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Cosmodrome Games

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  • Aquatica
    Aquatica is a deep, but easy to learn family engine builder about underwater kingdoms.   In the game you will become one of the mighty ocean kings, struggling to bring glory to his realm. To win the game, you need to capture and buy locations, recruit new characters, and complete goals; each of these actions gives you victory points at the end of the game. To do so, you need to play cards from your hand (each with a unique set of actions) and combine them. Don't think it's simple! With a good strategy during your turn, you can take up to ten actions in a row.   You will encounter plenty of mysterious ocean creatures and take them to your hand. With their help you will explore the unknown locations and rise found resources from the ocean depths to your kingdom. ..
  • First Contact
    An exceptional party game where imaginary ancient Egyptians are trying to overcome the language barrier with… Aliens.   In each turn Aliens would draw weird symbols, trying to explain which earthly items they’d like to collect. Puzzled Egyptians are to figure out what this could mean. On top of that, Aliens compete for being the first to grab the souvenirs and fly back home, while each human wants to be the best at learning the Alien language!   «First Contact» is perfect for associative-deductive games lovers. The unique theme adds even more fun to the game process, and every setup gives players new puzzles to solve. Incredibly good time guaranteed! ..
  • Preorder - Smartphone Inc. [CEO Kickstarter Versie] [verwacht juni 2020]
    Update 4 maart 2020: door de uitbraak van het Coronavirus heeft de productie vertraging opgelopen - nieuwe verwachte levertermijn: april 2020 Update 29 april 2020: de productie van Smartphone Inc is compleet, nu wordt het transport vanuit Azië naar de EU geregeld. Door de huidige situatie is er nog geen duidelijkheid over de exacte levering. Een extra vertraging van 2 maand is hierdoor realistisch.      In Smartphone Inc., you become a CEO of one of the largest smartphone-producing companies in the time when smartphones were only beginning to conquer the world. Research technologies, develop your factory, build your worldwide office network, and outprice your competitors.   Smartphone Inc. is an economic simulation Eurogame. Over five rounds, ..
  • Skytopia: In the Circle of Time
    “Skytopia” is the engine building euro-game about the rivalry for the prestige of your city in the sky. Every hundred years one of the cities is awarded the title of capital of the sky. To succeed, сity leaders awakened the forces of nature and called the golems to help them in the construction. Each player controls his city and tries to construct lots of beautiful soaring towers and get the prestige points.   In this game time matters: you can perform the construction of the building quickly, but then pay more resources for it. There is an original gear-clock, which will determine the cost of adding new building to your city in the sky.   The player's turn consists of two phases: building completion phase, when you will place the building on your pad, and ..