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  • Fruit Ninja: Combo Party
    Fruit Ninja: Combo Party is a 3 to 6 player game mixing drafting, push your luck and dexterity!   Each turn is composed of two phases:   Fruit Phase: All players chose a single fruit from their deck. All cards are revealed at the same time. If at least two players have the same fruit, the first one to grab the central totem get a reward card! Scoring Phase: Player have to decide if they want to keep growing their current combo, pushing their luck to score more, or if they want to score immediately and start a new combo. The bigger the combo, the more rewards! At the end of the turn, people pass their decks to the person on their left!   ..
  • Vikings Gone Wild (+Sif Promokaart)
    Each turn in Vikings Gone Wild — a deck-building, resource management game based on the online real-time strategy game — players can either buy permanent buildings sitting in front of them (resource factories, resources containers, etc) or buy units, towers and special cards that improve their deck and offense/defense capacity. The only way to win is by successfully attacking each other, and each attack involves interesting bluffing mechanisms in which the attacker doesn't know the defense capacity of their opponent... Part I: Gameplay Runthrough   Part II: Extended Gameplay   Part III: Final Thoughts
  • Vikings gone Wild : Masters of Elements [Kickstarter Versie]
    In the land of Vikings, a new kind of warrior has surfaced. The Druids. These mysterious individuals are capable of powerful manipulations. Basing their strength on sacred artefacts, they can invoke terrifying creatures and get them to work on their behalf. Welcome to Vikings Gone Wild – Master of Elements expansion. This expansion introduces a new type of resource: Elements. All cards from Units, Odin's Path and the newly introduced Artefacts, provide alternative effects triggered with these Elements. This expansion offers a completely asymetric start thanks to 3 permanent Artefact picked through a draft mechanic at the beginning of the game, offering a chance to pick some top card and build a strategy early on. Deze kickstarter versie bevat alle stretchgoals !! ..
  • Vikings Gone Wild: Guild Wars
    Guild Wars contains 110 cards and adds a new team play game mode to Vikings Gone Wild. 4 new types of Buildings (Forge, Boost Tower, Guild Tower, and Wall Builder) 3 new types of Units (Fairies, Wall Breakers, and Bear Riders) 1 new Defense Tower (Pig Anti Air) 8 new Odin's Path cards (Cow Trap, Transporter, War Axe, Valkyrie Wings, Mini Cannon, Hero Trap, Dwarf, and Goblin Copter) 1 new Divine Favor (Ragnar) 4 Guild War markers 2 new end-game bonuses 5 new Missions ..
  • Vikings Gone Wild: It's a Kind of Magic
    It's a Kind of Magic contains 110 cards, including a new card type: Spells. When included in the game, Spells replace Defense, Units, or both. 1 new Building (Sorceress Tower) 4 new Units (Shaman, Sorceress, Dreki, and Dreki Eggs) 6 new Spells (Shield, Thunder, Magic Manipulation, Ice Trap, Magic Potion, and Gold Touch) 1 new Divine Favor (Hel) 8 new Odin's Path cards (Necronomicon, Destruction, Sheep Storm, and Zap Trap) 2 new end-game bonuses 5 new Missions ..
  • Vikings Gone Wild: Ragnarok!
    A solo/cooperative mode for Vikings Gone Wild. It includes: 18 undead units card 15 undead buildings 5 bosses 6 tasks 8 objectives 1 Ragnarok! 1 helper card ..