20 Strong: Base Game + Solar Sentinels

Uitgever: Chip Theory Games
Boardgamegeek Score: 7.64 (991 votes)
Boardgamegeek Rank: 2208
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Aantal Spelers Aantal Spelers 1
Leeftijd Leeftijd 14
Speelduur Speelduur 40
Jaar van eerste uitgave Jaar van eerste uitgave 2023
Type Type Basisspel
Taal Taal Engels
Taalafhankelijkheid Taalafhankelijkheid Taalafhankelijk
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Auteur Auteur Josh J. Carlson
The idea behind 20 Strong is a small nucleus of simple, adaptable rules that can then be applied to a variety of unique decks, each with their own set of mechanics.
The object of a game of 20 Strong is to progress through a shuffled deck of cards, each card bearing a unique challenge. This challenge could be in the form of an enemy, a unique scenario, or some other requirement (for example, players of the Too Many Bones deck might expect to see a Lockpicking challenge or two). Challenges usually require a certain number of successes to complete, which you earn by rolling a set of 17 dice with different odds for a hit (these dice, along with three adjustable stat dice, make up the “20” in 20 Strong).
If you roll enough successes, you complete a card’s challenge and gain its rewards. If you don’t, you take damage and move on to the next card – unless, of course, your HP stat is reduced to 0, costing you the game. If you manage to make it through an entire deck, you take on one of the deck’s final bosses, attempting to score enough hits against this powerful enemy to claim ultimate victory.
Of course, it’s never so easy that you’d want to spend all of your dice on a single card. In addition to your HP Stat, you’re also keeping track of your Strategy (which controls how many rerolls and items you have) and your Recovery, which controls how many dice return to your pool after taking on a challenge. If you roll more dice than your Recovery, those dice are exhausted, lowering your pool for your subsequent challenges. It’s a game of pressing your luck, strategic decision-making, and resource management.
Tanglewood Promos are included.
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