Palm Island (DU)

Uitgever: Nuts! Publishing
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Aantal Spelers Aantal Spelers 1:2
Leeftijd Leeftijd 10
Speelduur Speelduur 15
Jaar van eerste uitgave Jaar van eerste uitgave 2018
Type Type Basisspel
Taal Taal Andere
Taalafhankelijkheid Taalafhankelijkheid Beperkt taalafhankelijk
Geavanceerd zoeken
Spelmechanisme Spelmechanisme Coöperatief spel:Hand Management:Gelijktijdig acties kiezen:Deck Building:Geheugen
Auteur Auteur Jon Mietling
Categorie Categorie Steden bouwen
Opgelet: dit is de Duitse versie van Palm Island. Het spel is licht taalafhankelijk: de kaarten hebben een benaming die in deze versie in het Duits is vertaald. De taal speelt echter geen rol in de gameplay zelf. 
Palm Island is a portable game that you can take with you anywhere. Sitting, standing, waiting, riding, flying, relaxing, alone, or together you can play Palm Island no table required.
Using a deck transforming mechanic a player uses just 17 cards over 8 rounds to shape their island and overcome its unique challenges. Store resources to pay for upgrades and upgrade buildings to access new abilities. Each decision you make will alter your village from round to round. At the end of 8 rounds calculate your victory points.
Each card has four states or positions. The face-up, top section is the active area on each card and represents the card's current state. Through upgrading your cards with rotate and flip allowing you to access the other sections of each card and improve your village by increasing resource production and gaining more victory points.
While playing solo, players can achieve feats by meeting specific criteria during their games. Once they have earned a feat, its card can be used in all future games. Collect more feats for more abilities and score even more points.
While playing with others you may play cooperatively working together to successfully prepare your village before natural disasters strike. These disasters scale based on player count allowing you to combine multiple copies of the game for more players or even play these challenges solo. You can also play competitively racing to recruit valuable new members for you village and use their abilities to score more points than your opponent.
The game comes with 2 player decks, competitive cards, cooperative cards and solo feat cards. Multiple games can be combined to add even more players.
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