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  • Preorder - Cascadia [NL] [verwacht Q1 2022]
    Ga op reis door CASCADIA™ in het noordwesten van Noord-Amerika en maak een gebalanceerd ecosysteem. De beurten zijn eenvoudig: kies een combinatie van een leefgebiedtegel en een dierfiche en leg deze in je groeiende ecosysteem. Ontvang punten door te voldoen aan de wensen van de diersoorten. Daarnaast ontvang je ook punten voor de grootte van je leefgebieden. Met 20 verschillende dierkaarten is elk spel Cascadia anders!   Cascadia™ is een puzzelspel voor 1 tot 4 spelers. Met het prestatiewandelpad kun je ook alleen of met elkaar de uitdaging aangaan om bepaalde opdrachten te voltooien en de expert van Cascadia™ te worden. In deze uitdaging (3 modules) vind je in totaal 30 verschillende opdrachten die je kunt voltooien.
  • Preorder - Ark Nova (NL) (verwacht Q1 2022)
    In Ark Nova plan en ontwerp je een moderne dierentuin met het uiteindelijke doel om de meest succesvolle dierentuin te hebben. Je bouwt verblijven, huisvest dieren en steunt  natuurbeschermingsprojecten over de hele wereld. Specialisten en unieke gebouwen kunnen je tijdens het spel helpen om bepaalde doelstellingen te realiseren. ..
  • Preorder - Corrosion (verwacht december 2021)
    In Corrosion, each of you manages a factory and deploys engineers to build up diversified scoring and production engines. In the steam-filled air, however, your biggest enemy is time because most machines and gears rust away quickly, so you are well advised to also produce chrome gears and invest in rustproof and powerful chrome machines.   On your turn, you can either play an engineer card or turn the corrosion wheel of your factory:   Playing engineers mostly gains you new machines and qualified engineers. Other players can copy your engineer's action by playing an engineer of the same suit but a higher grade. Turning your corrosion wheel puts your machines to work and returns engineers to your hand, but also causes old gears and machines to rust. To ..
  • Preorder - Bad Company (verwacht begin november)
    Build your own gang and customize it to suit your plans. Gather resources to complete heists and money to recruit new gang members. And make sure you escape the police! A unique and fun game from the award-winning designers of Automania and Trails of Tucana.   Bad Company supports up to 6 players with very little downtime. It also includes a solo mode where you try to outsmart the police.   Each player has a player board with 11 gang members. You may upgrade them by placing overlapping cards onto them. This way, the visual appearances of your gang members change as they gain more abilities.   Each round, the active player rolls four dice and divides them into two pairs (pay coins to reroll). Each pair of dice activates one gang member on the active..
  • Preorder - Golem (verwacht november 2021)
    Golem is an engine-building game by Simone Luciani, Virginio Gigli and Flaminia Brasini, the same team that brought you Grand Austria Hotel and Lorenzo il Magnifico.   The game is based on the 16th-century legend of the Golem of Prague, an anthropomorphic creature that Rabbi Loew animated from a clay statue to protect his people. In the game, players take on the role of rabbis who create and grow these powerful creatures that will be moved around the neighborhoods of Prague under the control of students. Be careful, because if a golem becomes too powerful, it will destroy everything it encounters on its way. Players can also kill their Golems in order to get bonuses.   Players also create powerful artifacts and acquire knowledge by collecting ancient books. ..
  • Preorder -  Night of the Ninja (verwacht november 2021)
    Night of the Ninja is a fast-paced game of deadly secrets, midnight assassinations, and paper-thin alliances. In Night of the Ninja, your mission is to defeat a rival ninja House ...if you can figure out who they are! Each round, you choose your ninja role: a Spy or Fortune Teller gains valuable information, but only a Shinobi or Blind Assassin can cut down an opponent. To win, you’ll have to trick your opponents, figure out who can’t be trusted, and fight for your House!   Night of the Ninja supports 4-11 players, and a single round can play out within 5 minutes. Created by Justin Gary (Ascension, Shards of Infinity), it's designed to appeal to anyone from novice gamers to social deduction enthusiasts. Every card features papercraft art by Ben Charman, intricately hand-cut..
