Playmat - Compass Cthulhu (40cmx60cm)

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The mats in the immersion range provide you with incomparable playing comfort.
The top coating in premium quality polyester gives it an exceptional glide for your cards, tiles, figurines and all the elements that make up your favourite games.
The lower part of the mat is made of high quality Neoprene and is non-slip, whatever the surface of use. With a minimum thickness of 3 mm, all imperfections of the surface where the mat is laid are absorbed.
The contours of the mats all have double seams for a long-lasting finish.
The care taken in the printing of Immersion carpets gives them deep and bright colours.
Play with a rug from the Immersion range and it will quickly become indispensable.
Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm


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