Hellion Cat

Weergave: Lijst / Rooster
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    You’re a cat now! And as any self-respecting cat, your way of life is to make as much mischief as possible. But beware to not being caught by a Hooman or you’ll be grounded! Try to blame another cat instead!   How to play?   Each player plays his turn, starting by the first player. You can make 3 different moves:   1. Play a hidden card in front of you 2. Play a hidden card in front of another player 3. Draw one to two cards from the deck   When everybody has made a move, all player reveals the cards and effect are applied on the shared mischief stair. Then check who’s get caught!   In the game, there are 3 kinds of cards:   • Mischief: Increase the Hooman owner awareness and anger • Purring: lower..