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  • Oh My Goods!: Longsdale in Revolt
    Riots are spreading in the capital Longsdale as well as rumors that there could soon be a war. The king needs your help, and your decisions might even be able to turn fate in a new direction...   Oh My Goods!: Longsdale in Revolt, an expansion for Oh My Goods!, consists of five chapters that together tell a single story. The length of the game is now not fixed, but depends on the current chapter, which has an event deck that will be compiled differently each time you play. The expansion also includes four character cards, 34 new buildings (in seven types), 22 event cards (in both German and English), and 14 chapter cards (ditto). ..
  • Ora et Labora
    Ora et Labora is een spannend bordspel van de auteur van onder andere Agricola en Boonanza. Je staat aan het hoofd van een klooster en probeert dit met allerlei gebouwen en ontwikkelingen uit te breiden. Daarbij is de locatie van belang. Het ene gebouw moet naast de bergen staan, de ander juist naast de zee. Verder hebben de meeste gebouwen ook invloed op aangrenzende gebouwen. Daardoor ontstaan interessante dilemma's. Je begint met een basisland met 10 velden, waarop je al 3 gebouwen hebt en wat bos en veen. Verder heb je al wat basisgoederen, zoals graan, hout en turf. Je stuurt je prior en 2 lekenbroeders naar gebouwen om grondstoffen voor je te verzamelen of te veredelen. Het spel bevat een oogstwiel, dat laat zien hoeveel grondstoffen er van de verschillende soorten geoogst ku..
  • Patchwork: Americana Edition
    In the game, each player works to create a beautiful, Americana-inspired patchwork quilt out of the available patches by placing them on their 9x9 game board, looking to avoid leaving any empty spaces. ..
  • Patchwork: Christmas Edition
    We probably don’t need to introduce Patchwork anymore. This highly acclaimed game by renowned designer Uwe Rosenberg is one of Lookouts biggest successes. But sometimes you need a little twist, something extra, something festive… A Patchwork – XMAS Edition for example! Jingle bells, presents and maybe even Santa Clause can be found on the patches of this special edition for Christmas. A festive box art and a Patchwork cookie cutter complete this perfect gift for all fans, collectors and everyone who missed Patchwork until now!   "Perfect two player game for Christmas. It also comes with a cookie cutter, so I probably will bake some festive cookies this year!” ..
  • Patchwork: Halloween Edition
    Ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins have entered the world of Patchwork in this spooky re-themed edition of the game. What's more, publisher Lookout Games has rebalanced the values of fourteen tiles to force those familiar with the game to adapt new strategies for drafting and keeping your opponent from filling in all their gaps. ..
  • Patchwork: Valentine Edition
    Forget the flowers, put away the chocolate box: THIS box is filled with pink and sugar-sweet Patchwork romance. It's the perfect game for two lovers on the cheesiest day of the year. Both, the box and it's contents have a Valentine's Day design and seduce collectors and newcomers to a romantic game evening in the Patchwork universe.   Cupid shows you where to look out for the next patch to fill your board with excellent golden, foil-wrapped "truffles" and stuff the nooks with petit fours.   Anniversary? Proposal? Girls night? This game is so cute, you can dish it for any romantic occasion! ..
  • Piepmatz
    In Piepmatz, you skillfully play bird cards from your hand to collect seeds and birds at the bird feeder. Seeds and mated pairs of birds in your collection are worth points. Single birds score only if you have the most of their species. The course of play is the same for all numbers of players. On a turn, you go through these three phases in order:   Play a card — Select a bird card from your hand and place it face up at a perch of your choice. Resolve effects — Compare the birds on the ground with the bird at the perch. Take a seed card or add a bird to your collection. Move a bird to the feeder. Draw new cards — Replenish your hand. The game end is triggered when you are supposed to draw a card from an empty feeder deck. Play continues until all players have h..
  • Preorder - Forest Shuffle (verwacht november 2023)
    In Forest Shuffle, players compete to gather the most valuable trees, then attract species to these trees, thus creating an ecologically balanced habitat for flora and fauna.   To start, each player has six cards in hand, with cards depicting either a particular type of tree or two forest dwellers (animal, plant, mushroom, etc.), with these latter cards being divided in half, whether vertically or horizontally, with one dweller in each card half.   On a turn, either draw two cards — whether face down from the deck or face up from the clearing — and add them to your hand, or play a card from your hand by paying the cost, then putting it into play.   Each tree and dweller shows a cost, and to pay this cost, you must discard cards from your hand into ..
  • Stack'n Stuff: A Patchwork Game
    In Stack'n Stuff, a more streamlined version of Patchwork, players are on the move. However, packing all of your stuff into a moving truck is quite tricky, costly, and time consuming — and the day runs out fast!   During the game, the last player on the time track chooses one of the next three furniture items. After paying the transportation cost and spending the loading time, the player places the patch on their truck game board. Whoever manages to pack their truck best, as well as earns the most money during the game, is a moving master and wins! ..
  • Tipperary
    In the tile-laying family game Tipperary, players are challenged to create their perfect vision of an Irish county by placing polyominoes and thus collecting sheep, castles and whiskey. The linchpin ist a 'magical stone circle", that decides which of the tiles you can choose from. After twelve rounds, one player will be named chief of Tipperary.   Lookout threw in some cute animeeples - sheep, sheep, hurra! ..
  • Tybor the Builder
        Tybor der Baumeister is set in the world of Longsdale, previously seen in Oh My Goods! and its expansions.   During the game, each player receives a hand of five multipurpose cards, each depicting a professional (priest, soldier, merchant, craftsman, etc.) who has come to Longsdale. After choosing a card to draft, the remaining cards are passed to the next player, then you may choose how to play your chosen card:   As a worker, only the strength is relevant. The card is placed in the player's tableau. As a builder, this person is discarded, then you can build a building from the existing supply, discarding workers with a certain strength to build it. As a citizen in the city, they provide special powers and facilitate the building ..
  • Walnut Grove
    Walnut Grove is a cross between jigsaw puzzles and worker placement, with the players as farmers who find their plots merging into a single landscape as time passes and their holdings grow. Come fall they must head to the city with their goods as winter will soon return. Walnut Grove could be described as a light mashup between Carcassonne and Agricola. The goal of the game is to develop your own ranch. The better the ranch, the more points you will score at the end of the game. Players can improve their ranch during the game by adding new land tiles to it, hiring more workers, building improvements, etc The game play is divided into eight years, and each year is divided into Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter phases. During Spring, players add land tiles to their ranch. During S..