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  • Herbalism
    In the game Herbalism, players take on the role of a group of novice pharmacists, hoping to find the cure to the pandemic that is currently plaguing the country. Players must exchange information with one another in order to gain more insight into the ingredients of the cure; however, only one can earn the title of "God Farmer," so be careful not to share all of your knowledge too easily!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E14EfuBdIzM ..
  • Hey, That's My Fish!
    In Hey, That's My Fish!, players want to catch as many fish as possible with their waddle of penguins. Each turn, a player moves one penguin in a straight line over hex-shaped ice tiles with 1, 2 or 3 fish on them. The player then collects the hex from where the penguin started its movement from the table, thereby creating a gap which penguins can't cross on future turns. When a penguin can't move, it's removed from play with its owner claiming the tile on which it stands. The player who collects the most fish wins. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvKOFAsOUys ..
  • Hocus
    For those with the eldritch gift, temptation lurks around every corner, even in leisure. Just consider the possibilities available to the practitioner of magic. Imagine poker with spells! No person could resist such temptation, and even a casual review of history will prove that none could. The famous last play of Ephippus of Athens? It was about Circe’s never ending thirst for cheating at cards. Morgan le Fay and Merlin regularly crossed wits over a deck. Roger Bollingbroke’s most heinous crime was the transparently bogus run of five straight flushes in a row. And so it has gone. The application of magic to card games is as natural as mixing mandrake and worm’s husk. For the first time, however, the rules ..
  • Hoogspanning: Benelux
    Uitbreiding op het strategische stroomleveringsspel Hoogspanning. De set bevat een tweezijdig bedrukt speelbord met kaarten van de Benelux en Midden-Europa. Voor beide scenario's zijn speciale spelregels van toepassing. Verder zitten er nieuwe elektriciteitscentrales in de doos, die meerdere spelvarianten mogelijk maken. Zo kun je met een dubbele hoeveelheid centrales spelen of kiezen voor een extra lang spel. ..
  • Hoogspanning: Het Verre Oosten
    Uitbreiding op het strategische stroomleveringsspel Hoogspanning. De set bevat 2 tweezijdig bedrukte speelborden met kaarten van Rusland, Japan, Korea en China. Voor alle scenario's zijn speciale spelregels van toepassing. Zo is in Rusland het aanbod van elektriciteitscentrales beperkter. In Japan is het weliswaar mogelijk om 2 netwerken te bezitten, maar de steden waar deze starten is streng vastgelegd. Korea heeft 2 brandstoffenmarkten, 1 voor Noord-Korea en 1 voor Zuid-Korea. In China verschijnen de centrales voor een groot deel op een vastgelegde volgorde. Zo wordt Hoogspanning nog gevarieerder! Verder zit er een speciale optionele kaart in de doos, de Fluxgenerator, die energie uit nog meer verschillende brandstoffen genereert. ..
  • Hoogspanning: Noord-Europa
    Uitbreiding op het strategische stroomleveringsspel Hoogspanning. De set bevat een tweezijdig bedrukt speelbord met kaarten van Noord-Europa en Verenigd Koninkrijk & Ierland en 12 nieuwe elektriciteitscentrales. Voor beide scenario's zijn speciale spelregels van toepassing. Zo komen er in Noord-Europa nieuwe centrales bij ter vervanging van de oude met hetzelfde nummer. In Verenigd Koninkrijk & Ierland mag je 2 netwerken hebben, maar de overstap naar het andere eiland is wel erg duur. Deze scenario's zorgen voor nog meer spanning en variatie! ..
  • Hounded
    In Hounded, players will either be the cunning fox, trying to elude capture, or the determined hunter, trying to hunt down the fox. In the game. each player moves their pawns and turns over tiles as they do, sometimes triggering effects and sometimes not. While the fox character is alone, the hunter has a team of hounds to help him hunt the fox. All the hunter has to do to win is either corner the fox with his dogs or force the fox to end his turn next to the hunter himself. For the fox to win, it has to run out the clock, which is done by either finding the three timepiece tiles or flipping over 43 of the 49 tiles. Once time runs out, the hunter has to retire for the day and the fox escapes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77VS3OfN-B4 ..
  • Imhotep [DE]
    In Imhotep, the players become builders in Egypt who want to emulate the first and best-known architect there, namely Imhotep. Over six rounds, they move wooden stones by boat to create five seminal monuments, and on a turn, a player chooses one of four actions: Procure new stones, load stones on a boat, bring a boat to a monument, or play an action card. While this sounds easy, naturally the other players constantly thwart your building plans by carrying out plans of their own. Only those with the best timing — and the stones to back up their plans — will prove to be Egypt's best builder.   https://youtu.be/Ezdqba0fhdM   ..
  • In the Name of Odin
    In the Name of Odin is a strategy game for 2-5 players, each with a claim to become the new Jarl. You are all brave warriors, shrewd traders and bold explorers, but only one of you will become the new Jarl to rule in the name of Odin! During the game, each player expends action cards to construct new buildings in their village, gather companions, recruit famous Vikings, and build longships that will carry them to fame and glory. Part I: Gameplay Runthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKhKj1L0VKU   Part II: Extended Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD8CAQx7HbQ   Part III: Final Thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=136jZexIGOg ..
  • In the Year of the Dragon: 10th Anniversary
    In the Year of the Dragon: 10th Anniversary consists of the In the Year of the Dragon: 10th Anniversary base game and the The Great Wall of China & The Super Events expansions that first appeared in the alea Treasure Chest. In In the Year of the Dragon, players take on the role of Chinese rulers around the year 1000. The game plays out in twelve rounds, with each round representing one month in a year that seems to go from bad to worse. Disease, drought, and attacks from the Mongols may claim lives, but make sure you have enough money to offer a tribute to the Emperor. The game play is easier than it may appear. Every player has a set of "person" cards. Each round, you choose one action (most of which call on your workers' abilities) to hel..
  • Jet Set
    Spend money to place your airplanes on key airlinks between cities. The first to place an airplane on a link gains cheaper rights, but other players can still use the link for a price. A number of flight cards are on display; a player can claim one after connecting the two cities shown. Longer flights are worth more points, but the short flights are easier and less expensive to achieve, and they bring in just as much income as the long flights. At the end, it's urgent to get your secret Final Flight done, connecting three cities. The winner is the player with the most valuable collection of flights achieved, including bonuses for finishing the Final Flight sooner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ROuKFQmGmU ..
  • Jorvik
    For several decades during the Viking age, parts of England were occupied by the Norsemen. Under their influence, one of the larger cities turned into a flourishing center of trade and craftsmanship. The Vikings called the city and its surrounding kingdom "Jórvík", which is today known as the city of York. In the game Jórvík, players assume the roles of Viking jarls. They gather prestige points by trading goods, holding big feasts, funding pillages, commissioning craftsmen and hiring soldiers to defend the city against recurring invasions. The player with the most prestige points wins. The game is a re-design of Die Speicherstadt (2010). In this game, players acquire cards from a card display through a simple yet brilliant worker placement and bidding mechanism..