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  • Baron Voodoo
    Welcome in Baron Voodoo, a dice game in which you don't roll the dice!   You're a Loa, a voodoo god who become the new god of death in place of Baron Samedi. To take his place, you have to catch the more soul in one night, before the another Loa !   To catch a soul, the main mechanism seems easy: move one of your dice (of your color) to catch a dice. But after this action, you have a lot of optional possibilities who make the game more strategic: pay one skull to change the face of the die apply the power of the face of the dice pay 2 skulls to play a new turn   Valid your combo of dice in putting them down on the spirit world of your player board to increase your score As a Loa, you have also special power. At the beginning or ..
  • Chronicles of Crime (EN)
    Coöperatief spel over misdaadonderzoek. Kruip in de huid van een politieagent en los verschillende misdrijven op. Scan locaties en voorwerpen, en ondervraag verdachten en medewerkers. Combineer alle gegevens op de juiste manier en vind de dader. Smartphone of tablet vereist! Inclusief 5 scenario's elk maar 1 keer speelbaar. ..
  • Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series (Kickstarter)   Receive all 3 games (1400, 1900 and 2400) and all Stretch Goals unlocked! ..
  • Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series - Kickstarter Collector's Box
    Store your games in style with this exclusive Collector's Box. The Collector's Box has a custom plastic insert to store all components from 1400,1900,2400 & the Chronicles of Time expansion. ..
  • Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series - Playmat
    Large Neoprene playmat (1080x560mm) to use with all Chronicles of Crime games. ..
  • Chronicles of Crime: 1900 (EN)
    “You are Victor Lavel, a young ambitious journalist working for a major newspaper. It's the year 1900, the middle of the Belle Époque, and Paris flourishes. There are so many stories to cover, the Exposition Universelle, the Summer Olympics, the opening of the first metro station, but as a Lavel, a family famous for solving crimes since the Middle Ages, you are much more interested in murders, kidnappings, and robberies. Being a journalist helps you be among the first ones to know about them, and your wits often make you the first one to find the perpetrator.”   The new Chronicles of Crime: 1900 standalone game challenges players not only to skillfully collect evidence and interrogate suspects but also to solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario...
  • Chronicles of Crime: Noir (EN)
    Noir is an expansion authored by Stephane Anquetil, a very talented writer with credentials including Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective scenarios as well as Escape Books and Box (404 éditions).   In Noir, the whole group is collectively representing one private detective with unconventional methods.   Instead of Forensic Contacts, players have 4 action cards they can use at any point and any moment:   Spy Break-In Bribe Intimidate   You won't be able to intimidate everyone without repercussions.  Also, your money is in a shortage, so you can't bribe everyone you meet. Noir really brings another side to crime busting!   This Expansion requires the base game (London) to be played. It also requires..
  • Chronicles of Crime: VR Glasses
    Optional VR Glasses for Chronicles of Crime that you can attach to your device, bring them to your eyes and experience the crime scene as if you were there. ..
  • Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview (EN)
    Some strange things have started to happen in the small town of Redview. For weeks now, animals have been disappearing. When Wookie, Sheriff's dog, disappears as well, 6 friends get together to try to find him.   Welcome to Redview is family friendly. No murders, but instead strange things are happening in a small town in Maine, USA, in the 80s. Since you play the role of kids, there are no scientific contacts you can call to help you. Instead, you will need to use your strength, agility and wit to get to your objectives!   Feature 4 new scenarios. Contents include: 10 location cards 15 special item cards 25 character cards 6 player board 1 die 1 rulebook   This Expansion requires the base game (London) to be played. It also..
  • Destinies (retail versie)
      Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game.   The first in a series of games using a brand-new system called Destinies. This game is set in a dark medieval-fantasy universe.   The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience, without the need for a game master. Each scenario depicts a part of a vivid world, full of dark stories, epic NPCs and mysteries to solve. Each player takes the role of a hero on a quest to fulfill their destiny. Each destiny is a final goal of the character and has at least two, completely different paths to victory, composed of branching series of quests. Players compete with each other to push the world towards thei..
  • It's a Wonderful World (NL)
    In It’s a Wonderful World, you are an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world.   It’s a Wonderful World is a cards drafting and engine building game from 1 to 5 players. Each round, players will draft 7 cards and then choose which ones will be recycled to immediately acquire Resources, and which ones will be kept for construction to produce Resources each round and/or gain victory points.   When a card is fully built, it’s added to the player’s Empire to increase the player’s production capacity for each round. The mechanical twist being that the production phase works in a specific order..
  • Jetpack Joyride
    Jetpack Joyride is a real-time competitive puzzle game adapted from the mobile game of the same name! Players need to fly their way through a lab using a stolen jetpack over a series of three rounds. During each round:   1) Players receive four new lab cards. 2) All players, in real-time and at the same time, grab tiles from the common pool and lay them to trace their way through their lab. 3) Points are scored through mission cards or by collecting coins! 4) The first player to reach the end of their lab triggers the end of the round. 5) Scores are totaled and written down for the round. 6) Players, starting from the one with the lowest score, pick a permanent gadget out of a river of four. 7) A new round begins!   Whoever has the most ..