Feldherr foam set: Terraforming Mars

Uitgever: Feldherr
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The time has come for the colonization of the Red Planet to become a reality. You take control of one of the powerful corporations with the aim to make Mars habitable. To win this competition, organization is everything. So that you always keep the overview, here is the suitable Feldherr-Set as an insert for your Box.
The set fits exactly into the original board game box for 'Terraforming Mars'.
Provides space for all cards, markers, and tiles of the core game.
The set includes:
1 foam tray for cards, markers, and tiles (AFMEOA050BO)
1 foam topper
A total of 19 compartments on the Feldherr foam insert make sure that each marker and each tile is properly placed.
8 compartments are available for sorting the resource cubes and player markers. You have one compartment for each color and thus always keep the overview.
In the group with the hexagonal compartments on the opposite side you have space for the tiles. Hereby, the ocean, greenery, city, and special tiles are neatly and securely stowed so that the game can be set up quickly and easily. The temperature, oxygen, and generation markers, along with the first player marker, also find room here.
There are still 4 compartments left to store the cards. Of course, these also fit here with sleeve.
A matching foam topper closes the whole set. On the topper you can place the player boards, the game board and the rulebook.
Now everything is neatly stowed away and you are always ready to create a new world.
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