Drinking War

Uitgever: Matagot
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Type Type Basisspel
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THE FIRST STRATEGIC DRINKING GAME! Compete with your friends during your parties to become the great champion!
GAME PURPOSE: Each player has life points, the objective is to take away your opponents'. You must use cards to deal out gobs to your opponents. Once you receive sips, you have the choice to drink them or not by losing a life point.
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: From 2 to 18 players. If there are more than 6 players, make teams of 2 or 3 players (6 teams max). The number of Life Points (HP) varies according to the number of players (2 players = 7 HP / 3-4 players or teams = 5 HP / 5-6 players or teams = 4 HP)
FOR A DRINK WITH OR WITHOUT ALCOHOL: It is possible to play Drinking War without drinking. The non-drinking player loses 1 VP when he receives an attack of 13 or more. (Example: a non-drinking player is attacked by 13 swallows, he can use a -1 on defense to not lose any VP. If he had no defense, he would have lost 1 VP)
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