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  • Het kleurenmonster
    Het Kleurenmonster is een coöperatief bordspel dat zeer jonge kinderen helpt om hun emoties te herkennen en te beheersen. De spelers moeten samenwerken om alle emotietokens op de juiste plaats te krijgen. ..
  • Zombie Kidz Evolution
    Zombie Kidz Evolution is the first "legacy"-style game for kids, with basic gameplay similar to the 2013 title Zombie Kidz — but things will quickly evolve!   In the game, the young players are at school when zombies start to attack, infiltrating the entryways, then barring the way to classrooms. Players move through rooms and entryways to eliminate zombies and keep the zombie reserve full. If a zombie must enter the school but none are available, then the school has been overrun and the players lose. To win the game, players need to lock each of the four entryways as apparently the custodian has abandoned the post and given up the school for lost.   As players get better, they can complete missions, track their development through a trophy-sticker system remin..
  • Slide Quest
    The bad guys have taken over our beautiful kingdom in Slide Quest, and it's in total chaos! You have to save the world and quickly! Work together to guide this brave, rolling knight through this turbulent adventure that is lined with twists and traps!   ..
  • Spokentrap
    Je begint in dit spannende geheugenspel onderaan de trap en probeert als eerste boven te zijn. Het oude spook dat in de top van de toren woont, verandert jouw pion echter in de loop van het spel in een spook, zodat je goed moet onthouden waar je pion staat. En dat is nog niet zo eenvoudig, want die wisselen nogal eens met elkaar van plaats.   Als je aan de beurt bent, gooi je met een dobbelsteen en verplaats je jouw pion zoveel velden als het aantal ogen dat je hebt gegooid. Gooi je een spook, dan verander je één van de pionnen in een spook. Zijn alle pionnen in spoken veranderd, dan verplaats je bij het werpen van een aantal ogen een pion naar keuze, hopelijk die van jezelf! Gooi je een spook, dan verwissel je 2 pionnen (spoken) naar k..
  • Farmini
    It's springtime! Time to restore your farm to its former glory! Lucky for you, there's a regional farming competition going on! The trophy for this year's most beautiful farm will be given to the farmer who has the most animals and cornfields! Will you win the competition in Farmini? ..
  • Fabulantica
    A spell that went wrong has dispersed the inhabitants of Fabulantica throughout the entire land. Confused as to what has happened, the inhabitants take cover in the towers where they wait for help, since nobody knows where the others have got to. That’s up to the players to find out. At all times 3 open mission cards are pending, each requiring players to find a specific resident first and then look for their friend. To do so, players play travel cards that correspond with the four kinds of paths, to move across the board, or they use the Magic Carpet and travel to a location of their choice. The resident in each tower is revealed to all players, when their current location is visited – but if that resident was part of the active players’ mission, the resident including the tower change..
  • Slap It!
    A portal to another dimension has opened, and monsters are pouring out. What do you do when you encounter a monster? Slap it!   In Slap It!, players race to be the first to slap the correct monster, but that's not always as easy as it seems. With new monsters coming out of the portal, and the dice changing the rules, you need to stay on your toes and be lightning fast — and if you see a monster coming, slap it!   The player with the dice rolls them within view of all players. The dice will refer to one of the face-up cards on the table. The first person to slap the correct card takes it, and a new card is turned face-up from the deck to replace it. The dice are then passed to the next player in clockwise order, and the same process is repeated.   W..
  • Bugs on Rugs
    So many bugs crawling around on beautiful rugs! Ants like to travel in big colonies. Fireflies love the bright rug colors. Spiders are always on the lookout for juicy flies. Nine different bugs in all, and your job is to make sure all of them get what they want!   Players take turns drafting bugs from the Floor into their hand to make different sets; each bug type scores differently at the end of the game. At the end of each round there will be one leftover bug… it crawls onto the Wall, where its unique power activates to change things up! At the end of the game players reveal their bug collections and we see who has made the most valuable hand of creepy crawlers!   Simple rules, short play time, and lots of different ways to create cool scoring combos make thi..
  • My First Castle Panic
    My First Castle Panic, like its predecessor Castle Panic, is a co-operative game in which players work together to defend their castle, but this game removes the reading requirement of the earlier one and fosters the development of educational skills, such as identifying colors and shapes, problem solving, and turn taking.   In the game, monsters follow a single path toward a single, large, eye-catching castle, which is protected by one wall. Each step toward the castle is identified by a color and a shape. Players hold cards in their hands with cute defenders who also have a color and shape. When a card is played that matches the location of the monster, that monster is captured and thrown in the dungeon. Tension builds as more monsters are placed and move along the path t..
  • Stapelgekke Speed Cups 2
    Het spel Speed Cups 2 is reageren en combineren voor de hele familie!   Speed Cups 2 is zowel een uitbreiding als een zelfstandig spel. Het is een zelfstandig spel voor 2 spelers. Als je het gecombineerd gebruikt met het basisspel Stapelgekke Speed Cups, dan wordt het spel geschikt voor zes spelers.    De kaarten van Speed Cups 2 zijn ruimtelijker georiënteerd dan die van het basisspel. De afbeeldingen zijn niet alleen horizontale en verticale voorstellingen, maar er moeten ook verschillende stapels met de bekers gemaakt worden.   ..
  • Concept Kids: Dieren
    Concept Kids Dieren is de kids versie van Concept die geschikt is voor kinderen vanaf 4 jaar oud. Dit spel is een coöperatief spel, waarbij je niet tegen elkaar, maar met elkaar speelt.    Gebruik de iconen op het spelbord om andere familieleden zoveel mogelijk dieren te laten raden en samen te winnen. Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld op zoek zijn naar een oranje dier met strepen, die in de jungle woont en een vleeseter is. Kunnen jullie raden dat het om een tijger gaat? Nadat je 12 dieren geraden hebt, bepaal je je totaalscore en probeer je deze score steeds weer te verbeteren!   Je kind leert niet alleen allerlei nieuwe dingen over dieren, maar leert deze ook te omschrijven aan de hand van de kenmerken en te raden welk dier aan de kenmerken voldoet. Erg leerzaam d..
  • Panic Mansion
    The mansion up the hill has always had a reputation…of being cursed. After dark, villagers keep seeing strange things moving behind the windows as the house seems to be "tilting" and "rocking". It is said that the only way to break the mansion's curse would be to gather in one specific room some of the ghoulish ghosts, wandering eyes, slithering snakes, crawling spiders, and other objects that have been inhabiting its dusty walls. Will you be the first to break the curse…and flee the mansion?   To win Panic Mansion, you must be the first to complete five challenges by gently tilting and shaking the box to place the correct objects into one room, following the information on the cards.   ..
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