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  • e-Raptor Insert Tzolk'in
    e-Raptor Insert compatible with Tzolk’in is a perfect accessory designed to organize and improve gameplay of the board game. It is compatible with the base game and the following expansions: Tribes & Prophecies, Mini Expansion 1 (Bonus Monument – Granary), Mini Expansion 2 (Bonus Monument) and Tribes & Prophecies – Mini Expansion 1.   Thanks to this insert you can arrange all game components and keep them in order – no more mess on the table while playing. Nogears, more looking for necessary elements during the game.   You can hold all your gears, player boards, workers, markers, wooden blocks, tokens etc. in one place without being afraid of losing control of the setting. They can be..
    21,60€ 27,00€
  • Ausser Rand und Band
      The assembly line conveys robot heads, legs, and torsos in three colors. Players place dice on these components. Once a robot part leaves the line, the dice deposited on them also go tumbling down. This way, the assembly line determines by dice roll which player is entitled to the respective robotic body part.   By using additional dice placed at the edge of the line, players can modify the line in order to gain advantages in the "production chain". The player who uses the "rolled-off-the-line" robot body parts to assemble as many robots as possible — and, if possible, of only one color — wins the game.   Ausser Rand & Band is a super-light family game with a highly stimulative nature, unique equipment, and non-stop playing fun.   ht..
    17,00€ 28,50€
  • Legendary Coins: Zombie (Goud)
    1 gouden munt uit de Zombie set Prachtig uitgevoerde metalen coins van Drawlab. Deze worden per stuk aangeboden.    ..
  • Legendary Coins: Zombie (Zilver)
    1 zilveren munt uit de Zombie set Prachtig uitgevoerde metalen coins van Drawlab. Deze worden per stuk aangeboden.    ..
  • Legendary Coins: Zombie (Brons)
    1 bronzen munt uit de Zombie set Prachtig uitgevoerde metalen coins van Drawlab. Deze worden per stuk aangeboden.    ..
  • Wreck Raiders (EN)
    Plunge into the glittering sea to recover exotic treasures from a seafloor overflowing with pirate shipwrecks. Send your divers to the deep, but be careful; moving too close to other divers lets them get in on the haul too! Gather lost loot and beached baubles to assemble museum exhibits and construct eye-popping aquariums... but don't forget to save the best bits for your personal collection!   Wreck Raiders is an innovative dice-drafting worker placement system. Choose a die from the pool, then send one of your divers to any spot on the board with that number. But be warned: the spot you choose will help any diver in the spots next to you, whether they’re friendly or not. Will you risk letting a rival in on your haul to get that treasure you want, or can you find a way to..
  • Inner Compass
    In Inner Compass, you play as one of four characters searching for meaning in their everyday lives. (Sound familiar?) Make the right life choices, experience the full spectrum of emotions, create meaningful memories, and — ultimately — find your own inner compass. The most enlightened player wins!   Inner Compass is a bold experiment in determining your personal inner compass. Will you focus on building up emotions to release them at certain times? Sometimes it can be healthy and productive, while at other times it can be destructive and inappropriate. As you move through the game, you'll learn how to communicate your emotions constructively and earn points towards winning.   ..
    21,00€ 38,00€
  • Folded Space Insert: Eminent Domain
    Insert compatible with Eminent Domain®, and the Escalation®, Exotica® and Oblivion® expansions. The design provides both efficient storage and improved game play. Many of the trays can be utilised during the game, and they greatly aid set-up and clear-away times. The rules and game boards act as a lid on top of the trays. ..
    8,00€ 13,50€
  • Small Islands
    Small Islands is a tile-placement game in which you are daring explorers discovering a magnificent archipelago. Its islands are brimming with natural resources but also temples from an ancient and mysterious civilization. Brave adventurers, bring back to your clan wealth & prestige!   A game is played in maximum 4 Rounds. At the beginning of each Round, each player secretly picks an Objective Card out of three cards. And in turn, players draw and place a Landscape Tile out of the 5 available (2 in hand, and 3 on the table). At a certain point, another option becomes available: placing a Ship Tile. When this tile is placed, in turn, all players place Houses on the islands and earn Prestige Points according to their Objective. Then players start a new Round. When the game..
    28,80€ 36,00€
  • Spoorzoeken
    Met de hulp van Max, een echte speurneus, zullen jullie aan de hand van verschillende opdrachten de dief moeten zien te vinden. Volg het kruimelspoor!   Spoorzoeken is een actie speurspel, waarin de spelers een door een spelleider uitgezet parcours moeten proberen te volgen. Onderweg staat hen verschillende opdrachten en uitdagingen te wachten. De dubbelzijdige kaarten zorgen ervoor dat een kaart zowel als richtingaanwijzer en als opdracht kan worden gebruikt. Het spel kan binnen of buiten worden gespeeld.   Spoorzoeken zorgt er op een ongedwongen manier voor dat kinderen creatieve keuzes moeten maken en in beweging komen! De 40 dubbelzijdige kaarten in het spel zijn van kunststof, waardoor ze tegen barre omstandigheden kunnen zoals regen en kreukelen. &nbs..
    10,00€ 13,00€
  • Ricochet Poker
    Ricochet Poker is a fast-moving, pure odds game of poker with no bluffing. It’s a great way to start off a night of gaming and a fun new addition to poker night.   Handsomely illustrated by Cheyenne Wright, this classic poker deck can be used to play any traditional card game as well as over 30 original game designs by James Ernest. ..
    2,40€ 11,00€
  • Marvel Champions: The Card Game – Thor Hero Pack
    Join the fight for freedom with the Thor Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!   With the mythical hammer Mjolner, Thor has the power to defeat even the strongest of foes with legendary strength and power.   Like all Hero Packs, the Thor Hero Pack includes a fully-playable deck right out of the box that includes 15 Hero cards, 17 cards from the Aggression aspect, and 8 neutral cards. This deck allows you to harness the power of Thor, who is rewarded for engaging and dispatching villainous minions from the field!   ..
    13,00€ 16,00€
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