  • Preorder -  Horrified: American Monsters (leverdatum tbd)
    De leverdatum voor deze titel is nog niet bevestigd. Bij bevestiging zal deze op onze website verschijnen. Preorder nu alvast om zeker te zijn van je exemplaar!     The stakes have been raised. Imagine living in a place so wretched that it's not plagued by one, two, or even three monsters — but seven of the most horrifying fiends!   In this game, you'll come face to face with them all as you work together to rid the town of the maniacal or misunderstood creatures…before it's too late.   Horrified includes high-quality sculpted miniatures (Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon). Its innovative, easy-to-learn, cooperative gameplay has players ..
  • Preorder - Ark Nova (EN) (verwacht december 2021)
    In Ark Nova, you will plan and design a modern, scientifically managed zoo. With the ultimate goal of owning the most successful zoological establishment, you will build enclosures, accommodate animals, and support conservation projects all over the world. Specialists and unique buildings will help you in achieving this goal.   Each player has a set of five action cards to manage their gameplay, and the power of an action is determined by the slot the card currently occupies. The cards in question are:   CARDS: Allows you to gain new zoo cards (animals, sponsors, and conservation project cards). BUILD: Allows you to build standard or special enclosures, kiosks, and pavilions. ANIMALS: Allows you to accommodate animals in your zoo. ASSOCIATION: Allow..
  • Preorder - Bonfire: Trees and Creatures (verwacht oktober 2021)
    On Asperia, every day is unique and brings surprising events that constantly change the life and work of the gnomefolk. Now ancient trees have been reinvigorated by the guardians, while the gnomes seek the help of mysterious and mighty creatures.   In Bonfire: Trees & Creatures, the story continues, with players being able to expand the base game with three modules that can be combined with one another, in addition to being able to add a fifth player. Players can expand their city by acquiring and placing tree tiles above their path tiles, unlocking useful bonuses and new ways to score at the end of the game. At the beginning of the game, each player drafts a creature card with a unique ability. Every time the player who began the game places a new fate tile, a new even..
  • Preorder -  Transformers Deck-Building Game (verwacht november 2021)
    Transform and roll out!   The Autobots are brave robot warriors hailing from the planet Cybertron. Their mission? To stop the Decepticons from enacting their evil schemes on Earth.   In Transformers Deck-Building Game, you take on the role of one of the mighty Autobots. Travel and explore the Matrix and transform between your different modes as you gain allies, find relics, and acquire technology to do battle with the Decepticons. But be warned! As your deck grows, more powerful Decepticons will rise up to challenge you.   Transformers Deck-Building Game can be played competitively or as a co-operative experience. This core set will begin your collection with everything needed to play, but the battle is far from over as playable Decepticons are on ..
  • Preorder - Dollars to Donuts (verwacht december 2021)
    Donuts must be made whole! That's the spirit driving your actions in Dollars to Donuts, mostly because the customers in your donut shop will not want to purchase half-donuts that will undoubtedly be stale on their open ends.   To set up the game, place four 1x1 starting tiles on the 6x6 game board that represents your donut shop and take five "dollar" tiles from the bag; on their back side, dollar tiles have either a half donut (plain, chocolate, sprinkle) or a set of donut holes (again in the three flavors). The starting tiles depict half donuts in these three flavors   On a turn, you can purchase a 1x4 donut tile that depicts half donuts along its edges from the six available tiles for a cost of $0-5. You then add this tile to your shop — with some of the til..
  • Preorder -  Onitama: Light and Shadow (verwacht december 2021)
    The third expansion for Onitama, Light and Shadow offers a new way to explore the elegant and simple game of martial tactics by introducing a new type of pawn: the Ninja! Unlike other pawns, the Ninja moves secretly, hidden from your opponent's view until they are ready to strike...   There are two ways to play Light and Shadow:   - Way of the Shadow is a symmetrical game in which each player deploys their own Ninja.   - Way of the Light is an asymmetrical game that pits one Ninja player against a traditional Onitama Master and Students player.     ..
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