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  • Summoner Wars: Jungle Elves Faction Deck
    Drums echo ominously through the jungles, and savage beasts roar at the prospect of the feast to come. Shadows flit through the trees as the Jungle Elves prepare for war. An age has passed since last they were seen, but soon all of Itharia will recall that the Phoenix Elves do not stand alone for all of elfkind. Trained lions move through the greenery, the strongest bearing warriors upon their backs. Those who might spy this secret muster will find themselves riddled with arrows, courtesy of elite archers. And there are those who say even the trees themselves have come alive to join the coming battle. At the head of this army is Abua Shi, a powerful Summoner whose Summoning Stone was earned through betrayal and lies. He is driven by a secret shame, one that can only be set right thr..
  • Summoner Wars: Goodwin's Blade Reinforcement Pack
    This reinforcement pack is the perfect addition to your Summoner Wars Starter Set and your Vanguards and Fallen Kingdom Faction Decks, allowing you to bring new troops to the War for Itharia, and experience the excitement of deck construction. Goodwin's Blade Includes: - 35 Cards Vanguards •1 Colleen Brighton - Champion •1 Jacob Eldwyn - Champion •1 Leah Goodwin - Champion •5 Angel - Common •5 Cavalry Knight - Common Fallen Kingdom •1 Anica - Champion •5 Phantom - Common •5 Reaver - Common •5 Cultist - Common Mercenaries •1 Naan’Nashi - Mercenary Champion •5 Owl Familiars - Mercenary Common The circling crows cry out as more warriors join the war. Choose your weapons and prepare for glory! ..
  • Summoner Wars: Fallen Kingdom Faction Deck
    Old Bones He is Ret-Talus, the Rotten King, a decayed thing over two thousand years old, and one of the most intelligent creatures ever to exist. He uses his twisted powers to dredge up the dead and force them to continue fighting. No sacrifice is too gruesome for this mad king in his quest for glory! Will you lead the undead hordes of the Fallen Kingdom, making any fiendish sacrifice necessary, as you wield the dark necrotic arts in pursuit of the subjugation of the world? This Summoner Wars Faction Deck provides everything you need to play the Fallen Kingdom. (A Summoner Wars Starter Set is also needed to play the game.) Fallen Kingdom Faction Deck Includes: - 35 Cards 1 Ret-Talus - Summoner 1 Skhull - Champion 1 Dragos - Champion 1 Elut-Bal - Champion 7 ..
  • Summoner Wars: Cloaks Faction Deck
    They are the Cloaks - a nation of the discarded victims of the vile Bender Empire that rules the continent of Far Esta. Forced to live in hiding they have mastered the art of guerrilla warfare. They come in the night landing harsh blows against their foes, only to melt back into the darkness from whence they came. Gunners take out sentries with well-aimed shots, and Scrappers waylay unsuspecting soldiers. And only when the fight is over do their enemies realize they have been looted by Thieves. Heading this force is Vlox, former apprentice to old Leonardo, the dead genius who created their black powder weaponry. Vlox is the ultimate jack of all trades, and he intends to use his new Summoning Stone to carve a bloody path through the heart of the Bender Empire. Contents: 35 cards ..
  • Marco Polo
    Dit tactische en strategische bordspel won de spellenontwerpwedstrijd "Premio Archimede" in 2012. Je bent één van de karakters die na de ontdekking van de zijderoute door Marco Polo een soortgelijke reis gingen maken. Elk karakter heeft unieke eigenschappen, die hem in het spel bepaalde voordelen opleveren. Elke ronde begint met het werpen van 5 dobbelstenen. Deze bepalen voor een deel welke mogelijkheden je hebt. Hoe hoger de dobbelstenen, des te waardevoller zijn je acties, maar je moet er ook meer voor betalen als je een actie kiest die al bezet is. Je verdient vooral punten voor het vervullen van handelscontracten, het stichten van bepaalde handelsposten en het bereiken van Peking. Daar heb je goederen en kamelen voor nodig. Deze kun je op bepaalde actievelden krijgen. Elk..
