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  • De Slimste Mens ter Wereld: Het Bordspel
    Boardgame based on a Belgian TV quiz. Every player has a digital display with a timer. You start with 60 seconds and you can earn seconds with correct answers. After 4 rounds, the 2 leading players struggle for victory in the final round. In this round, you have to give correct answers until your opponent`s timer reach 0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwlOhuX6FTc ..
  • Dice City: All That Glitters
    The nobles of Rolldovia have struck a rich vein of gold, and now it is time to put it to good use! The competition to be the new capital has now taken on a new twist, with not just new architecture, but the power to inspire through great craftsmanship or simply extravagant displays of wealth. But beware, there is a limited supply. It is time to show off all that glitters; it is time to once again roll, build, and win! Dice City: All That Glitters includes three new locations of each type — military, economic, cultural and civic — as well as a new location available throughout the game: the Gold Mine, a Commodity location. This expansion also comes with a supply of gold tokens with which to play.   ..
  • Dice City: Crossroads
    Roll, build and win! The gold from the All That Glitters expansion continues to add wealth to your city in Dice City: Crossroads. That wealth can now be used to invest in the arts, music, and new buildings. The citizens of Rolldovia are finding new ways to get around your city, and in turn making it a more thriving community, with taverns and guilds sprouting up everywhere to support their needs. Which way will your city turn next? It is fair to say you have reached a crossroads... But which is the right way to once more roll, build, and win?     ..
  • Dominion: Keizerrijken
    Grote uitbreiding op het populaire deckbuildingsspel Deze interessante uitbreiding bevat 96 fiches en liefst 300 kaarten. Daaronder kaarten die je nu koopt en pas later betaalt, stapels met 2 verschillende soorten kaarten, en bezienswaardigheden, die nieuwe mogelijkheden bieden om punten te scoren. Verder komen gebeurtenissen uit vorige sets terug.  Met Dominion: Keizerrijken wordt Dominion weer helemaal anders! ..
  • Doomtown: Reloaded
    The classic collectible card game Deadlands: Doomtown returns as an Expandable Card Game in Doomtown: Reloaded. Featuring four factions fighting for control of Gomorra, California. Doomtown: Reloaded allows you to build your own deck from a fixed set of cards in the box. Play your dudes to control deeds in the town, and use actions, hexes, and more to thwart your opponents. Shootouts are resolved via a poker mechanism as every card has a suit and value. Preparing for the hands you want to draw is as much a part of deck building as choosing the actions and dudes you'll want to play. Your deck is built around an Outfit, one of the four main groups attempting to control Gomorra, California, and these outfits are: The Law Dogs: The Sheriff and his deputies, tasked with enforcing..
  • Duel of Ages II
    Duel of Ages II is a time-scramble board game played between two opposing sides each having 1 to 4 players, with uneven size allowable. Each side controls a selected team of 8-12 characters from different ages of time: Ancient, Colonial, Modern and Future. The goal is to win greater glory in overcoming adventures and in tactical combat than the opposing team. Although multiple styles of play are available, the standard DoA game-play involves seven phases: Selection of each side’s team of 8-12 characters (kept secret). Building of the interlocking puzzle map to best suit your character’s skills. Selection of a Team White and a Team Black based on character Respect. Revealing and equipping of characters. Bringing characters onto the map based on Respect..
  • Dynasties
    De economie in Europa kent een enorme groei tijdens de Renaissance. Om ook van deze groei te kunnen profiteren, kiezen de grote dynastieën voor samenwerking. Ze weten dat ze gezamenlijk meer kunnen bereiken en op die manier hun stempel op Europa kunnen drukken. Vorsten en vorstinnen trouwen, handelen en delen, om samen hun macht te versterken. Maar wie krijgt aan het einde het grootste stuk van de taart? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pxm3V2oGGw ..
  • Escape: Illusions
    Escape: Illusions includes two new modules for the Escape base game that can be used individually or mixed with any other available modules. The "Illusion Chambers" module consists of six chamber tiles that replace the tiles with only one magic gem in the basic game. After players return to the starting chamber during the game – something they must do twice in order to avoid losing a die – all illusion chambers in play are removed and returned to the bottom of the tile deck. Hopefully you already completed your business in any section of the temple now disconnected from the rest! The "Special Chambers" module consists of six new chamber tiles, divided as follows: Three linked chamber tiles that allow you to activate magic gems, thereby making it easier for the adventurers to escape the ..
  • Favelas [schade]
    Favelas is a tile-laying game about the beautification of the iconic favelas of Rio de Janeiro! These stacked and ever-evolving neighborhoods are home to many people who stand to benefit greatly from this infusion of money, modernization, and beauty. The bad news is that the council who will approve the funding is fickle and constantly coming back with notes which alter the value of the colors that are used in this beautification. Played over three rounds, this fast-moving Euro-style game will keep people watching for the majorities their opponents are going for — and which colors are being devalued or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps3JC7XkXRA ..
  • Fleet Wharfside
    Fleet Wharfside is a standalone card game based on Fleet and Fleet: Arctic Bounty. Players compete to complete contracts by selecting contracts from the Market and by collecting fish from their fleet at the wharfside. It's what happens when the fleet comes home! Tales of the bountiful harvest at Ridback Bay have traveled far, attracting merchants to the local wharfside who wish to pay handsomely for your haul. A successful fisherman’s day is not done with the catch; keen business decisions will determine if your fleet has amassed a rich profit! Merchants have offered generous contracts for the catch, but which offer the greatest benefits? Choose and complete the most lucrative contracts and reap your reward! In Fleet Wharfside, players fulfill Contracts from local Ridback Bay bu..
  • For the Crown (Second edition)
    Civil war has broken out between two royal brothers over the succession of the kingdom, and the people of a once-peaceful nation must choose sides and rush to war. Even when the sun goes down, the war for the crown does not cease. While the battle rages on during the day, both princes and their armies still hope to catch the other unawares under the blanket of darkness. Neither side is safe even then, however, and so both princes are well prepared - they've gone through lengths to recruit special units to surprise their enemy, including a Phantom to cloak itself and hopefully use the darkness to its advantage in order to capture the rival King and Heirs. In For the Crown, you must gather key resources, train an army from scratch, and capture the rival King and Heirs to prove your cl..
  • For the Crown Variant: All the King's Men
    It's spreading. What started as a petty feud has grown to engulf the nation, and even the most stoic spectators are now picking sides. And as the scope of the conflict changes, so must the strategy; each contender must learn to command larger armies and coordinate with new allies. This is truly a time where strong leadership could turn the tide of history... For the Crown, by designer Jeremy Lennert, introduces All the King's Men, a four-player variant pack! All the King's Men introduces two new variants: The Extended Game and the Team Game. The Extended Game (2-player) uses extra cards, with two options to play an extended game with a friend. The Team Game allows four players to play a single game, in two teams of two! Note, the For the Crown: All the King's Men is not a ‘s..