Inca Empire: The Card Game

Uitgever: DPH Games Inc
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Aantal Spelers Aantal Spelers 2:3:4:5
Leeftijd Leeftijd 13
Speelduur Speelduur 75
Jaar van eerste uitgave Jaar van eerste uitgave 2020
Type Type Basisspel
Taal Taal Engels
Geavanceerd zoeken
Auteur Auteur Alan D. Ernstein
Become one of the Inca's regional leaders in Inca Empire: The Card Game! Expand the empire by extending your road system, build cities to house your people, and construct temples to please the gods.
In the game, players take on the role of an "Apu", a regional leader, and construct cities and colcas (storehouses that contain fish, corn, and potatoes) between the cities. These are all connected by a road system that players build out from the capital city of Cusco. The improvements to regions are for the benefit of the empire. Players additionally stock storage huts, create terraces for additional power in future rounds, make trade agreements with other players, construct temples, and use extra workforce cards to take special actions.
In the end, Sapa, "the Only One", will favor only the leader who does the best over the empire's four eras.
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