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Kickstarter/Preorder Updates

Hieronder vind je de meest recente updates van de spellen die we als preorder aanbieden.


update 25/01 : Eerste batch is verwerkt, de eerste preorders zijn uitgezonden. Nieuwe batch komt normaal binnen in maart.


update 17/01: we have good news! The games will be delivered in March if everything stays on track, as is expected.

Rise to Nobility / Cavern Tavern (kickstarter versie)

update 13/02: Spellen worden donderdag geleverd !!

update 08/02:

We know that everybody is anxious to receive their games, but please understand that we are doing our best to make this done as quick as possible.
After multiple emails and phone calls with GamesQuest, we got confirmation numerous times that delivery of the games is starting today. It might take a few days for you to receive the email, but we are happy to say, that the latest info from few hours ago, is that shipping is underway!

update 17/01:

The ship docked in Southampton early this week, but with the VAT procedures, clearing customs is not that fast like other parts of the world. However, our partners there have all the necessary documentation, so we hope the games will be cleared this week and the delivery of the games can start next week (the week of 22nd January). When the games clear customs everywhere and we receive a date for start of delivery we will post an update to inform you of all the necessary things. 


update 26/01:

Printing is complete and the games are packed in cartons and sitting in a warehouse at the docks. We have a boat booked and it is set for departure on January 29th and set to arrive on February 26th. Games will take about a week to unpack and get through customs but should be at fulfillment centers in the first week of March. Shipping will start immediately after and you should start seeing your games in early to mid-March!
EU Backers should expect yours about a week after (so still in March but just a little pushed back). This will still keep us on time with our expected fulfillment dates!

update 19/01:

The games are going to be put on a boat this week and should be arriving at our fulfillment center by the end of February. 


update 17/01 : na een nieuwe batch verwerkt te hebben (aan preorders), wachten we nu op een nieuwe levering, eind januari.