Deutscher Spielepreis Goodiebox 2016

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The Deutscher Spielepreis 2016 Goodie Box is a product to support the Deutscher Spielepreis, the second biggest German board game prize, for which thousands of players vote each year between May and July for their favorite game. This box contains a small expansion for four of the top ten games of the Deutscher Spielepreis 2016: Mombasa, Codenames, Isle of Skye, and T.I.M.E Stories.
Promos include:
T.I.M.E Stories: Special Reward - contains three beacon tokens, which can be used in the third run of a mission.
Codenames: Authors & Games - Additional cards for the game, on one side game designers, the other games titles.
Mombasa: Cooked Books - Includes 6 book tiles and 1 bookkeeper tile, adding extra point score for the end of the game.
Isle of Skye: Adjacency Scrolls (Nachbarschafts Schriftrollen) - Six tiles added to the mix, containing scrolls that score features on adjacent tiles.
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