sizes of shadows on the backs of 9 different fish shoals at three depths, determining what you think you can afford to catch and ..
  • Preorder - Spots (NL) (verwacht oktober 2024)
    Honden hebben stippen, dobbelstenen hebben stippen. Bedek alle vakjes op je honden en win!!   Spots is een spel met dobbelstenen, geluk... en honden!   Gooi de dobbelstenen en plaats deze op je hondenkaarten of begraaf ze in de tuin. Je lacht je vrienden uit als ze te grote risico's nemen en betrapt worden als ze teveel dobbelstenen in de tuin begraven. Maar daarna lachen zij jóu uit, want jou gebeurt precies hetzelfde!   Spots is snel te leren, maar biedt genoeg uitdaging zodat elke beurt weer spannend blijft.   Inhoud: 40 dobbelstenen 32 hondenkaarten 22 actietegels 4 tuintegels 20 koekjes spelregels ..
  • Preorder - Gaia Project: The Lost Fleet (verwacht augustus 2024)
    There will be four new factions: Darkanians, Mowyed, Space Giants, Tinkeroids, corresponding to 2 new planet types: proto planets and asteroids The new layout of the map will feature holes where the ships of the lost fleet and some new planet types will be placed There will be new smaller sector tiles (edge sectors) Ships of the lost fleet allow access to new action spaces and technolgies to be found on the new board, aswell as special federation tokens and artifacts, no standard Q.I.C. actions anymore, Q.I.C. actions only available on ships 6 new adv. techs 4 new roundboosters 3 new round scorings Some faction balancing (start resources, income, additional actions or different costs to explore a ship) Lantids get cover up tiles for their PI (1-3 player) ..
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