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  • Preorder - Viscounts of the West Kingdom [Kickstarter Versie] [verwacht december 2020]
    Viscounts of the West Kingdom is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. Choosing peace over prosperity, our once strong King began offering our enemies gold and land to lay down their axes. But peace is a tenuous affair. As poverty spread, many people lost faith in his ability to lead and sought independence from the crown. Since finding favour in his courts, our future has also become uncertain. As viscounts, we must be wise and decisive. Loyalty is to be upheld, but gaining favour among the people must be our priority, should there be a sudden shift in power.   The aim of Viscounts of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game's end. Points are gained by constructing buildings, writing manuscripts, working i..
  • Preorder - Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series - Kickstarter (verwacht maart 2021)   Receive all 3 games (1400, 1900 and 2400) and all Stretch Goals unlocked! ..
  • Preorder - It's a Wonderful World (NL) (verwacht juli 2020)
    Update 06/06/2020: release uitgesteld naar juli 2020.    In It’s a Wonderful World, you are an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world.   It’s a Wonderful World is a cards drafting and engine building game from 1 to 5 players. Each round, players will draft 7 cards and then choose which ones will be recycled to immediately acquire Resources, and which ones will be kept for construction to produce Resources each round and/or gain victory points.   When a card is fully built, it’s added to the player’s Empire to increase the player’s production capacity for each round. The..
  • Preorder - Tortuga 2199 (Kickstarter - verwacht augustus 2020)
    Planetary registry… Tortuga — former Interstellar Confederation's mining colony. Aggressive environment and fauna. The planet is located inside the neutral buffer zone of Omega sector. Since the miners’ rebellion, the planet is under control of insurgents and pirate clans. Visiting is highly discouraged by Confederation ships.   Tortuga 2199 is a deck building, exploration, and area control game for 2–4 players.   Play as the pirate captain of a space ship. Your objective is to become the most powerful captain and have all of the disunited pirate clans join your cause. Upgrade your ship and hire new crew members. Explore and conquer different sectors of the planet. Fight space beasts and board other captains’ ships. All o..
  • Preorder - Kanban EV [Factory Worker Kickstarter Version] [verwacht november 2020]
    Electric vehicles (EVs) have become more common since 2014 and are the future of the automobile industry. They are superior vehicles due to them being more efficient, easier to maintain, cleaner, and cheaper to run. They are computerized machines that use AI to improve safety and in the near future will provide autonomous driving. They receive software upgrades during their lifetime and are constantly improving, unlike their traditional combustion-engine counterparts, which start to become obsolete as soon as you start using them.   You will be overseeing the production of these vehicles in Kanban EV, with "kanban" (看板) being the name for a scheduling system that supports an efficient assembly line, just-in-time production, and a smooth workflow process. Over the course of ..
  • Preorder - Marco Polo II: Op bevel van de Khan (verwacht augustus 2020)
    Update 19/05 - uitgesteld naar augustus 2020 Update 18/03 - de uitlevering van deze titel is verschoven naar half mei.    De tocht gaat verder in het vervolg op In de Voetsporen van Marco Polo. In dit opzichzelfstaande spel reis je op bevel van de Khan opnieuw naar de verste uithoeken van het continent op zoek naar roem en rijkdom. Met nieuwe opties en nieuwe handelswaren voelt dit spel vertrouwd maar toch verfrissend aan.   Zadel de kamelen en maak je opnieuw klaar voor een grote reis in Marco Polo II: Op bevel van de Khan. Werp de dobbelstenen en bedenk je strategie in dit vervolg op het klassieke bordspel In de Voetsporen van Marco Polo. Marco Polo II is geen uitbreiding maar een compleet nieuwe, losstaande editie. Het spel lijkt in grote lijnen op ..
  • Preorder - Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile [Kickstarter versie] [verwacht januari 2021]
    Dit is de kickstarterversie, inclusief de session journal en de deluxe components   In Oath, one to six players guide the course of history in an ancient land. Players might take the role of agents bolstering the old order or scheme to bring the kingdom to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow, changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game's core victory condition.   If a player seizes control by courting anarchy and distrust, future players will have to contend with a land overrun by thieves and petty warlords. In a later game, a warlord might attempt to found a dynasty, creating a line of rulers that might last generations or be crushed by the rise of a terrible, arcan..
  • Preorder - Red Outpost [Kickstarter Deluxe versie] [verwacht september 2020]
    Update 19/05 - deze Kickstarter is verschoven naar september owv de globale situatie.    Dit is de deluxe versie van het spel, enkel verkrijgbaar tijdens de kickstarter!   A top secret Soviet space mission set out to colonize a planet in a remote galaxy, far away from home. The settlers built there a small communist heaven which exists to this day. As one of the leaders, your goal is to guide the settlers on this new, yet strangely familiar terrain.   In Red Outpost, players get to control all of the settlers, each time a different one. You must expertly manage the resources and choose the jobs carefully so as not to upset the settlers: Keeping up morale is of utmost importance if you want to become the most prolific leader!   ..
  • Preorder - Rome and Roll [kickstarter versie] [verwacht augustus 2020]
    Update 19/05 - deze Kickstarter is verschoven naar augustus owv de globale situatie.    Dit is de kickstarterversie met alle stretchgoals en exclusieve miniaturen!   Rome & Roll is a heavy roll-and-write board game by Dávid Turczi and Nick Shaw in which 1-4 players compete to craft an empire. Draft from a pool of custom dice to collect resources, construct the town, and organize armies. Political alliances, the colonies, and even the Gods all have a part to play. Imperii Gloria!   • Draft the dice to match your needs: roll, draw, and win! • Play one of seven unique character classes, ranging from merchants to military leaders, with a wealth of different strategies to deploy. • Take advantage of four possible scoring avenues: c..
  • Preorder - Sovereign Skies [Kickstarter versie] [verwacht juli 2020]
    Update 19/05 - deze Kickstarter is verschoven naar juli owv de globale situatie.    Dit is de kickstarterversie met alle stretchgoals en de Houses Rising Expansion   On the edge of space, the powerful houses of Old-Earth have finally discovered an abundant source of Atlum energy in the Abyssi cluster, a system of six alien planets striving to maintain peace. Occupy the planets and recruit politicians to gain influence and power for your faction in the epic worker movement strategy game, Sovereign Skies. ..
  • Preorder - Time of Legends: Destinies [King Pledge Kickstarter] [verwacht september 2020]
    King Pledge:1 copy of Time of Legends: Destinies - Core Box including the Sea of Sand expansion and the free Myth and Folklore expansion.   Time of Legends: Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game.   The first in a series of games using a brand-new system called Destinies. This game is set in the dark medieval-fantasy universe of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.   The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience, without the need for a game master. Each scenario depicts a part of a vivid world, full of dark stories, epic NPCs and mysteries to solve. Each player takes the role of a hero on a quest to fulfill their destiny. Each destiny is ..
  • Preorder - Merchants Cove [Kickstarter Versie] [verwacht juni 2020]
    This pledge includes free The Secret Stash Expansion - a box of One physical copy of Merchants Cove base game + The Secret Stash expansion, with all unlocked Stretch Goals.   Welcome ashore to Merchants Cove! In this highly asymmetric Euro game, each player takes control of a completely different fantasy merchant such as the Alchemist, the Captain, the Time Traveler and the Blacksmith.   Using a unique set of role specific components and gameplay mechanics, each merchant will compete to satisfy the demands of the bold adventurers who arrive each day to spend their hard earned coin at the famous market piers. An exciting time resource mechanism will challenge each player to balance control over the customers and market, versus running a highly efficient, goo..
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