  • El Grande Big Box
    Grote editie ter ere van het 20-jarig bestaan van El Grande, het strategische bordspel dat ook in Nederland een echte bestseller was. Je probeert invloed uit te oefenen op verschillende regio's in het Spanje van de Middeleeuwen. Daartoe zet je jouw Grande en caballero's op het speelbord of gooi je ze in het Castillo. Elke beurt speelt iedereen 1 machtkaart, die zowel de beurtvolgorde als het aantal caballero's dat je erbij krijgt, bepaalt. Speel je de hoogste machtkaart, dan mag je als eerste een actiekaart kiezen, waarmee je de situatie op het speelbord kunt manipuleren. Bij 3 algemene tellingen en verschillende extra tellingen ontvangen de spelers punten voor hun posities in de regio's. De El Grande Big Box bevat naast een luxe editie van het basisspel alle uitbreidingen die..
  • Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt
    The Outer Belt expansion to Alien Frontiers adds ships and colony tokens for an additional player and expands the playing board. This side-board expands the moon with a new territory, and introduces the nearby Asteroid Belt. Asteroid Counters move through the belt during the game, changing their docking requirements as they change their positions. Staking a claim to an Asteroid will give you resources, a derelict ship, or new alien devices. Outer Belt can accommodate 2 to 5 players (up to 6 players when combined with Alien Frontiers: Factions). ..
  • The Staufer Dynasty
    In The Staufer Dynasty, the players are nobles in the 12th century, accompanying Henry VI on his tour of the areas of Europe brought under control by the Staufer family, an area that included much of modern day Germany, went from the Baltic Sea in the North to Sicily in South. You're eager to improve your own lot in the land by placing envoys and nobles in positions of power in the six regions represented in this game. The game lasts five rounds with each player having three actions per round. Players take action in order of their family members on the action board from top to bottom, and on a turn you either take a supply action (moving to one side of the action board) or a move/deploy action (moving to the other side). For a supply action, you pick one of the spaces on the sup..
  • A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) – A Feast for Crows
    A Feast for Crows is the second expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition). This four-player scenario includes setup instructions and adds house cards for House Arryn. Also introduced is a deck of Objective cards and four Special Objective cards, one for each House, that alter the way players score Victory Points. ..
  • A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) – A Dance with Dragons
    A Dance with Dragons is the first expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition). This exciting new scenario recasts the intrigues of the game in the time frame of A Dance with Dragons. The expansion consists of forty-two alternate House cards and an alternate setup to reflect each House’s position in Westeros. ..
  • Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion
    Below the Old World's cities sprawls a vast network of tunnels, caves, and underground roads. Verminous Skaven skulk within this Under Empire, waiting for the perfect opportunity to rise from the warrens and destroy their enemies for the glory of their sinister god, the enigmatic Horned Rat. Even as the Ruinous Powers work to corrupt the Old World, the Skaven are ever scheming to further their own dark agenda. The Horned Rat expansion for Chaos in the Old World introduces a fifth player to the race toward corruption! Armed with a legion of Skaven followers, the Horned Rat player uses numbers and subterfuge to his advantage, scoring points by spreading the Skaven's teeming masses across the Old World. Players of the existing Ruinous Powers can meet the foul vermin head on with a host..
  • Biblios
    THE GAME CONCEPT You are an abbot of a medieval monastery competing with other abbots to amass the greatest library of sacred books. To do so, you need to have both the workers and resources to run a well-functioning scriptorium. To acquire workers and resources, you use a limited supply of donated gold. In addition, you must be on good terms with the powerful bishop, who can help you in your quest. OUTLINE OF GAME PLAY The object of the game is to score the most Victory Points. You win Victory Points by winning any of the 5 categories: Illuminators, Scribes, Manuscripts, Scrolls, and Supplies. You win a category by having the highest total number of workers (Scribes, Illuminators) or resources (Manuscripts, Scrolls, Supplies) in that category. This is determined by the numbers ..
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