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  • Factory Funner
    In Factory Funner, players are factory managers who select and install machines in their factory. They try connect all machine input and output pipes to the right reservoirs or to other machines in order to build the most profitable configuration. A new machine brings revenue. Other things you build (reservoirs and connectors (pipelines)) cost 1K money each.   In each game round, players may select one machine (from a number of machines equal to the number of players) simultaneously, which means players try to quickly determine possible connections, then grab the tile they want. But by choosing too quickly, you risk taking a machine that doesn't fit well... When fitting in a machine, a key tactic is to keep the most and best options for connecting future machines!  ..
  • Factory Funner: Expansion 1
    Factory Funner: Expansion 1 is a small promo expansion to Factory Funner containing:   Filtrator - A new machine. Secret Lab 51 - Another new machine that can be built over by connectors. A 2-hex factory floor extension. A pillar to handicap advanced players. ..
  • Factory Funner: Expansion 2
    Originally available during the Factory Funner & Bigger and Habitats 3rd edition Kickstarter   Factory Funner: Expansion 2 is a small promo expansion to Factory Funner.   It contains 8 new machines (plus 1 end product reservoir). The mini expansion makes that the game have more machines which improves the randomness. There will be a machine with input/output volumes 3&3/3 (and only 4 vp) and 1 machine with 3 times 1 input volume which should be the "easiest" to place of the 3-input-pipes machines. ..
  • Habitats (3rd Edition)
    In Habitats, each player builds a big wildlife park without cages or fences. The animals in your park need their natural habitats: grassland, bush, rocks or lakes. The zebra needs a big area of grass and some water adjacent, for example, while a bat needs rocks and bush and water, a hart needs bush and grass, and a crocodile needs mainly water. There is a snake, baboon, bee, elephant, otter, lizard, turtle, eagle, meerkat, scorpio, hog, catfish, rhino, etc., each with its own landscape requirements — 68 different animals in total.   Each player starts their individual park with an entrance tile, and they are each represented in the marketplace of animal tiles by a ceramic figure (or a wooden ranger meeple in some editions). On a turn, a player takes the tile to their left, ..
  • Mayday Mayday
    Tijdens vlucht LK-886 is de piloot plotseling dood. Een hartaanval? Vergiftigd? Moord? De copiloot moet de leiding overnemen, maar andere crew-leden vertrouwen hem niet. Men gelooft dat er infiltranten tussen hen zijn. Maar wie? Stewardess Bianca Parelbeek vertrouwde haar collega Timor Tol al niet, en de geroutineerde Joep de Haan vertelt over het vreemde gedrag van de nieuweling Fransiska Jobst, maar doet hij dat om de anderen te misleiden? Eer ontstaat een schermutseling en meer en meer wordt duidelijk. Zullen alle infiltranten ontmaskerd worden? ..