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  • Ominoes
    Winner of the UK GAMES EXPO Award for BEST ABSTRACT GAME 2017 1864, Ominus Valley, Egypt — a hoard of 6,000-year-old game cubes is found. No one knows how to play this mysterious game — until now when this ancient game is reborn as Ominoes. In this abstract strategy/tactical game, 2-4 players want to collect their favored gods — Horus, Ra, Apep, and Khepri — in groups to earn points. They do this by rolling custom dice that both determine actions and are placed on the game board to count as a piece of the player's color. On a turn, the active player does the following: Roll: Take a die and roll it. Move: Move a die on the board that matches the rolled color exactly three spaces. Place: Placing the die just rolled on the board, possibly sco..
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