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  • Undo: Cherry Blossom Festival
    Time heals all wounds, they say, but the sudden death of a loved one sometimes shakes those who are left behind so much that their faith wavers. To prevent this, the gods send fate weavers to change the past and prevent death. In the game series Undo, players slip into the role of these destiny weavers and do everything in their power to undo sudden deaths — whether murder or suicide. Not only do they travel minutes or hours back in time, but sometimes thousands of years to change events that have laid the foundation for the later stroke of fate. Sometimes a leap into the future can also provide important information.   The Undo series combines the theme of time travel with emotional, extraordinary stories that players must assemble piece by piece. Each time jump gives them..
  • Second Chance (NL)
    Welk puzzelstuk past beter? Teken elke ronde een puzzelstuk in je raster en probeer aan het einde van het spel de minste lege velden te hebben. Als geen van de puzzelstukken past, is er nog hoop! Je Second Chance kan je redden, zodat je niet vroegtijdig uitvalt.Nieuw spel van Uwe Rosenberg ..
  • Epic Resort
    Players compete to build the best resort for attracting fantasy heroes and tourists looking for fun and relaxation. The more you attract, the more likely monsters will attack!     Overview Hire and train your workers, build and upgrade your attractions, and convince your battle weary heroes to fight just one more time so without letting too many tourists get eaten! Gain Victory points by upgrading attractions and giving Heroes the rest they need. The highest scoring player when all monsters are defeated is the winner.   Setup Each player begins with a humble resort consisting of a Beach, a Tiki Hut and a small number of Tourists, placed at each attraction. Each player starts with their own worker Deck consisting of 7 Apprentices, 3 Street Perfo..
    9,00€ 30,00€
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Mount Gundabad (Ered Mithrin Cycle - Pack 5)
    They marched and gathered by hill and valley, going ever by tunnel or under dark, until around and beneath the great mountain Gundabad of the North, where was their capital, a vast host was assembled ready to sweep down in time of storm unawares. –J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit   Mount Gundabad is the fifth Adventure Pack in the Ered Mithrin cycle.   The time has come. All your adventures across Wilderland have pointed you in one direction: toward Mount Gundabad and a confrontation with the terrible Dragon that roosts within. While few would openly rush into a battle with such a beast, one thing remains certain: Dagnir poses a threat to the whole of Wilderland and you must take on whatever risks are necessary to keep it safe.   Take the next step i..
  • Odin: Special Tiles
    New Special Tiles. Mini expansion, contained in "Deutscher Spielepreis 2017 Goodie Box".   ..
  • Hive Carbon: The Pillbug
    Uitbreiding voor Hive Carbon, extra steen de pissebed. De pissebed mag zelf één stapje verplaatsen, of een aangrenzende tegel van jezelf of een ander verplaatsen ..
  • Hive: The Pillbug
    Uitbreiding voor Hive, extra steen de pissebed. De pissebed mag zelf één stapje verplaatsen, of een aangrenzende tegel van jezelf of een ander verplaatsen ..
  • Apocrypha Adventure Card Game (schade)
    The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game allows you to play it as a cooperative card game, or with a game master as a role playing game. The world is on the brink of an apocalypse, set in motion by monsters only your characters can see. Gameplay is story-based, and features deck construction and character growth. Over time, characters will unlock repressed memory fragments that will add new powers. Each mission has a unique setup and goal, which often involves hunting down a true threat hiding among the cards at the nexuses that characters investigate.   The game will be released in a base box that will contain one chapter expansion. The base game, called The World, comes with 584 cards, 20 six-sided dice, 1 rulebook, 1 storybook, 30 dividers, and 10 character stand-up tokens. The..
    20,00€ 70,00€
  • This War of Mine
    This War Of Mine: The Board Game is the tabletop adaptation of the award-winning video game that pictures the drama of civilians trapped in a war-torn city. You will enter this experience as a group of civilians trapped in a besieged and conflict-ridden city, enduring many hardships that often test the essence of humanity. During day time you will take shelter in a ruined tenement house, which you will care about and manage by: removing rubble, searching through various rooms (often behind barricaded doors), you will build beds, improvised workshops, stoves, tools, water filters, small animal traps, you will cultivate an improvised vegetable garden, fix the tenements’ shelled facilities, reinforce the security of your shelter and should winter come, you’ll try to keep it wa..
    40,00€ 61,00€
  • De Taveernen van de Oude Stad
    De Taveernen van de Oude Stad is een nieuw deckbuilding- en dobbelspel van de succesvolle spellenontwerper Wolfgang Warsch (Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg, Clever, Brikks). Spelers proberen als herbergier drinkebroers en edellieden te lokken voor een welverdiende borrel. Proost!   In de Oude Stad komen burgers uit de omgeving regelmatig samen in de beroemde, schemerige taveernen. Iedere speler neemt de rol van een waard aan en probeert nieuwe, het liefst kapitaalkrachtige, gasten te werven. Alleen dan verdient hij voldoende geld om zijn taveerne uit te breiden.   Maar welke uitbreiding is de juiste? Een extra tafel of serveerster kan nooit kwaad, of toch liever investeren in een grotere opslagruimte voor het bier? Is er genoeg aandacht voor het binnenkomende geld?..
  • Point Salad
    Point Salad is a fast and fun card drafting game for the whole family. There are over 100 ways to score points. Players may use a variety of strategies and every game of Point Salad is unique!   Cards come in six different types of veggies, and the back of each card has a different scoring method. So for instance, one scoring method may award 2 points for every carrot you have, but deduct a point for every onion. By drafting combinations of veggies and point cards that work for your strategy, you can amass the most points and win.   ..
  • Preorder - Tapestry [NL] [verwacht november 2019]
    Tapestry is a two-hour civilization game for 1-5 players designed by Jamey Stegmaier.   Create the civilization with the most storied history, starting at the beginning of humankind and reaching into the future. The paths you choose will vary greatly from real-world events or people — your civilization is unique!   In Tapestry, you start from nothing and advance on any of the four advancement tracks (science, technology, exploration, and military) to earn progressively better benefits. You can focus on a specific track or take a more balanced approach. You will also improve your income, build your capital city, leverage your asymmetric abilities, earn victory points, and gain tapestry cards that will tell the story of your civilization.     ..
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