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  • Jet Set
    Spend money to place your airplanes on key airlinks between cities. The first to place an airplane on a link gains cheaper rights, but other players can still use the link for a price. A number of flight cards are on display; a player can claim one after connecting the two cities shown. Longer flights are worth more points, but the short flights are easier and less expensive to achieve, and they bring in just as much income as the long flights. At the end, it's urgent to get your secret Final Flight done, connecting three cities. The winner is the player with the most valuable collection of flights achieved, including bonuses for finishing the Final Flight sooner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ROuKFQmGmU ..
  • Jorvik
    For several decades during the Viking age, parts of England were occupied by the Norsemen. Under their influence, one of the larger cities turned into a flourishing center of trade and craftsmanship. The Vikings called the city and its surrounding kingdom "Jórvík", which is today known as the city of York. In the game Jórvík, players assume the roles of Viking jarls. They gather prestige points by trading goods, holding big feasts, funding pillages, commissioning craftsmen and hiring soldiers to defend the city against recurring invasions. The player with the most prestige points wins. The game is a re-design of Die Speicherstadt (2010). In this game, players acquire cards from a card display through a simple yet brilliant worker placement and bidding mechanism..
  • Kepler-3042
    The year is 3042: Humanity is ready to explore the galaxy. The most interesting celestial bodies to explore, and eventually colonize, have been known for centuries, and the nations of Earth finally have the technological level to reach them, thus beginning an unarmed competition that in the end the whole of humanity will win.   Kepler-3042 is a resource management game in which you have to explore, colonize, exploit, and terraform the planets of the Milky Way using the available technologies. In each round, you must choose which action to perform and which bonus to activate, managing your supplies of matter, energy and antimatter. The peculiar strength of the game is the innovative resource management: Each player has a finite amount of matter, energy and antimatter that th..
  • Key to the City – London
    In Key to the City – London, each player aims to develop their own London borough based around their home tile, using the large hexagonal location tiles. Each location tile gives victory points and may generate resources (skill tiles or connectors that connect two location tiles). Connectors and skill tiles can be used to upgrade location tiles for additional victory points and productivity. The game is played over four eras, and in each era, new location tiles will be available for bidding. In both era 1 and 2, these tiles consist of six resource-generating tiles, plus some additional building tiles. In era 3, there will be only building tiles, which arrive already upgraded. In era 4, some of the Routemaster tiles become available. On their turn, a player chooses one of fi..
  • King of Tokyo: Power Up! [NL]
    Power Up is een expansieset voor het bordspel King of Tokyo. Let op: Nederlandstalige expansieset die geschikt is om te spelen in combinatie met het Nederlandstalige bordspel King of Tokyo NL. De strijd om Tokyo wordt nu nog spannender door de komst van een machtig, nieuw monster: Pandakaï! Tevens krijgt ieder monster in het spel de beschikking over een unieke set Evolutiekaarten. Sommige Evolutiekaarten worden na gebruik direct afgelegd, terwijl andere Evolutiekaarten actief blijven - zoals de Permanent Effect kaarten uit het basisspel. Evolutiekaarten worden geheim gehouden totdat ze gespeeld worden. Inhoud: 1 Pandakaï Monsterbordje, 1 kartonnen figuur met plastic voetstukje, 56 Evolutiekaarten, 7 tokens en spelregels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFbNBlnG9_s ..
  • King's Forge
    The Chamberlain is searching the realm for a new "Craftmaster to the King" and sets a contest for all of the smiths and crafters in the land. The first one to forge four items from a list of the King's favorite weapons and trinkets will be honored as First Among Crafters and Smiths. But watch out, because the other crafters and smiths will try to outdo you at every opportunity. Are you ready to forge your destiny? In King's Forge, players are craftsmen and craftswomen seeking to become the favorite of the King. A variety of dice represent the raw materials (metal, wood, gems, and enchantment) and those same dice can be used to gather new dice and purchase roll-modifiers, or saved and rolled in an attempt to meet the requirements to craft the items on the King's list. An early lead i..
  • Koehandel
    Een grappig aan- en verkoopspel. Éénmaal...andermaal...verkocht! Wie is de gelukkige eigenaar van de prijskoe Bertha of één van de andere dieren? Menige doortrapte koehandel loopt volkomen uit de hand. Maar wie heeft nu eigenlijk wie te pakken? Alleen wie met boerenverstand biedt en listiger is dan de rest krijgt de lucratiefste dieren in handen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otm2V9jq3Kw ..
  • Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
    The enchanted forest of the kodama is flourishing. But with so much growth, the ancient paths to the sanctuaries within have become overgrown and lost. Now the forest guardians call upon you, their loyal kodama, to restore these paths. Help your kodama build these paths, gather offerings for the guardians, and win their favor. Kokoro is an exciting family game that can be played with up to six players (with a stretch goal to expand to more)! Each player has a forest map to draw their paths and turns are simultaneous so the game plays quickly. Connecting your sanctuaries to offerings will gain you favor. Choose wisely because you never know exactly when the sanctuary will score. And you shouldn't be too greedy, if a sanctuary is not connected to more offerings than your previous..
  • Kreus
    In this cooperative game, the players embody Titans avid to create together the ideal planet. Will you know how to dominate the nature and the elements, and worse still the anger of your father Ouranos, to realize the planet of your dreams? A cunning and intuitive game where deduction and cooperation will be the key words. To manage to create your planet, and to bring him the life, you will have to think together, communicate subtly, trust the other players or understand of instinct. The purpose of the game is to manage to create together a planet. To have a finished and thus livable planet, it will be necessary to pass by various creations: rainbow, river, fish, etc, and completed by element cards : earth, air, fire, water. A turn of game decomposes into two phases: the divinat..
  • Kronia
    It's time for a new leader to be selected by the gods to lead the nation. To help sway their decision, players must make offers to win their favor. In Kronia, favor tokens are placed in three different temples, then players will make secret offers to these temples over the course of twelve rounds. Everyone starts with the same offer cards, so they must anticipate which Gods other players want to please. Deciding when to spend the more appealing offers and when to hold off can be the difference. In the end, the player with the most points from their favor tokens will be chosen to lead the nation into the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10HGIZKfVGQ ..
  • La Isla
    Ready to start exploring a previously uncharted island? Good! You and the other players each have a team of five scientists, and you want to capture animal species so that you can study them — and, of course, score points. The game board in La Isla consists of a set of oddly-shaped tiles that are placed in a circular arrangement around a central polygonal tile. Thirty-five animal tokens (seven each of five types) are placed at random on spaces numbered 2, 3 and 4 on the game board; these numbers equal the number of camps that surround these spaces. On a turn, a player has three cards that he places face-down in the A, B and D spaces on his card display. All players reveal their A cards at the same time, then place them in one of the three slots at the top of their display; the i..
  • Larry Lasso
    Billy Bandito en zijn bende zijn uit de gevangenis geglipt. Larry Lasso en zijn vrienden die in de buurt zijn helpen de politieagenten deze boeven weer te pakken om ze weer in de gevangenis te plaatsen. Als alle boeven weer gepakt zijn, krijgt de beste helper een flinke beloning. Wie is de beste helper en krijgt een fikse beloning? Dit spel is geschikt voor 2-4 spelers en heeft een afmeting van 33 x 33 cm.   Inhoud 6 bandieten 4 Lasso 2 gekleurde dobbelstenen 57 Western Dollars instructies   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW2_46clW1s ..