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  • Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror
    Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror is a co-operative board game that follows the new adventures of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus, as reintroduced by C. Courtney Joyner in his novel, Nemo Rising. The game allows 1-4 players to assume the roles of the protagonists of the series — Captain Nemo, Sara Duncan, Adam Fulmer, or Ulysses S. Grant — as they explore new worlds, overcome dangerous obstacles, and complete challenging missions.   As you and your fellow players work together, you can choose to explore one of two scenarios. The first scenario is the Undersea Grotto, in which you must venture outside the Nautilus to gather supplies while avoiding sea hydras, deep sea scavengers, and the mechanical Kraken. The second scenario is the majestic City in the Sky, in whic..
    23,60€ 54,00€
  • Carrossel
    Four brothers own an old merry-go-round (carrossel) and are working together to sell as much tickets as possible while at the same time competing to see who sells the most tickets by the end of the day!   With charming components and artwork Carrossel aims to bring up to 4 players together around board that rotates between each play, and where everything is done simultaneously with almost zero-downtime: Players choose, reveal, resolve and score every single play at the same time without ever becoming chaotic.   Carrossel is a family abstract strategy game for up to four players. Players play on the side of the board that rotates to meet them each round. At the beginning of the game, client cards are drawn and placed in front of each ticket booth in sets of thre..
    22,70€ 36,50€
  • Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit
      The briefcase is out in the open, and six freelance agents are in the field.   In Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit, a restoration of the 1973 classic game Conspiracy, players vie for control of the agents by secretly paying them off and using them to move the briefcase across Europe, trying to get it to their HQ. But other players can challenge and stop an agent from moving if they have paid more than you — and for the right price they can even assassinate another agent.   In addition to a slick new look, this restored edition offers two new twists on the original gameplay. First, each agent has a unique ability that lets them move an agent or the briefcase for free. Second, an alternate win condition eliminates stalling and potential stalemates. If no..
    30,40€ 49,00€
  • Undo: Bloed in het donker
    Je bent een Architect van het Lot. Je kunt de tijd stilzetten en naar specifieke momenten in het leven van een overleden persoon springen om zijn lot te veranderen. Kun jij gebeurtenissen in het verleden aanpassen, zodat de dood wordt voorkomen?   Deze missie brengt je naar Chicago in de jaren 20.     ..
    10,10€ 13,00€
  • Hands
    Handen omhoog! Handen omlaag! Geen handen! Duimen omhoog! Wijs naar de lucht! Let op twee handen zeggen meer dan één!   Praat met je handen in plaats van met woorden en probeer er achter te komen wiens hand hetzelfde zegt als jouw hand. Maar pas op voor de speler die met beide handen praat… Je kunt maar beter doen wat hij zegt! ..
    6,50€ 10,50€
  • Het kleurenmonster
    Het Kleurenmonster is een coöperatief bordspel dat zeer jonge kinderen helpt om hun emoties te herkennen en te beheersen. De spelers moeten samenwerken om alle emotietokens op de juiste plaats te krijgen. ..
    16,20€ 26,00€
  • Run Fight or Die: Reloaded – 5-6 Player Expansion
    Increases the player count to 5-6 players. It includes 2 character boards, 2 zombie boards and 30 additional zombie miniatures. ..
    12,10€ 19,50€
  • Overlight RPG: Custom Dice Set
      To play Overlight, adventures will need a variety of dice. However, d4s have a special place in this system. This set of 7 customer d4s each have a different Virtue symbol in place of the 4 and are color matched to that Virtue. These spirit dice will help you experience the wonder of this beautiful and unique world. ..
    6,00€ 13,50€
  • Undo: Curse from the Past
    Time heals all wounds, they say, but the sudden death of a loved one sometimes shakes those who are left behind so much that their faith wavers. To prevent this, the gods send fate weavers to change the past and prevent death. In the game series Undo, players slip into the role of these destiny weavers and do everything in their power to undo sudden deaths — whether murder or suicide. Not only do they travel minutes or hours back in time, but sometimes thousands of years to change events that have laid the foundation for the later stroke of fate. Sometimes a leap into the future can also provide important information.   The Undo series combines the theme of time travel with emotional, extraordinary stories that players must assemble piece by piece. Each time jump gi..
    6,80€ 15,00€
  • Kodachi
    In 12th century Japan, you rested after the Gempei War, retiring your ninjato sword, desiring a life of peace. But, once again, the ruling families call for your special skills to establish their honor. You will need stealth and strength, cunning and intrigue, and the swiftness of a Kodachi sword!   In Kodachi, you seek to steal treasures by facing guards in one of two ways — with strength, which requires you to play cards with higher numbers than the guards, or with stealth, playing cards with lower numbers than the guards. Successfully acquired treasures can be used to generate rumors, bribe envoys, and strengthen your skills.   Clan tokens are gained by playing envoys and when the last clan token is taken, the player with the highest score wins!   ..
    17,70€ 22,00€
  • Penk!
    Penk! is a dice-rolling, set-collection game for up to four players. Each round, the active player can roll and re-roll their dice in order to create same-number combinations of dice, filling out their grid and preventing other players from scoring points by blocking rows and columns. Unlock the power of Penk! and win the game!   ..
    6,00€ 10,50€
  • Space Explorers
    The conquest of space was one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. In 1957, the first satellite - named Sputnik 1- was launched into orbit. Just four years later, Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space, aboard the spaceship Vostok 1.   This game is dedicated to the early space explorers: all the outstanding people who worked to make space travel possible. As Yuri Gagarin said at the moment of his launch: “Let's go!”   You are the head of a Research & Development Hub in a Space Research Center, competing with other such Hubs in the spirit of the Golden Age of Astronautics. Your goal is to complete large- scale space projects by gathering the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer.   Thanks to your efforts, satellites,..
    25,50€ 32,50€
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