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  • Captains of the Gulf
    South Louisiana has a long, rich history of delicious Cajun dishes like gumbos and jambalayas. A big part of what makes these meals so great is the seafood in them that is fished from the Gulf of Mexico. The men and women who run the shrimp boats that fish that seafood have to be both hard-working and crafty, finding the optimum strategy to bring in the best catch. They are the "Captains of the Gulf".   Captains of the Gulf is a thematic action selection game, full of flavor. In the game, 2-4 players each operate a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico, hoping to make the largest profit over eight game turns. The players try to upgrade their fishing boat, add crew members, then move out to fish crabs, oysters, and shrimp, after which they need to deliver them to ports. &nb..
    58,00€ 91,00€
  • The Grand Trunk Journey
    In The Grand Trunk Journey, players represent managers of various railway companies, delivering goods to four ports and twelve cities in Eastern Canada and the U.S.   To do this, they use cards that consist of rail equipment and locations to move their train between those locations to pick up and deliver the goods in supply and demand. This movement of their trains is recorded on the "time track", which indicates how many day players are spending for actions. Efficiency is important, as is the ability to deliver specific goods just in time to certain destinations.   Who will manage their railway most successfully?   The Grand Trunk Journey bears the label "The Griffintown: Series #1".   ..
  • Throne of Allegoria
    In the land of Allegoria, Queen Gwendoline lies on her deathbed. Exactly how long she has left to live is uncertain. With no natural born heir to the throne, her realm rests on a sword's edge. Four houses, each represented by a champion of their own renown, vie to replace the ailing monarch and claim the Throne of Allegoria.   Reputation is fought for; influence hard won. Power is fleeting.   In Throne of Allegoria, players take on the role of the Lords and Ladies of Allegoria, all vying to become the next monarch, and prove their worthiness to succeed to the throne. They are supported by the realm's four most powerful houses: Roselie, the House of Roses; Culver-Lux, the House of Feathers; Antares, the House of Storms; and Umbral, the House of Shadows. &nbs..