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  • Planet Steam
    Welcome, dear Imperialists. It's the year 2415. The interplanetary federation (IPF) has done a great job in the last centuries. All necessary precautions have been taken to conquer this planet named "Steam". The core of the planet consists of a 6,500º Celsius hot source containing different resources, including water. It has taken over one hundred years to complete the first block of 42 shafts from the surface to the core. But now the time has come. From every shaft surges the hot steam that is the basis of the production of raw materials. To be able to use and process this steam, platforms have to be placed over the shafts. Later, we can use the platforms to connect the water purification tanks. By using several tank extractors, we can harvest other resources like energy, ore, and ..
  • Posthuman
    Our aspiration to omnipotence has led to the enhancement of our capacities so far beyond our species' limits that we created our genetic successors. Inevitably, the evolved reached their first realization as a unified entity: the extinction of humanity as we know it. Posthuman pits you as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our evolved offspring are working to eradicate us. Will you resist mutation and survive, or give in to the inevitable and join the evolved? In the game, players are humans on a solitary journey to a promised safe house. This journey takes them through ten zones, with the zones being tile-based and randomly generated. As they travel, they encounter each other, other humans, and posthuman mutants. Encounters with..
  • Praetor
    It's the year 122 CE and the Roman Empire is at the peak of its glory. Caesar Hadrian is no longer waging war against the barbarians, but building cities and fortifications to ensure a lengthy domination of the Roman culture and wealth. The southern part of Britain is under Roman domination, and Caesar has already begun the construction of Hadrian's Wall to protect the empire from invasions from the North. Together with the wall Caesar has ordered the founding of a new city which will remind the locals of the glory of Rome. He has appointed five of his most trusted men to take resources and workers from Rome and to build the city together – but in the end only one of them will be appointed Praetor and rule the Province in the name of Caesar. In Praetor you will take the role of ..
  • Québec
    In "Québec" sta je aan het hooffd van een rijke familie die geschiedenis wil schrijven door de stad Québec op te bouwen. Het spel speelt over 4 eeuwen tijdens dewelke je de meest prestigieuze gebouwen neerzet. Niet alleen de constructies zijn belangrijk maar ook de macht. Tijdens de 4 eeuwen krijg je als speler ca. 5 tot 7 beurten per eeuw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Nsz82WyfY ..
  • Railroad Revolution
    Ambition and a thirst for wealth have driven humanity to strive for ever greater progress. In America, during the 19th century, battles were waged between huge railway corporations that sought to connect state to state and coast with coast… making themselves filthy rich in the process. Railroad Revolution drops you straight into the middle of these tempestuous years; a time that changed America forever. In Railroad Revolution, you will manage your own railroad company, ruthlessly competing to be the most powerful railroad tycoon across all America. You will build railroads, establish stations in your connected cities, expand the network of telegraph lines, and chase your objectives, increasing the value of your company with every action you take. You start with mai..
  • Rattus Africanus
    Rattus: Africanus, a new expansion for the 2010 release Rattus, introduces a caravan and diplomats to add more strategic possibilities to the game. What's more, with the introduction of region cards, players will have more control on possible outbreaks of the Black Death. In addition to making Rattus feel like a completely new gaming experience, Rattus Africanus makes it possible to play the game with up to six players. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsandsC021U ..
  • Rattus: Pied Piper
    Europa, 1348. De Zwarte Dood teistert Europa. Tot nu toe hebben de spelers slechts de hulp kunnen inroepen van een handjevol verschillende middeleeuwse klassen om de Zwarte Dood te bestrijden. Maar nu is het tijd om de versterkingen erbij te halen. 12 Nieuwe personen staan klaar om de spelers bij te staan in de strijd die zij leveren. Sommige van deze personen, zoals de Koningin en de Keizer, gebruiken hun rijkdom en macht om de spelers te helpen. Sommigen, zoals de Non en de Bisschop, gebruiken wijsheid en geloof om de Zwarte Dood te vermijden terwijl anderen hun toevlucht nemen tot magie en hekserij, zoals de rattenvanger die zijn magische fluit gebruikt om de ratten met hem mee te lokken. • uitbreiding op het succesvolle “Rattus”; • twaalf klassekaarten die met elkaar en de ka..
  • Regnum Angelica
    Join in the valiant battle to end the ultimate stalemate of good vs. evil and etch the final outcome into history. Regnum Angelica is a two-player strategic card/board game pitting Gabriel and his army of archangels against Beelzebub and the dark forces of the fallen. Wield the three elements of fire, earth and water in angelic combat, use ancient angelic scripts to gain an advantage over your opponent, or deploy pillars to protect your troops in an attempt to infiltrate the enemy's realm. Regnum Angelica is played with one player having the white deck to represent the archangels of Gabriel, and the other the black deck to represent Beelzebub and his army of fallen angels. Each deck consists of three types of cards: Angels, which are your main combat units; Angelic Scripts, written ..
  • Revenge of the Dictators
    Welcome to your favorite holiday destination: Hawaii! Hawaii is a place to relax, drink lots of cocktails, and do nothing all day — except, of course, if you're a dictator. So what are dictators doing during their holidays? The same thing they do every day: Trying to take over the world! And what is a better place to start then that pesky "Ol' Murica"? Revenge of the Dictators is a way too competitive board game for 2-5 players. For the course of the game (yes, only during the game) each player becomes a vicious self-loving dictator. The ultimate goal of the game is easy: race across the map of North America, confront the President, take over the USA, and by doing so gain absolute control of America's forces and therefore the world! The only thing the dictators have to do to av..
  • Rise of Empires
    In Rise of Empires ontwikkelen 2 tot 5 spelers hun eigen beschaving. Iedereen begint klein en zonder enige macht, maar gaandeweg gaan de spelers op verschillende gebieden vooruit. Rise of Empires is in drie tijdperken verdeeld, waarbij elk tijdperk bestaat uit 2 speelronden. In elke speelronde plannen de spelers verschillende acties, maar ze moeten er rekening mee houden dat de tweede ronde in een tijdperk altijd een spiegelbeeld is van de eerste. De spelers verdienen punten met het bouwen van steden, het stichten van keizerrijken en het verhandelen van goederen. In tegenstelling tot andere ontwikkelingsspellen heeft Rise of Empires een beperkte speelduur, waardoor het ook op een doordeweekse avond prima speelbaar is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wkA0duC_7M ..
  • Rogue Agent
    ROGUE AGENT is een eenvoudig te leren avonturen en risico/resource management spel. Het spel bevat naast prachtig artwork, mooie spelcomponenten en goed doordachte spelmechanismen ook een ‘living city system’ waardoor er steeds een dynamische spelsituatie ontstaat met veel karakters en uitdagingen die voortdurend unieke situaties in het spel opleveren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ate493Gw1Q ..
  • Romolo o Remo?
    Central Italy in the year 753 B.C.: Many new villages have been founded in the region of Latium. This land is prosperous and a strong city here can easily control the trades between the Etruscan cities of the North and the Greek colonies of the South. The region is also rich in salt ponds, and the salt in this period is worth more than gold. There doesn't exist a better place for a new city! The two grandsons of the King of Albalonga – the twins Romolo and Remo, descendants of Enea of Troy – don't want to miss an opportunity to dominate the region and, acting against each other, try to establish two cities close to the Tiber river. Their enterprise is not easy as the King of Antemnae and the King of Crustumerium will also fight to dominate this area! Who will prevail? In Romolo ..